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It has long been said that there’s no “IT” in “Hyatt,” as historically their IT hasn’t exactly been industry leading. I think for the most part that has been true both in terms of the actual features of the website, and also in terms of the aesthetics and design.

On the plus side, the Hyatt Gold Passport website has now been redesigned, and has a fresh new look. If you visit the site you can watch a video showing the new features of the site.

The changes are mostly aesthetic, though that in and of itself can lead to a nice improvement — areas of the site are easy to find, stuff is visually appealing, and there are even a few new functionalities.


With the old site everything felt like it was hard to find and tough to click on, but with the new site it’s much easier to find things, in my opinion.


The award charts are easier to find and have a much cleaner look.


On top of the improved aesthetics, there are in theory some functional improvements as well:

  • You can “rebook” a stay at a property you’ve been at, as your most recent stays will show in the dropdown when going to make a reservation
  • In theory there’s an awesome new feature where you can search award stays based on the hotel brand and category, allowing you to plan a trip based on how many points you have rather than where you necessarily want to go; however, it’s sort of useless because they still make you specify the city you want to stay in (this would be a lot more useful if you could search globally by hotel brand, points required, etc.)


Bottom line

While the changes to the Hyatt Gold Passport website aren’t life changing, I think they did a good job overall. They have some kinks to work out and some areas where improvements could still be made, but overall the new site is much easier to use than the old one, in my opinion.

What do you make of the new Hyatt Gold Passport website?


  1. Hi,

    Did anyone notice when you login to your Hyatt account and go to Account Details or click on “Hyatt Gold passport” (while logged in) it tells you the remaining eligible stays/nights you need to keep/get diamond status, but it has an extra word in there that’s making me a little perplexed…it says “lifetime diamond status”! I got diamond status last year and this year I’ve done 5 stays so far, so I need to complete 20 more stays to ‘maintain’ diamond status for 2017 but instead it says “20 eligible stays until lifetime diamond status”, it’s probably just a glitch since they redesigned the website, I doubt lifetime diamond is that easy to obtain but just wondering if anyone else sees that 🙂

  2. It’s about time! I was about to write an article about the terrible security of many airline/hotel Web sites. Previously when you would log into Hyatt Gold Passport it wasn’t even using basic encryption technology. This is horrible. Especially for travel related web sites as I suppose many people are logging into these types of sites from public Wi-Fi at airports, hotels, Starbucks, etc. I noticed the new site defaults to https:// (meaning using encryption). In fact, you can’t even go to a non encrypted version of the site (http) without being re-directed to the encrypted version.

  3. Yes, I’m seeing the Lifetime Diamond status you mentioned and took a screenshot as 24 stays is the closest I’ll probably get.

  4. I plan to screen-shot and covet my 7 stays until Lifetime Diamond status because I’m pretty sure it’s a glitch. Although, if I can get 7 stays in before the glitch is noticed, maybe Hyatt will honor it?! Wishful thinking, I know…! 😉

  5. I’d like to see something like the SPG website has, which is flexible dates searching for award stays and cash and points stays…

  6. Good upgrade. Just went and booked my anniversary free night from the Chase Hyatt card on there and worked out well.

  7. I tried to search award availability for Kauai, but nothing was coming up. I went back to the old website and was able to find award nights. Not sure if it’s fully working yet or if I did something wrong.

  8. Perhaps I’m dense, but I found the website hard to use. I had a particular hotel and dates in mind and wanted to book using either points or points and miles, but was unable to find a way to do this.

  9. Did anyone see Ben’s Hyatt Points balance? 316k+ 😛

    I WISHHH my balance was that much. Must of been the days of the weekend Hyatt stays back in the day

  10. Having all sorts of problems with the site trying to cancel reservations.

    Plus never received any emails.

    Finally had to call and cancel over the phone..

    Why launch something till they get the bugs out ugggh

  11. I thought it was just me.

    I am Hilton Diamond, Marriott Gold (I will make Platinum next week) and Hyatt Diamond. I think the Marriott and Hilton web sites are pretty good–I rarely or never need to call in since I can do everything online. My complaint with Hyatt is that DSUs cannot be done online and I need to call in. Sometimes two or three times since when I see the email with the confirm, there is an error. Then, when the email is correct, the web site information is wrong. Sometimes one reservation on the web site shows up as two (counting the suite as two rooms and two reservations). Other times, the web site shows the full suite price as if there was no DSU. When I call in, Hyatt tells me the web site is not accurate and rely on my confirm email.

    It is important to me to know whether my DSU will work at a particular hotel and date since otherwise I wouldn’t necessarily choose Hyatt. That is why I don’t make the reservation online first and call in later to check DSU availability.

    Don’t know if this is a common occurrence for others but very frustrating for me.

  12. I would like to see Hyatt include the category number on each individual hotel’s main page, as Marriott does….

  13. Are you kidding? What is so great about this? You cannot even get PDFs of old bills anymore, a feature I use a lot.

    This is just a bunch of pretty fluff. I’d rather have improved functionality. How about rate calendar like everyone else has?

  14. Years ago Hyatt website allowed you to click on a map of their properties and find the hotels you might want in a certain country. I was looking to travel and found tge grand Hyatt Bali that way. Best trip ever! So relaxing and i used points for the stay. I was diamond level si we had our own pool area also. I wish they had that way to find locations. I’m visual and like to see where to go versus finding the city and comb through a list.

  15. Hyatt cash and points reservations are now totally unbookable online for me. Also, new issues with hotel inventory displaying incorrectly and bookings erroring out at the last step in the booking process make it an exercise in frustration to do anything other than simply avoiding the site entirely and calling in.

    It’s unbelievable that they could roll out “improvements” that dramatically reduce the functionality of the site. They also straight up deleted any previously selected room preferences from your account without notice.

    If they could finally get with the program and have award nights count towards elite status like every other large hotel chain I might be able to forgive them. But this kind of IT garbage combined with the recent rate increases for their Hyatt Place / Hyatt House brands with no quantifiable improvement in the product that they’re offering is enough to drive any sane customer away.

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