Are These The Changes Being Made To The Citi Prestige Card Tomorrow?

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Update: This offer for the Citi Prestige® Card is expired. Learn more about the current offer here.

As I’m sure most of you know by now, we have reason to believe that the details of the Citi Prestige Card will change tomorrow.

As far as I’m concerned the Citi Prestige Card is the hottest all around credit card, between the sign-up bonus, return on everyday spend, and ongoing perks. I’ve written a post about the 11 reasons you should get the Citi Prestige Card, because I think a vast majority of people reading this would get outsized value from the card.


The card comes with a sign-up bonus of 50,000 ThankYou points after spending $3,000 within three months. Those points can be redeemed for 1.6 cents each on American, or transferred to airline partners like Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer.

On top of that the card comes with all kinds of ongoing perks, like:

What changes are happening to the Citi Prestige tomorrow?

We don’t officially know. What we do know is that something about the card is changing. Earlier in the year the sign-up bonus on the Citi ThankYou Premier Card decreased from 50,000 points to nothing. So we don’t know if the change here will be as drastic, though what we do know is that the card is very generous, so I personally wouldn’t expect the benefits to improve.

Anyway, Doctor Of Credit notes that Citi branches already have a new version of the Citi Prestige Card offer for in-branch applications, which indicate two major changes:

  • The card no longer offers 2x points on dining (however, it continues to offer 3x points on airfare and hotels, and 2x points on entertainment)
  • The card now requires $5,000 of minimum spend to earn the 50,000 point sign-up bonus, rather than $3,000

Update: Admirals Club access isn’t listed as a benefit anymore either, and the annual fee is $100 lower than it was before ($350 rather than $450), so perhaps it’s possible Admirals Club access is being eliminated, in light of the recent announcement of American working out an arrangement with both Citi and Barclaycard?

Of course we can’t know for sure that those are the changes being announced tomorrow, though that definitely would make sense. If these are the changes, I’d say that’s good news for us overall, since they’re not taking away the core benefits on the card. I suspect existing cardmembers will continue to earn 2x points on dining for some amount of time (usually when there are benefit changes, existing cardmembers continue to get the old benefits for at least another year).

Bottom line

Changes to the Citi Prestige Card will be kicking in tomorrow afternoon. We don’t yet officially know what the changes will be. However, I suspect they’re the same ones that are reflected in branches already, given that branches often make changes earlier than online (since it can take a bit longer to get all branches updated, while changes can be made instantly online).

So it looks like the in-branch changes to the Citi Prestige Card are that new cardmembers will have to spend $5,000 to get the sign-up bonus, and also won’t earn 2x points on dining.

Ultimately this isn’t a huge deal for existing cardmembers, in my opinion, though this should also be a motivator for people to sign up now, before these changes kick in.

How do you feel about the changes made to the in-branch offer on the Citi Prestige Card? Are they better or worse than you expected?

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  1. You were the first one to report a change coming to kudos to you. Definitely not a deal breaker and probably the best case scenario. I’ll hold off until later this year. 5k won’t be difficult to meet and I already hold the premier for dining.

  2. If these are all the changes it will be a huge relief for most of us. I can easily use my Chase Sapphire to pay for dining.

  3. Thanks for keeping us updated on the scoop here. I, for one, appreciate you keeping your readers up to speed with the best offers out there since I don’t have unlimited time to read through DoC, FlyertTalk, etc on a regular basis. So ignore all your haters and keep doing what you’re doing. I just signed up through your link and was approved, so thank you!

  4. Just curious. If I apply today/tomorrow before the change but don’t get approved till Wednesday or later (after change), will I get the offer at the time of application or the new offer at the time of approval?

  5. @ tggoger — You’d get the version of the card based on when you apply. As long as you apply under this bonus you should get it, even if you’re only approved in a couple of days. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  6. Dining bonus hurts like hell for me. I barely book flights and hotels cash and the sporadic stubhub ticket purchase. Hope that’s all the damage.

  7. Well, waited for a bit but finally pulled the trigger today… wanted to have this card for few upcoming vacation plan anyway. I saw many people noted about $350 annual fee through the branch sign up… i tried like 4 different branches in NYC (in different borough as well) last couple of days, and no go… (how all these people get the offer? no banker wants to process the citigold application) so just sign up for the public offer. Hopefully i can be grandfathered in for sign up bonus minimum spending… well let see..

  8. Lucky – It looks to me that the new version of the card won’t even offer Admiral’s Club access anymore! Look at the sheet on the DOC link you provided – it only mentions Priority Pass on the front and in the terms. Absolutely no mention of AA or Admiral’s Club. This could account for the lower AF also… This would not be good at all!

  9. @ David — Very good catch, missed that the first time around. Hmmm, especially interesting timing, given the recent announcement of American working out an arrangement with both Barclaycard and Citi.

  10. @Public Offer I signed up for neither in the branch, but if you open a citigold account it should be reduced (perhaps not in the first year though). I will say that I’m going to be canceling my citigold account though becuase I don’t really use it, so the monthly service fee cancels out the $100 you save on the annual for the CC. Not really worth it unless you’re planning to use the gold checking and also be able to meet their requirements to waive the monthly service charge.

  11. Note there is now a termination date. From the card benefits (citi) site: “Your key to airport lounges around the globe. Simply present the Citi Prestige Card and your boarding pass to gain access to American Airlines Admirals Club® lounges worldwide. You will have access to the American Airlines Admirals Club® lounges until June 20th, 2017. After that, you’ll no longer have complimentary access with your Prestige card.”

  12. Oh man, the loss of Admirals Club access is a killer for me. It’s the only reason I got the card to begin with – because it was more versatile than the AAdvantage Executive World Elite. I wonder if that’s why they increased the sign-up bonus for the Executive World Elite? Maybe they’re banking on more people going that route now that access has been removed from the Prestige?

    There are many other great benefits to the Prestige. I’ll still use the annual airfare credit, but I’m never in a hotel more than 3 nights (so the 4th night free doesn’t do anything for me). Removing 2x bonus from dining out also hurts as it’s been my go-to card for international travel (like others, I can just use the Sapphire though).

  13. A few comments

    1. Why do you have to start with a huge overview of the card before saying anything – it is like each article on prestige – the 1st half is exactly the same. I know you want people to use your links – but really takes away from you as a blogger

    2. Why would you try to be sensational “thing about the card is changing. Earlier in the year the sign-up bonus on the Citi ThankYou Premier Card decreased from 50,000 points to nothing. So we don’t know if the change here will be as drastic,” and then talk about what the Doctor of Credit has published. Again is to make people fearful so they click on your link right away and apply? Why not give more credence to what DoC is saying?

  14. When does the $250 airline credit get applied? At the time of the charge to the card, at the end of the billing cycle when the charge is met, or at year end? I am about to reach my first billing cycle and have multiple United flights credited on the card but haven’t seen the credit posted.

  15. I guess these will be the New benefits

    2x Dining Removed
    4th Night benefit applied only twice per calendar yr
    $250 Airline credit now applicable only to airline incidentals like baggage, seats…etc just like Amex
    Citi Portal for booking hotels and earn extra points (concept like rocketmiles)
    Maybe add AA as a transfer partner

  16. Hey Lucky I applied for this card and I am not even a frequent flyer. I used your link. I treat this a $99/ year card as I cancelled some of my card and follow your advise how to maximize it. I love it and will keep it. About your haters two words I can say “SHOVE IT!”…..

  17. What changes are being made to the referral commissions paid to third-parties such as yourself?

  18. The only differences from my in branch application last Saturday were: $350 AF and no mention of dinning bonus (still 50K TYP for $3K spending).

  19. Dear Ben,

    I am a little confused now. Can you please clarify that if we sign up for this card tonight that we will have AA lounge access but only until mid-June 2017?


  20. Meh. No longer having Admirals Club access kinda stinks, but I don’t fly enough for that to be a deal breaker, and most places I’d fly have a PP option anyway. Nor do I eat out enough for the downgrade from 2x to 1x to be material, either. I’ll chalk it up to “could be worse” and move on.

  21. So if the annual price is now $350 and I apply today, would they decrease my 450 to 350 as well?

  22. @Ray

    I receive the card in June and purchased tickets from AA , I already received the air credit.

  23. If the general public is getting a reduced fee for the prestige to 350, do citigold members get a $100 reduction too??

  24. @Martina-do the fees need to be on AA or can it be any airline? My charges have been on United. Thank you for your answers.

  25. @Ray, I beleive it can be any airline. I used AA because the flight was amongst the cheapest of the big carriers . Spirit airlines offered a comparable price but if I used them, I wouldn’t be able to use the AA lounge as with the Citi Presige card, it only grants ‘access’ to the admirals club if you are flying on AA.

    From what I understand, the airfare credit usually goes through within two billing cycles after purchasing tickets or other related fees.

    Happy Travels 🙂

  26. Well, I applied and was approved in brunch on 7/18/16 but got an approval letter with 5,000 minimum spend. Called customer service and was told they do not have old offers on file, so cannot verify if it was 3,000 minimum spend before!! No wonder everyone says Citi CS sucks!

    I will go back to the bank to see if they still have an old promo, if not I consider cancelling this card, feel duped…

  27. Here’s the message from Citi on changes:

    As a valued cardmember, we want to inform you of changes to your Citi Prestige card. As of July 23, 2017 , some of your existing benefits will no longer be offered or will be changed. Lounge Access Access to American Airlines Admirals Club® lounges will no longer be offered with your Citi Prestige® Card. You will continue to have complimentary access to Priority Pass TM Select Lounges and Citi® Proprietary Lounges. You, your authorized users, immediate family or up to two guests will continue to enjoy access to over 850 airport lounges worldwide. Redeeming ThankYou® Points for Flights You will only receive 25% greater value versus gift cards on all airfare redemptions with your ThankYou® points. For example, 50,000 ThankYou points will now be redeemable for $625 in airfare on all airlines available at Complimentary International Golf The three complimentary rounds of golf will no longer be offered with your card for reservations made on or after July 23, 2017. You’ll continue to have access to over 2,000 celebrated and legendary golf properties around the world with access to select TPC properties provided by Mastercard. Complimentary 4th Night * The Complimentary 4th Night benefit will be calculated based on the average nightly rate of your complete stay for reservations made on or after July 23, 2017. Please see the reverse side of this letter for examples of how the benefit will be calculated. Taxes will no longer be included within the statement credit. You will still be able to enjoy your benefit at any hotel with no restrictions on the number of times you can use this benefit. All other terms of the Complimentary 4th Night benefit will remain unchanged. The following benefits of your Citi Prestige card will remain unchanged: Ÿ Your annual $250 Air Travel Credit Ÿ $100 Statement credit for your Global Entry or TSA Pre Ö ® application fee Ÿ No foreign transaction fees on purchases Ÿ 24/7 Access to the Citi Prestige Concierge Ÿ 3x Points on Air Travel & Hotels, 2X points on Dining & Entertainment and 1 Thank You® Point per $1 spent on other purchases Ÿ Travel & Emergency Assistance, Trip Cancellation & Interruption Protection and Trip Delay Protection Ÿ If you have an eligible banking relationship, you will continue to receive your Relationship Bonus.

  28. On your blog, you have stated the annual fee has gone $100.00, making it 350 annual fee. I check the Citi Cards website and it still shows 450.

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