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The Chase Freedom is one of my favorite no annual fee credit cards, as it offers 5x points in rotating quarterly categories, for up to $1,500 of spend per quarter. Most people use this as a cashback card, meaning the 5x points really translates into 5% cashback in these categories.

The best part is that in conjunction with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card or Ink Plus® Business Credit Card, points earned on this card can be converted into “premium” Ultimate Rewards points, and be transferred to the Ultimate Rewards airline and hotel partners. Since I value one Ultimate Reward point at significantly more than one cent, that’s my preferred use of points.

While you can continue to earn 5x points on grocery stores and wholesale clubs through June 30, 2016, registration for that category has now closed.

Register to earn 5x points at restaurants and wholesale clubs

Registration has just opened for the third quarter Chase Freedom 5x points category, so you can register now to earn 5x points at restaurants and wholesale clubs between July 1 and September 30, 2016.

Originally the 5x points category for the third quarter was only supposed to be for restaurants, but it has been extended to wholesale clubs, probably because Costco’s switch from American Express to Citi (and by extension, Visa) was delayed significantly.

How to make Chase Freedom points even more valuable

Just to recap, you earn points on the Chase Freedom, and each point can be redeemed for one cent cashback.

However, if you have this card in addition to one of the cards that accrue “premium” Ultimate Rewards points, you can transfer these points to Ultimate Rewards. Cards that accrue “premium” Ultimate Rewards Cards include the:

So 5% cashback converts into 5x Ultimate Rewards points per dollar with one of the above cards.

Bottom line

Assuming you’ve already registered, you have another couple of weeks to earn 5x points at grocery stores with the Chase Freedom. However, you can now register for the third quarter bonus, which offers 5x points on a combined total of up to $1,500 of spend at restaurants and wholesale clubs. Registration is easy, so I’d recommend doing it sooner rather than later.

The Chase Freedom is a no brainer card which I’ve had for many years, and I typically max out the 5x points bonus each quarter. It nicely complements my premium Chase cards, to help me maximize my Ultimate Rewards points.

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  1. Ben,

    Never had the freedom before and have a question. If i apply today and get approved today, do you think I will have time to register for this quarter’s promo before registration date ends? If there is an expiration date for registration…

  2. @ Erik — Registration for the second quarter closed on June 14, but you’d be able to still register for the third quarter, and even have the card before that period starts. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. @Michelle

    You can buy Costco Cash cards in the store to earn the bonus, and then use Costco Cash at the pump. Works at Sam’s Club too, with the added bonus that Sam’s Club gift cards can be used at Walmart as well.

  4. Ben,

    Quick question: I got the Freedom years ago before I knew anything about points/miles. Now I’m a full fledged points collector. I intended on getting the CSP last year but was denied for opening too many accounts (the dreaded 5/24 rule). My fiancé doesn’t have a credit card to her name (on her own, at least).

    I already added her as an authorized user on my Hyatt Chase card, and will be adding her as an authorized user on my next application for the citi prestige. Both are being done in hopes she can develop her credit history and can apply for the CSP later this year with me as her authorized user.

    I have 4000 UR points in the Freedom that I don’t wanna cash out. If my fiancé gets the CSP with me as the AU, can I transfer the points on my Freedom card to her UR account that would be associated with her new CSP account? The answer to this would determine if I put all my restaurant spend in Q3 on my Freedom card or on something else, like the soon-to-be applied for Citi Prestige or another card with restaurants being a 2x or 3x bonus category.

    Q3 projects to be a big “restaurant” spending period for me so I’d like to know where I can reliably park those points.

  5. I am buying 1500 in Costco cash cards and continuing to use Citi Prestige for restaurants at 2 thank you points per dollar to maximize the most this coming quarter. Then I can put Freedom away.

  6. @Michael: It should, but since this card has a 3% foreign transaction fee, you’re better off using a card with no FTF for purchases abroad. There are more than a few cards out there with no FTF and offer 2% or greater for restaurants.

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