Earn 5,000+ American Miles With One Hotel Stay

Several days ago I wrote a post about Rocketmiles, a website that lets you airline earn miles for your hotel stays. You’re typically earning these in lieu of hotel points, though there are still many circumstances under which it could make sense to use Rocketmiles:

  • You’re staying at an independent hotel which doesn’t have a loyalty program
  • You don’t stay at hotels enough to build up a sizable points balance, so value earning miles more
  • The reward is simply better for booking through Rocketmiles than through the hotel
  • You’re booking a stay for someone else (you can book a Rocketmiles stay for someone else but have the miles credited to your account)

While Rocketmiles offers 1,000 additional bonus miles to those being referred to Rocketmiles, it looks like they’re offering another bonus on top of that at the moment.

First time Rocketmiles users can earn 3,000-4,000 bonus American AAdvantage miles for Rocketmiles bookings through August 15, 2016. This is in addition to the airline miles you’d otherwise earn. Here are the details:

You’ll want to first register to be referred by an existing member, so you can earn 1,000 further bonus miles after your first stay.


Just to give an example, using the 4,000 mile bonus link for having a co-branded American Airlines credit card, you can earn 5,000 bonus miles on the below stays (you usually earn 1,000 miles, plus the 4,000 mile bonus). On top of that you’d earn the 1,000 bonus miles for being referred, as far as I know, for a total of 6,000 miles.


I value American miles at 1.5 cents each, so I value the rewards at more than the cost of the stay.

Of course this is one extreme example for random hotels in Phoenix, though this has the potential to be generally useful.

For example, I’m planning on staying at an LAX airport hotel next week, and The Concourse Hotel (soon to be a Hyatt Regency) is offering 8,000 bonus miles for the one night-stay, factoring in the 4,000 mile bonus. On top of that you should earn 1,000 bonus miles if you’re referred for your first stay. That reward is significantly better than what I’d earn through Hyatt Gold Passport, so I’m tempted to book through Rocketmiles.


Bottom line

If you haven’t yet used Rocketmiles, this is a great opportunity to do so. In addition to the 1,000 miles you get for being referred, you can earn a further 4,000 bonus miles if you pay with a Citi American credit card, in addition to the miles you’d usually earn. For a short stay, a cheap stay, or a stay for someone else, this is a great way to book, in my opinion.


  1. Lucky,
    the referral bonus is NOT stackable with any other bonuses.
    This mean you can only get one of the two: 1) the 4000 bonus miles, or 2) the 1000 referral bonus.
    The system automatically gives you the higher bonus,which is the 4000 bonus miles, but does not allow you to get another 1000 bonus referral miles on top of it.

  2. i’ve had mixed feelings with Rocketmiles and Kaligo (similar operation to Rocketmiles, but run out of Singapore…does not have huge sign-up bonuses like Rocketmiles but offers higher day-to-day earning and a MUCH bigger selection of hotels). The room I’ve booked has always been there for me, but both programs will tell you that it’s not unusual for the hotel to not be able to see your booking until just a few days in advance of your arrival. And indeed, this has happened to me, albeit not always (maybe 50% of the time). I really don’t like that inability to confirm. That probably means that I’m not going to be using these guys much anymore. I guess I hate stress a bit more than I love extra points and miles.

  3. The screenshot you included simply say AAdvantage co-branded cards, but you specify Citi American. Do the Barclaycard Aviator cards not qualify?

  4. Also I should add that if you refer someone, and the person you referred completes a hotel stay booked through Rocketmiles, you don’t get the referral bonus miles at that point.
    Once the person you referred finishes a stay, the 1000 referral bonus miles become “eligible” for you to get upon your next hotel stay booked with Rocketmiles.
    So you need to make yet another booking with Rocketmiles (and complete the stay) to claim the 1000 referral bonus miles that became eligible.
    The referral program is almost a scam if you ask me.

  5. Im not getting the extra bonus for paying with a citi advantage card. How do you get that?

  6. I’ve received a 5000 mile signup bonus for Rocketmiles (plus an additional 1000 miles for the stay) last December through United Airlines. Any idea if I can receive a signup bonus again through an American Airlines offer? Thanks in advance.

  7. Wow.. I submitted a comment to your last Rocketmiles post regarding these bigger 1st time bonuses and asked if they were stackable.. you never approved my comment. Then I see this post, and figured “oh, he’s going to just address it in another post”. Nope. Per the terms listed, and per the Rocketmiles customer service rep I reached out to, these offers are 100% NOT stackable with the referral 1k bonuses.

  8. I tried paying with a Barclay’s AAdvantage card, and it warned me that I wouldn’t receive the bonus points, even though it doesn’t seem to specify in the terms.

  9. It looks like you can get 13,000 miles for a one-night stay at the St Regis Aspen. So in that scenario, I’m ok forgoing the SPG points I would have otherwise received from Starwood. However, does anyone know if that night would still count as a “Stay” (ie, count towards the 25 annual stays needed for SPG Platinum)?

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