Official: JetBlue Is Fully Honoring Their Incredible Points Match Promo

Last Friday I wrote about the insane promotion JetBlue is offering, where they’ll match your Virgin America Elevate points balance if you take one flight with them by August 31, 2016.


In some cases they’ll even match your account at a better than 1:1 ratio. For example, if you have 50,001 Elevate points, they’ll give you 75,000 TrueBlue points.


The timing of this promotion couldn’t have been better for me, since I transferred points from Starwood Preferred Guest to Virgin America Elevate early last week, so my Elevate balance was ~53,000 points (despite having only ever once flown with Virgin America).


I submitted my request for a points match shortly after the promotion was launched, and was approved hours later.

JetBlue is officially honoring the promotion

Obviously there has been a lot of concern around whether or not JetBlue will fully honor the promotion, given that I don’t think they intended for people to transfer points to Virgin America as a means of qualifying for the promotion. However, that’s on them, as they should have known better, in my opinion.

Over the past few days some people have had issues with getting matches for a variety of reasons, leading some to believe that JetBlue won’t fully be honoring the promotion. Well, it looks like there’s no reason to be concerned.

View from the Wing has confirmed with JetBlue’s Director of Loyalty Marketing that they’ll honor the promotion in full, and that there’s no change in the terms of the promotion, meaning there’s no need for the points to have been earned through flying Virgin America.

So if you’re still waiting to hear back, just be patient.


There’s still time to register

The other good news is that there’s still time to take advantage of this promotion. You can register through July 4, and transferring points from Starwood to Virgin America typically takes less than a day (often only several hours). This means you could still transfer 40,001+ Starpoints to get 50,001+ Virgin America Elevate points, and then you’d receive 75,000 JetBlue TrueBlue points.

There has been confusion over what kind of screenshot you need to include, and how you need to include it. The important thing is that the screenshot looks like this:


However, it doesn’t matter whether it’s attached to the email or in the body of the email (though JetBlue reps have been giving contradictory info in this regard).

As I explained in a previous post, the match for this promotion works out very nicely, at least based on my valuations. I value Starpoints at 2.2 cents each, so to me the 41,000 Starpoints one is transferring are worth ~$900. For that you’d receive the following, after completing a flight on JetBlue:

  • 51,000 Elevate points (enough for ~$1,100 worth of travel on Virgin America, or you can redeem them on partners)
  • 75,000 TrueBlue points (enough for ~$1,000 worth of travel on JetBlue)

Bottom line

Ultimately it seems like JetBlue didn’t really think through the implications of their promotion before they launched it, though kudos to them for honoring it. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the promotion, there’s still time, and it seems you can be at ease in taking part, given that JetBlue’s Director of Loyalty Marketing has confirmed they’ll honor it.

Anyone still planning on taking advantage of this promotion, now that we officially know JetBlue will honor it?


  1. I know a lot of people are all over this offer but I’m struggling to make the math work in my situation. I fly out of PDX so Jetblue flights are limited. Best use for me would be PDX to JFK, best option is overnight in coach which doesn’t thrill me. If I could get two one ways in Mint, I would fly down to SFO and Mint my way to JFK, but those are rarely 45K, usually 66K. The most useful VA flight would be PDX to Hawaii for 2 using Hawaiian Air, could use my BA miles on Alaska for that. The big sticker is I have SW companion pass through 2017 so that would put out any JB redemption to 2018 (unless Mint came into play). So YMMV but for me the math doesn’t seem to make this worth it right now unless I am not considering something.

  2. Lucky, I submitted mine 5 days already on Monday morning and still hasn’t received a confirmation. Do you think this is too long of a wait already.

  3. Of course they honored the promo – they’re JetBlue – not AA. So happy I dumped AA for JB 🙂

  4. just a data point:
    TY transfer was instantaneous. from Thank you account to Elevate account.

  5. I submitted my request Saturday around noon and got the confirmation email late last night.

  6. Any ideas if a multi-city booking, JFK-BOS-ORD, will satisfy the flight requirement? Thanks!

  7. @Lucky

    Similar question to Doot. Do we have confirmation whether a roundtrip flight (technically an open jaw) that is booked as a single reservation like this would meet the qualification requirements for the promo?

    July 24. JFK to BUF
    July 27 BUF to BOS

    One other question: Do we know whether two separate one way bookings also qualify assuming they were on different days both before August 31, 2016?

  8. Just an FYI. Registered for the promotion. Received the confirmation email. Flew RT on 7/4. 75k bonus points hit my account today, and posted right when the return flight’s points posted.

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