Super Easy: 500 Free Points For Following Marriott On Instagram

Marriott Rewards is offering 500 bonus points if you follow them on Instagram by June 21, 2016.


Simply follow them at @marriottrewards, and then submit your email address at, near the middle of the page.


I’m not sure if Marriott even has a way of verifying whether you’ve follow them on Instagram or not, since they’re simply asking you to enter your email address on file with your Marriott Rewards account.

Once you enter your email you’ll simply see the bar where you entered the info turn green, with a check mark. Bonus points should post within four weeks.


This almost seems like one of those scam “promotions” on Instagram, but it’s actually legitimate, given that registration is on Marriott’s site, and they’re not exactly asking for much personal information.

So kudos to Marriott for making this promotion almost too easy, to the point that it seems like it could be a scam.

I’d highly recommend taking advantage of this promotion. I value Marriott Rewards points at ~0.8 cents each, so to me the 500 points are worth $4. That’s not bad for literally five seconds of “work.” At some point your balance of Marriott Rewards points will be combined with your balance of Starpoints.

Thanks for the 500 free points, Marriott!

(Tip of the hat to Paul)


  1. how would marriott know where to deposit the points? will they deposited to the email address on file with your account with marriott?

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