Fly Business Class From Bali To London For Under $400 One-Way

Okay, perhaps this isn’t the most glamorous way to fly between Bali and London, though it is among the cheapest business class fares I’ve seen. Philippine Airlines has a business class fare of under $400 one-way for travel between Bali and London via Manila. This is cheaper than any other economy fare I see in the market otherwise.


The fare is valid for travel Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, through next April. There is unfortunately a long layover in Manila, given that the flight from Bali to Manila is a redeye. Furthermore, unfortunately the flight from Manila to London is operated by an A340, which features recliner seats in business class. That’s not ideal for a 15 hour flight, but for a ticket costing under $400…

Here’s a walkthrough I found of Philippine Airlines’ A340-300, which they seem to have taken over from Iberia:

Keep in mind that Philippine Airlines is an Etihad Guest airline partner, so you could credit the miles from this trip to Etihad Guest, which offers 150% mileage for tickets in the “C” fare class.


I realize this won’t be appealing to everyone, but I’m very tempted. I’m trying to review as many new airlines in business class as possible, and Philippine Airlines is a pretty random airline I’ve been wanting to review, as there’s not much out there about their business class product.

Bottom line

This isn’t the most luxurious way to fly from Bali to London, but if you’re looking to travel between Bali and Europe, this is a pretty unbeatable deal, especially since it’s valid through next year with great availability.

Is anyone else considering taking advantage of this deal?

(Tip of the hat to Rannila)


  1. There are worse things than a long layover in Manila. The airport has a couple of hotels you can book by the hour, and the Resorts World Casino is within walking distance.

  2. You should definitely take this opportunity to review PAL. It would’ve been better if you had longer to tour Manila, but if you do try PAL at least you’ll be able to experience true Filipino Hospitality.

  3. Recently I had a ver long layover in Manila and stayed at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila (prob about 7-10 mins from airport, but in reality about 20-30 mins with traffic). I enjoyed fantastic club lounge service as Diamond member. This fantastic Hyatt is only 8K per night (point redemption), unbelievable ! Or you could get a chance to review a brand-new Conrad Manila which seems to open in mid-June. In that case, look forward to your Conrad review ~ 🙂

  4. Were you able to book this through Philippine Airlines’ website, or did you have to go somewhere else? Their website is complaining to me that I have not chosen a direct flight, so it cannot be booked…

  5. Lucky, funny how you describe it as a pretty random airline when it is very much a standard airline for many in the US who travel to the Philippines. Maybe comparable to Air New Zealand in that regard?

  6. I fly MNL-LHR several times a year, so I would be very interested in a J class review of PAL. Hope you make it happen!

  7. Philippine Airlines used to fly their 777 to London, but once it got upgraded back to Category 1 by the FAA, they started using the 777s to Los Angeles and San Francisco (with a second, non-daily flight by an A340). I would love to hear your thoughts if you decide to take this routing, or even if you decide to fly LAX-MNL on their 777. It is definitely not game changing, but for the average traveler who may only get to experience business class a few times in a lifetime, it’s so nice to be able to lay down.

  8. Brian: Not sure that comparison is a good one. For instance, in 2015, PAL had about USD 600 million in revenue. That same year, ANZ had almost 4 *billion*. PAL is almost certainly a pretty random airline compared to ANZ.

  9. CC someplace says 2B for PAL in 2014. Seems tough to believe they’d shrink to a quarter of the size in a year. Not really a critical element here, but even if they’re half the size of ANZ, they’re in the same game and still about on par with Aer Lingus.

    And maybe PAL is just a bigger westcoast thing than for an NYC based perception.

  10. Hey lucky, just flew PAL recently and wanted to tell you that the PR’s 340s in business have angled-lie flat seats (Similar to SA; they’re ex Iberia) and PR recently refurbished its international flagship lounge in MNL so the PR flight might not be glamorous but it’s a great comfortable way to get across

  11. Thanks for this, Lucky. Just booked it for April 2017 with a 2-day stopover in MNL. Now working out how best to get back (to MEL), and if to go at all. Note the fare is fully refundable as well (face class C).

  12. Booked! As a long term Bali expat it’s frustrating to see so many great fares ex-US/Europe that aren’t readily applicable to us in Asia so when you posted this it coincided beautifully with our plans for London in September.

    We booked 3 seats for mid September — you have to book by segment (dps- mnl / mnl -lhr ) and signed up for Etihad FF program, which gives us 150% mileage flown credit, moreover as I bought with Sapphire card gives us 2x dollars spent. While the mileage computations are not exceptional we believe the overall experience will be far better than riding coach over this long haul stretch. O

    On the way back are considering Polish LOT’s new twice weekly nonstop service from Warsaw to Bali.

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