Video: Southwest Captain Operates Retirement Flight With Son As Co-Pilot

This story is just plain (plane?) awesome. Southwest just published a touching video about a Southwest captain on his retirement day. The best part? Both of his sons are also Southwest captains, so he got to fly his two final legs with them, with one being a co-pilot on each flight.

Here’s the video:

What an awesome end to an incredible career, and what an aviation family!


  1. I was on a similar retirement flight last year on Alaska with the father retiring and the son as the co-pilot. It was a fun flight!

  2. Very touching tribute.
    I flew Southwest out of MDW years back and ‘enjoyed’ slipping out of their backward facing leather seats
    Upon takeoff…
    Relocation meant departing from ORD and achieving MM status, just wish that someday they would fill a few slots @ ORD…

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