Amazing Deal: Fly Business Class From Istanbul To New York For $635 Roundtrip

A few days ago I wrote about some incredible business class fares available on Ukraine International Airlines between Minsk and New York. You could fly business class roundtrip via Kiev for under $900 roundtrip, which is amazing.


Well, it looks like UIA has an even better fare for travel to New York. You can fly roundtrip business class from Istanbul to New York for 564EUR. The best place to search for this fare is through Momondo, as it prices out higher on UIA’s website. When you change the website to English the price seems to go up by a few Euro, so it’s not a big deal, but the above link seems to yield the lowest price.


This fare is valid for travel between October 3 and December 15, 2016, though is only available if you’re originating in Istanbul, and not if you’re originating in the US. Also keep in mind that Ukraine International Airlines partners with Air France FlyingBlue and Etihad Guest, so you can actually earn 120% miles with either of those programs for these flights, as they’re booked in the “Z” fare class, which is business class:


Admittedly this fare isn’t for everyone, but as someone who really wants to try UIA, I sure am tempted (though I’m not sure I necessarily want to do four segments on them).

This fare expires tonight, so you’ll want to take advantage of this ASAP if interested.

(Tip of the hat to SecretFlying)


  1. I’d love to see you try it. I’m either going to fly them in the coming months or fly Open Skies premium economy. Reading a trip report would help me decide 🙂

  2. Who’s says you have to fly all four segments? At this price, for review purposes just don’t fly back… I’m sure it’s a tax write off for you anyways.

    But as a Ukrainian, I don’t understand your fascination with UIA. I would fly anything else before I fly with them. It just doesn’t excite me much, especially the hard product (I can tolerate the bs soft product if it turns out to be the case, which is a gamble).

  3. While I’d love to visit IST, I don’t want to endure the haraSSSSment which happens for the next 6-24 months by the TSA after they see you’ve spent some time there.

  4. “While I’d love to visit IST, I don’t want to endure the haraSSSSment which happens for the next 6-24 months by the TSA after they see you’ve spent some time there.”

    Really? I’ve got multiple Turkish stamps in my passport and had ZERO problems. Hell, I had a really interesting conversation one morning with a TSA agent about it. Actually, despite traveling to a lot of at least superficially questionable places I have never had any issues with TSA or CBP.

  5. @AlexS: the concept of going to certain countries and subsequently getting blacklisted by the TSA or CBP is a bit of a myth, unless your profile has other warning flags. In the last few years I’ve been to Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Somalia and have never gotten so much as a second look in security or immigration.

  6. @Paul

    The Pointsguy wrote an article about it when he got the whole SSSS treatment when flying back from IST on TY, lots of mention of it on Flyertalk also.

    Seems to happen automatically when your trip starts in IST these days. I would say it’s computer generated, probably from passenger lists.

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