Japan Airlines 777 Business Class In 10 Pictures

Hello from back in the US! Over the past few days I’ve flown China Airlines 777 business class from Los Angeles to Taipei, China Airlines A330 business class from Taipei to Singapore, Japan Airlines 767 business class from Singapore to Tokyo Haneda, and then finally Japan Airlines 777 business class from Tokyo Haneda to San Francisco.

In this post I’ll be sharing my initial thoughts on the last flight, along with 10 pictures. A full trip report will follow.

Japan Airlines’ 777s feature Apex Suites. I love the window seats in this configuration, as they’re ridiculously private, almost as private as industry leading first class suites. I’ll take a window seat in an Apex Suite over a reverse herringbone seat any day, though if I were in a non-window seat I’d choose a reverse herringbone seat instead, as I explained in a previous post about my favorite business class hard products.

The service was Japanese perfection, as I’ve come to expect from JAL. The crew was friendly, professional, attentive, and so precise. Japanese precision just makes me smile every time. For example, boarding was supposed to start at 11:35PM. At 11:34PM the following announcement was made:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we apologize for the inconvenience. Boarding will be delayed due to cabin preparation. The new boarding time is 11:37. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.”

The whole 777 was boarded in 15 minutes, and we left five minutes early. Only in Japan!

As far as the food goes, I’d note that before I took this flight many people warned me this is the worst flight on which to try JAL’s longhaul business class product. The flight leaves after midnight, so there’s no full meal after takeoff, but rather just a snack menu, and then breakfast before landing. Even so, I was incredibly pleased by the meal service.

After takeoff I had beef curry and udon noodles, and then I had breakfast before landing (I went with the western option this time, since on the last flight I had the Japanese breakfast). Everything was exceptional.

I give JAL’s longhaul business class two big thumbs up. I really can’t think of a business class product which I like more than a window seat in an Apex configuration with reasonably priced wifi. It’s such a great product.












  1. I took this route back in August.

    Flight attendants were constantly coming through the aisles ala SQ and the food was top notch, like you said. The mattress pads are the icing on the cake.

    I do find the flight timing a bit distorting for jet lag, but great for leaving Tokyo.

  2. This seat reminds me of BA’s current J. The notable difference is they all face forward and I’m sure wider than BA’s seat.

  3. Having just flown JAL DFW-NRT-DFW on the 789 we loved their J product, the FA’s and food were top notch. First time on a dream liner and was very impressed with the plane.. AA has a ways to go if they want to be competitive on that route, granted it’s on the 77W but the service on board and food is much better on JAL

  4. Cool! Brings back memories! I flew Japan Airlines B777-300ER last month from Tokyo to London, and by coincidence, I posted my clip about it today as well (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTputSFQN_g). We had a technical problem before takeoff and need to refuel after only 5 minutes of taxiing (weird). The flight itself was great though. I was also seated in seat 12K :).

  5. So, does this change your previous thought that Qatar offers the best business class product??

  6. You love Japanese perfection but were complaining about it yesterday?

    Anyway perfection (i.e repetability) is another word for robot. Try having an emotional conversation with a robot.

  7. Lucky, JAL calls this business class seat JAL Sky Suite.
    The business class seat you flew on their 767 is called JAL Sky Suite II.
    But it gets better… A few days ago JAL just introduced a new business class seat… called JAL Sky Suite III. This is the same seat that Cathay/AA/Etc use (the Zodiac Cirrus seat).
    Link on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twh1Un68fmw

  8. How was the cabin temperature on both your flights on JAL? One of my JAL flights to HNL was really hot! Then again, it was December but still unbearable. On the way back on JAL’s 767 to NRT, it was still hot but much more bearable

  9. Do the FAs serve you through the openings between you and the aisle seat or do they walk into your suite through the passageway?

  10. @Mike O – Every time I’m in a hot cabin I just fan myself with a menu. It has never failed to get them to cool down the cabin. Business and first this has worked.

    We’ve flown this exact flight, but in F last summer. We had the whole cabin to ourselves, but we were so dead from having flown BKK-HKG-HND that all we wanted to do was sleep. We didn’t even try the tea they serve in a wine glass or their swanky coffee mugs.

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