Redeem Starpoints For US Open Packages Starting Next Monday

While in general my preference is to redeem airline miles for flights and hotel points for hotel stays, there are some exceptions. One of those is SPG Moments, which is Starwood’s experiences marketplace. SPG Moments allows you to redeem Starpoints for tickets to sold out events, including concerts, sporting events, cultural activities, etc.


This really isn’t a gimmick. SPG Moments not only represents a great value in many cases compared to what you’d pay for a similar experience in cash, but can also get you VIP access to otherwise sold out events. This is because SPG sponsors many events, and also has “suites” at many arenas/stadiums, which gives you almost unparalleled access to things. I’ve experienced a few SPG Moments, including the SPG Suite at the US Openthe SPG Suite at a One Direction concert, and the SPG Suite at an Adele concert.

The US Open is coming up in early September, and it’s an event where Starwood always has some incredible SPG Moments packages. We’ve now learned that SPG Moments packages for the US Open will become available as of next Monday, July 18, 2016.

SPG-Suite-US-Open - 11

The SPG Moments “coming soon” page lists the following packages:

Starwood-Moments-1 Starwood-Moments-2

There may very well be more added initially, or it could be that more are added at a later date.

We don’t yet know the pricing or what availability will look like, but we do know that they’ll be available in a few days. If you’re one of those people who likes redeeming Starpoints for US Open experiences then you’ll want to be ready when they go on sale, as the better packages tend to go pretty quickly.

I’ll post again when the US Open SPG Moments packages go live. Personally I think the SPG Suite packages are awesome, as it’s so fun to be able to watch tennis from a space that has both outdoor and indoor (air conditioned) seating, along with complimentary drinks and snacks.

SPG-Suite-US-Open - 5

Are you planning on redeeming Starpoints for a US Open package?

(Tip of the hat to Mommy Points)


  1. Courtside seats were actually TOO close last year. Seriously. Will not be bidding again if same location again.

  2. Some of the packages opened today for bidding. 50K each session for the first week in the suite.

  3. Looks like SPG has DOUBLED cost over last year, from 25K to 50K points for 2 seats in suite during 1st week of US Open.

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