Citi Is Rewarding Members Who Use The Prestige Card’s Best Perk

Update: This offer for the Citi Prestige® Card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

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The Citi Prestige® Card is my favorite card out there, given the combination of a great sign-up bonus, excellent return on everyday spend, and huge perks.

Arguably the most generous perk of the card is the fourth night free benefit, where you can get the fourth night of a hotel stay free when booking through the Prestige Card. You do need to book through the Citi Prestige concierge or the Citi Thank You travel center to take advantage of the offer, though the good news is that you still earn points when booking through them. Furthermore, the benefit is valid at a vast majority of chain hotels (as well as many independent hotels), and you can even use it to book AAA rates, pre-paid rates, promotional rates, etc.


Simply put, I consider it to be the single greatest perk offered by any credit card.

You’d think the benefit would be rewarding enough as is, though many cardmembers who recently took advantage of this benefit are reporting receiving a free $50 Amazon gift card by email, “as a small token of [their] appreciation and your loyalty:”

Thank you for using your Citi® Prestige Concierge to book your recent hotel stay utilizing our “Fourth Night Free” benefit. We are glad that you were able to “stay a little bit longer”, thanks to this benefit available exclusively to Citi® Prestige cardmembers.

As a small token of our appreciation and your loyalty, we are including in this email a $50 Gift Card. This is our way of saying “thank you” for using this service and being a loyal Citi® Prestige cardmember.

Your Gift Card can easily be redeemed for purchases on

St-Regis-Bali-Pool-Suite - 18

That has to be one of the most over the top gestures I’ve seen from any card in a while. Citi is rewarding those with the Prestige Card for using what’s arguably the card’s most valuable perk, which is costing Citi money as is.

Kudos to Citi on such great customer service. If you’ve recently made a fourth night free booking, make sure you check your email to see if you received such a code. This does seem to be targeted, so if you didn’t receive an email you’re probably not eligible.

If you don’t yet have the Citi Prestige Card, keep in mind that the sign-up bonus on the card may very well be changing next Tuesday, so you’ll want to apply now to be sure you can get in on this awesome card before any changes are made.

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  1. I got the Amazon gift card and loved. However, not having a great feeling about whatever changes they plan for next week. Will they limit the use of the 4th night free? Is the Amazon gift card a gesture to sift things up before some bad news? I really hope not since I love the card and it was the only one I used during my 20 days of family vacation in Europe.

  2. I take this as bad news. I now firmly expect that the end of 4th night free will be announced next week. Oh well, assuming it is honored on existing bookings, this benefit will save us about $5,500 over the next year! Time to make more speculative bookings!

  3. I really don’t think this perk is costing as much as people think it may. Hotels work on a commission basis which is frequently 15-35% of a nightly rate. This gets paid to the travel agent/OTA. In Citi’s case they are just eating/giving back that 25% and probably paying some flat booking fee to the travel agent you have to call up to make the reservation.

  4. Got this also. I will be very sad if they ‘enhance’ this benefit, as it is by far the main reason I use the Prestige card. Given that the terms for new cards are slated to change next week, somehow I doubt this is a coincidence.

    Hopefully there is an enterprising Citi employee who took advantage of the ‘buy $50 amazon gift card, get $10’ deal from Prime Day yesterday…

  5. Anyone else having horrendous customer service wait times at Citi this week? Have literally been sitting on hold for 30, 45, and 25 minutes over the past three days and given up each time. Something to do with all of the new Costco cards maybe? Total PITA – just trying to dispute a charge on my AA World Elite MC.

  6. I love that they sent me the email yesterday, during Amazon Prime Day. Unfortunately, like last year, there weren’t many great deals for Prime Day.

  7. @Brian: As I type this message I have been on hold for 45 minutes with Citi. It is a total disaster!!!! When I call Chase I usually get an agent right after I dial the last number on my phone. No excuses to Citi, Costco was done 3 weeks ago.

  8. The new agency Aspire, that runs the 4th night free is not good. I called to check rates on a few London hotels, they were not able to do it because of some “system problem” so they said they would call me back in 24 hours. I never heard from them again.

    As many others have pointed out, Citi Prestige doesn’t answer the phone any more if you call in the evening. I have stopped trying.

    Finally, the Citi Private Pass is just a disaster. I have never successfully been registered for any event despite wasting hours on hold. Every event is sold out. I have totally given up on it. if the intent here is to build brand loyalty, wasting my time on hold isn’t the way to do it.

  9. @Santastico – Agreed – total disaster. Don’t usually have to wait at all for Citi agents. Actually had one call this AM where the recording just said they were having too much call volume and to call back later….click. Ridiculous!

  10. @Gene. It’s really not smart of you to tell Citibank how much they are spending on your 4th night the free benefit. You really know how to kill a good deal. Learn to keep quiet!! Very dumb.

  11. @JR LOL !

    As though Citi doesn’t know it’s own costs, and has to look on OMMAT to find out. 😉

    As for the wait times calling Citi, it’s been that way for the past month. They totally screwed up the Costco cc conversion, so much so that a month later it’s still a CF. They have closed down the entire Retention Department, and assigned those CSRs to assist with the Costco mess, and even that hasn’t seemed to help at all.

  12. @AdamH

    There’s no way they’re getting 30% on any hotel booking. 10% is more likely, maybe 15% tops. Also, they are getting 0 on bookings with any corp codes etc.

  13. Anytime I went to book a hotel through Prestige I then compared rates if I booked direct, even with the 4th night free it was higher priced for the same room. I found Prestige hotel prices much higher across the board and in every case I just booked my hotel directly.

    Good for you if you found out otherwise.

  14. @Rainey: You probably don’t know how to use the service. I booked a top resort in Greece with Citi Prestige concierge. The agent could not find the specific room type/offer I had on the hotel website. With the agent on the phone I gave him the hotel website and he could see the exact rate/offer I was seeing. He went to his system and was able to get exactly the same. It was a suite that included breakfast and 1/2 board. I got a confirmation email in couple minutes with all the details and saying how much I would have credited back to my card after they confirmed I paid my stay with the Citi Prestige card. It even included the total amount with taxes. I used them to book 3 different hotels for my family vacation and all included some sort of extra benefit and they were all spot on and same price.

  15. Called Citi to take the hold off my newly applied card and waited 30 min plus, three days in a row.

    Is this the norm with Citi? Every time I called Amex the max I had to wait is less than 5 minutes if
    I can not get things solved through online chat. Wish Citi had that function.

  16. @maxxis and @santastico – found a bit of a work-around on the Citicards hold time issue. If you tweet to @AskCiti and complain about the wait times, you’ll get a message back asking for a time and number someone can call you at. I did yesterday and requested a 3pm call back, they didn’t call until close to 4pm but at least I wasn’t sitting on hold the whole time. Guy who called was US based, competent, and handled my issue quickly. Also apologized for the systemic issues. Not ideal, but better than wasting half a day on hold. Good luck.

  17. I received the Amazon gift card as well. I have used the card twice now and 4 other stays booked thru them…I do not think the rate they offer is the best, but with the 4th night free factored in, it usually is the best value I can find. I certainly hope that any stays they have booked so far, they will honor if they decide to limit this benefit. The booking system is totally miserable and I have been on the phone for an hour plus trying to make a reservation EVERY time. Some of the agents are really bad, also.

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