Singapore Airlines 777 First Class In 10 Pictures

Yesterday Ford and I wrapped up our amazing trip to SvalbardSt. Petersburg, and Moscow, all of which exceeded our expectations.

While we were originally going to fly home in Aeroflot business class, a change in our schedule meant that wouldn’t work anymore, so we instead flew home in Singapore Airlines first class (but worry not, I’m planning a separate trip on Aeroflot).

Singapore KrisFlyer miles are one of my favorite mileage currencies, and also one of the easiest to accrue, given that they’re transfer partners with all four major transferrable points currencies. Moscow to Houston is the Singapore route to the US with the most premium cabin award availability, which doesn’t come as a surprise, given the economy in Moscow at the moment (and that would also explain why this route is likely being cut next year). So our tickets cost just 57,375 KrisFlyer miles plus some mild carrier imposed surcharges.

I’ll begin publishing the full trip report from our journey within the next 24 hours, but first I’ll do one of the usual “10 pictures” posts that I do after flights, with my brief initial thoughts.

This flight was operated by Singapore’s oldest 777-300ER first class product, featuring eight seats. The seats aren’t my favorite hard product, though they’re perfectly comfortable…

Singapore-777-First-Class - 1

…especially when you have the entire cabin to yourself, as we did. Over the course of my flying I’ve had maybe a dozen flights where there was no one else in first class, and boy are they special.

Singapore-777-First-Class - 2

We had two fantastic flight attendants taking care of us, so suffice to say the service was out-of-this-world good.

In terms of the food & drinks, the highlight was definitely the satay and champagne selection. One of the best parts of flying Singapore is doing a side-by-side Dom and Krug tasting. While I’ve done it before, Ford hadn’t. He had tried Dom and Krug separately, but never side-by-side. After trying Dom 2006 (which is a very nice vintage for Dom) and Krug side-by-side, he agreed Krug was the winner.

Singapore-777-First-Class - 3

Other than that the catering was fine, though not great. Singapore typically alternates between serving satay and caviar as the starter in first class. The flight operates from Singapore to Moscow to Houston, so I find it a bit ironic that they serve caviar from Singapore to Moscow, and then satay from Moscow to Houston. 😉

Singapore-777-First-Class - 4

Singapore-777-First-Class - 5

Singapore-777-First-Class - 6

Singapore’s first class beds are extremely spacious, though the padding isn’t great. Still, for a daytime flight I got a few hours of sleep, which is more than enough.

Singapore-777-First-Class - 7

Given how far north this flight operates, we had amazing views of Greenland about halfway through our journey.

Singapore-777-First-Class - 8

Singapore-777-First-Class - 9

The one thing I regret about the flight is not pre-ordering this ridiculously cute Singapore Girl Hello Kitty stuffed animal, as they sold out before I had the chance to buy it. Grrr!

Singapore-777-First-Class - 10

Overall this was an incredible flight, as you’d expect, especially since we had the cabin to ourselves. While this is Singapore’s oldest generation of first class, it’s still extremely comfortable. The service on this flight was incredible, not just in terms of attentiveness (given the 1:1 passenger:crew ratio), but also in terms of friendliness.

Singapore Airlines, you continue to be a great way to fly!


  1. Hi, you forgot to mention that Singapore is a transfer partner of citi prestige card and time is running out for people to apply very soon.

    I read the article twice to find it. 🙁

  2. Ben, was your favorite Singapore flight attendant on this route when you flew? I think you mentioned she was for awhile.

  3. I can guarantee if you do a blind taste of several sparkling wines including very cheap but good ones and a Don and Krug you won’t pick any of the famous brand labels as your favorite. It amazes me how people love bragging about expensive brands and have no clue about what they are drinking.

  4. What a coincidence! Do you remember Nate from Seattle? He is my #1 consultant for booking travel & accommodations with credit points. Learned most of what he knows from you. Interestingly enough, he just set me up with this SAME EXACT flight so that I could head to Moscow in style for my best friend’s wedding.

    I’m incredibly excited and hope I have the entire cabin to myself like you did. Keep up the wonderful work! You’ve inspired Nate who inspired me to be more aware of the system and leverage it to live a free and powerful life.

    If you’re every in NYC I’d love to pay thanks. I entered my email in the field below. Cheers and thanks again.

  5. Hi Ben, any idea if the first class product on this flight will be updated to the new one anytime soon?

  6. Ben,
    How would you pre-order the hello kitty doll and do you know if it is available on other routes? Flying LAX-NRT in September and would love to get one of those for my wife.

  7. Of course is good when engines dont burn in flames and crew just ignore every safety procedure. Today you were lucky

  8. the best way to appreciate a glass of Krug or Dom Perignon is on the ground, proper glassware, with the bottle placed in a bucket with lots and lots of ice, good food and of course great company 🙂

    not at 35.000 ft with tiny stemless glass and barely cold champagne

    serving Krug or even Salon in the air is like serving kobe beef well done, really defeat the purpose

  9. Looking forward to your trip report on this as I will be flying this route from Moscow at the end of August with that same first class redemption. My russian visa is being processed as we speak.

  10. A change in schedule stopped your from flying on Aeroflot huh? Sure it wasn’t just Princess Ford throwing a hissy fit for having to slum it back in Aeroflot?

  11. Eddie, you’re completely wrong. Fine champagne should not be served ice cold. It mutes the complexity… bro

  12. Bet it felt special after all of those mediocre biz class flights. I myself don’t fly business class as I am limited to the intra Europe routes (occasional long haul). However I did get upgraded once and couldn’t believe that intra European business class is what people redeem miles for, let alone pay.

  13. I flew the updated F class on Singapore 777 from SFO-HKG a couple weeks ago. The new seats are beautiful with the diamond stitching. The bed is still only mildly comfortable though.

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