No, JetBlue Hasn’t Discontinued Their Points Match Promotion

Last Friday I wrote about the insane promotion JetBlue is offering, where they’ll match your Virgin America Elevate points balance if you take one flight with them by August 31, 2016.


In some cases they’ll even match your account at a better than 1:1 ratio. For example, if you have 50,001 Elevate points, they’ll give you 75,000 TrueBlue points.


The timing of this promotion couldn’t have been better for me, since I just transferred points from Starwood Preferred Guest to Virgin America Elevate early last week, so my Elevate balance was ~53,000 points (despite having only ever once flown with Virgin America).


I submitted my request for a points match shortly after the promotion was launched, and was approved hours later.

Is JetBlue still honoring the Points Match promotion?

Obviously a lot of people have been concerned about whether or not JetBlue will honor the promotion, given how generous it is, and given that most people taking advantage of the promotion seem to be doing so by transferring points to Virgin America. I think it goes without saying that JetBlue is kicking themselves with how they published the promotion (by not requiring proof of a certain amount of flight activity with Virgin America), though I also don’t think they’re dumb enough to retroactively change the terms.

DansDeals suggests that JetBlue may retroactively be trying to change the terms of the promotion, based on a couple of readers supposedly claiming they were told only points earned through flying Virgin America would qualify.


A majority of data points he’s going off of are ones where people were told “The points balance proof you provided doesn’t meet the requirements of the promotion.”

I think it’s worth pointing out that JetBlue has been sending out emails like that since the first day the promotion was launched, as they seem to have inconsistent standards as to what the screenshot needs to look like and how it needs to be attached.

I’d note that some have been denied because they embedded the screenshot in the email, rather than including it as an attachment. I had no issues submitting mine as an attachment, though a friend was denied when he sent it as an attachment, but approved when he sent it back in the body of the email. DansDeals’ readers are correct to be confused, given how vague JetBlue is with their rejections.

If you want to be approved, include a screenshot like the below as an attachment, rather than embedding it directly in the email. Make sure the attachment isn’t a word document or anything, but rather the actual screenshot file, and don’t include a screenshot of any further information.


Then be patient. JetBlue is apparently backlogged with thousands of requests, so give it a day or two (or three) until you’re approved. Resubmitting your request within a day will only add to the backlog.

Bottom line

While things could still change, I have no reason to believe JetBlue has changed the terms of the promotion, or has immediate plans to do so. If they did, I think they’d communicate it clearly and consistently. Instead there just seem to be irregularities in what screenshots they’ll accept, so for the best odds include the screenshot as an attachment and have it look exactly as above.

Has anyone actually been denied for the points match promotion due to not having Virgin America flights?


  1. Did you read about the meeting the promo people were in last hour? Hopefully they don’t change the terms going forward.

  2. Lucky,
    This meeting was referenced by several ppl on ddf based on convos with jetblue earlier.

    I sent in to jb at 220 Today the email with the screenshot as an attachment not copy and pasted on . Should I resend?

  3. Was just approved. It took 2 days and 7 hours.

    I attached mine to the email (didn’t paste it in the body).

  4. I submitted the request on late 6/27 and got confirmation 3 hours ago. Great!! i will be able to book on sale fare tonight.

  5. I was told over the phone that I was denied due to not having any flight activity with virgin america. And was told as well that there is a whole meeting going on about how to go ahead with this promotion.

  6. I was approved. But should I be concerned over one of the comments posted by an user named “Virgin America” regarding loophole in another post? (Not sure what loophole it was referring to and whether the comment was really from Virgin America)

  7. @ Jay @ Sagar — then it is JetBlue which is giving out incorrect information. My initial match request was rejected and the email specifically stated “The points balance proof you provided doesn’t meet the requirements of the promotion. If you would like to try again, please resend a screenshot in the body of the email that includes all of the information as shown below.”

  8. FWIW, we attached Word documents containing our screenshots. Sent Sunday 2 AM ET, confirm received Wed at 2 PM ET.

  9. Agreed. In my case they first overlooked the attachment and I got two emails back to back (within 2 min.):

    1st email: “We were missing your attachment on your original request.
    You are not registered for #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match.
    The points balance proof you provided doesn’t meet the requirements of the promotion. If you would like to try again, please resend a screenshot that includes all of the information as shown below.”

    2nd email: “I was able to find your attachment.. You are Registered
    You are now registered for #GoForthWithJetBlue Points Match!”

  10. I submitted on 6/28 and was just approved tonight. I pasted my screen shot into the email and attached it.

  11. I submitted Monday night, received confirmation Thursday morning. About 60 hours total. Attached the screenshot as a .jpg, did not embed.

  12. SPG does not list JetBlue as a transfer partner anymore. Just talked to an agent and confirmed it.

  13. @Mike – I don’t know if jetBlue was ever an SPG transfer partner, but this jetBlue points match promotion has nothing to do with transferring SPG points to jetBlue. In order to participate, one would need to transfer SPG points to Virgin America Elevate.

  14. I just got into this promotion very late as I had no idea my amex and spg points transferred to Virgin America. I spent two hours trying to transfer SPG points last night, and my mobile phone would not allow the transfer. So I went into my office today, and my computer would not allow it either. I called SPG and had the representative send them at 8:30am. However, they still have not shown up. I just realized that I sent 50,000 and not 50,001, so I tried to send points via my AMEX account and the website did not allow me to do that either. The AMEX rep sent some over, and 5 minutes later, 200 points were in my Elevate account. Have people been transferring their points thru SPG or AMEX? Am I totally screwed? Is there any hope of my SPG points getting there sometime on July 4?

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