Should You Do A JetBlue Status Match In Conjunction With The Points Match Promo?

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In early May I wrote about JetBlue’s status match & challenge, which was supposed to run through May 31, 2016. I figured it was worth revisiting this, given that the offer has been extended, and also in light of JetBlue’s current points match promotion.

As of now, JetBlue’s status match & challenge promotion is valid for enrollment through June 30, 2016, though it may very well be extended, as has been the case in the past.


Benefits of JetBlue Mosaic

Under normal circumstances you can qualify for JetBlue Mosaic status in one of three ways:


The benefits of JetBlue Mosaic status include the following:

  • No change or cancelation fees on tickets
  • First and second checked bag free
  • Expedited security
  • Priority boarding
  • An additional three points per dollar spent on JetBlue (for a total of nine points per dollar spent on
  • Complimentary alcoholic beverages onboard
  • Dedicated customer service phone number
  • Discounted upgrades to Even More Space seating
  • 15,000 bonus points when you qualify for Mosaic status (though you don’t get that if you earn it through a status match or challenge)

Specific to upgrades, Mosaic members can upgrade to Even More Space seating for the following number of points:

  • A $10 seat upgrade costs 200 points
  • A $25 seat upgrade costs 300 points
  • A $45 seat upgrade costs 500 points
  • A $90 seat upgrade costs 1,000 points

JetBlue points can typically be redeemed for ~1.6 cents towards the cost of airfare, so that represents a huge discount over the paid cost of an upgrade. That means you can upgrade a New York to Los Angeles flight to Even More Space seating for just 1,000 points, which could otherwise only be redeemed for ~$16 worth of travel.

Lots of legroom in JetBlue Even More Space seating

JetBlue Mosaic Status Match

You’re eligible for a Mosaic status match if you hold one of the following status levels with a competing airline:

  • Virgin America: Elevate Silver, Elevate Gold
  • Alaska Airlines: Mileage Plan; MVP Gold or MVP Gold 75k
  • American Airlines: AAdvantage Platinum or Executive Platinum
  • Delta: SkyMiles Medallion Gold, Platinum or Diamond
  • Southwest Airlines: Rapid Rewards A-List Preferred or Companion Pass
  • United: MileagePlus Premier Gold, Platinum or Premier1K
  • Emirates: Emirates; Skywards‎ Silver, Gold or Platinum

To request a status match you simply have to fill out the form on this page, including your name, TrueBlue number, and proof of status with another program, which could include a copy of your statement or current credentials card with a competitor. Processing the status match could take up to two weeks.

Status matches are valid through the end of 2016, and you’ll then automatically be enrolled in a status challenge to maintain your status through 2017.

JetBlue A321

JetBlue Mosaic Status Challenge

If you don’t have status with a competitor you can still do a status challenge. The challenge is open to any TrueBlue member. Upon registering you’ll have 90 days to earn 3,750 base flight points, which will get you status through the end of 2017.

You earn three base flight miles per dollar spent, meaning you need to spend $1,250 on JetBlue (before taxes & fees) to qualify for the status.

Here’s the link to enroll for the challenge.

JetBlueJetBlue A320 cabin

What does this mean in the context of JetBlue’s points match promotion?

As you guys know, JetBlue is offering a ridiculously generous promotion at the moment, where you can earn up to 75,000 TrueBlue points just by showing your balance of Virgin America points and taking a single roundtrip flight on JetBlue.

I registered for that promotion, and also just applied for JetBlue Plus Card, given the extra perks it gets me when I redeem my points on JetBlue.

With that in mind, I’m now considering whether I should do a JetBlue status match & challenge:

  • I’d get Mosaic status through the end of 2016
  • If I spend $1,250 on JetBlue in the next 90 days, I’d earn Mosaic status through 2017

I’m not sure if I’d actually spend enough to qualify for Mosaic in 2017 (though I do have an upcoming paid ticket in JetBlue Mint), but I do think having Mosaic status would be nice, for the free drinks, cheap upgrades to extra legroom seating, and perhaps most importantly, free ticket changes (which could come in handy with all those points I have to redeem). So it’s certainly something I’m considering.

The reason I’m especially tempted is because as of now the JetBlue status matches & challenges aren’t once in a lifetime, but rather can be done multiple times. The terms very well may be changed in the future, though it’s also possible the offer will be discontinued altogether. But based on the current terms, there’s not much downside to partaking in a match or challenge.

Bottom line

This is an extremely generous promotion, for many made even more compelling by the current points match promotion. If you have status with another program you can submit a match so you have status through the end of 2016. Then if you spend $1,250 on JetBlue within 90 days of enrollment, you’ll receive status through the end of 2017.

It’s certainly worth considering a match & challenge more than ever before in light of the points match promotion.

Do you plan on signing up for a JetBlue Mosaic status match or challenge?

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  1. Any recent data points on how long it’s taking to receive the approval for the 75k promo? It’s been a couple of days since I’ve submitted and no response, and I’ve seen similar reports from others.

  2. JetBlue is great. By far the best economy, as well as domestic transcon business. Mosaic is not the best FFP, but other programs have become worse, whereas Mosaic has improved over the years!

  3. I signed up for the status match, signed up for plus card and transfered 51k SPG points to virgin. It took the weekend but I finally received a confirmation email that I was registered for the points status. I plan on booking r/t JFK to LAX in Mint on the plus card so I can meet all the spending requirements for the credit card, status match. I haven’t added it up yet but all that should bank me 125kish JetBlue points.

  4. I status matched on my Virgin America points (not an elite member) and was accepted to receive JetBlue points to match. Can I also status match on my United 1K elite status to get Mosaic status? If not, I wonder if I can change my match request?

  5. I sent my pointsmatch request in on Monday morning. Still haven’t gotten a confirmation yet about 24 hours later.

  6. I sent in an email to pointsmatch on Friday afternoon and got an email back on Sat. I booked a flight on from SFO to LGB later next month.

  7. I received the status match as I have Southwest Companion Pass earned through CC spending. We fly to FL a lot, so it’s worth it to have both. Also signed up for challenge and then bought 2 tickets for my wife and I. The rub here is that only spending on my flights counts towards the spending required even though I bought them together on my JB Plus card.. The spending on my wife’s flights will go towards her status, but she hasn’t signed up for the challenge. Bummer. Have to buy 2 more tickets to FL to qualify for 2017

  8. as a proof of status : “a copy of the statement” for proof? What statement is it? from the airline? I am AA plat but cant recall receiving such thing..

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