Now Live: 30,000 Mile Sign-Up Bonus On Alaska Visa Card

As I first wrote about in February, Alaska Airlines has been planning on increasing the sign-up bonus on their co-branded Bank of America credit card, from 25,000 miles to 30,000 miles. This was found in their 10-K SEC filing at the time, as they expected a higher bonus would bring them even more business.

Well, the increased sign-up bonus on the Alaska Airlines Visa Card is now live. Specifically, the card is offering a sign-up bonus of 30,000 Mileage Plan miles, plus a $121 companion certificate ($99, plus taxes and fees starting at $22), after spending $1,000 within 90 days. The card has an annual fee of $75, which isn’t waived the first year.


This definitely isn’t a mega sign-up bonus, but Alaska Mileage Plan miles are quite valuable, thanks to the wide array of international airline partners they have, and that they allow stopovers on one-way awards. Furthermore, if you live in a city served by Alaska Airlines, that companion certificate can be extremely valuable.

Hainan-Airlines-Business-Class-787 - 79
Redeem Alaska Airlines miles for Hainan business class

However, some might still prefer another version of the offer which is out there, offering 25,000 Mileage Plan miles upon account approval, plus a $100 statement credit after spending $1,000 within 90 days. That version of the offer also comes with an annual companion certificate.


So you can choose between a $100 statement credit or an additional 5,000 miles, making the breakeven point a value of two cents per Alaska mile. Personally I value Alaska miles at 1.8 cents each, so I’d still take the offer for 25,000 miles plus a statement credit upon completing minimum spend.

Bottom line

While it’s nice to see the official standard sign-up bonus increased, for now there are still links offering 25,000 miles plus a $100 statement credit, which are arguably better. If you don’t yet have the card I do think it’s worth picking up, as I doubt the bonus will go much higher anytime soon.

(Tip of the hat to Doctor Of Credit)


  1. I don’t get out of bed anymore for less than 50k. It might be different if they hadn’t massively undermined confidence in their currency with that nonsense no-notice devaluation.

  2. you forgot to mention the catch, even for this not-so-big sign up bonus: if BOA approves you with 5000 and up credit line, you get this card; if not, you get the sh*tty platium version with 5000 signup bonus, and 50$ fee. BOA is very mean in terms of giving high credit line, so this is just a waste of time and a hard pull. I have been burned by this once and hope other people dont need to get through this.

  3. If I sign up with an old but still posted and clickable link — offering the old deal of 25000 with no spend requirement — is it likely to be fulfilled automatically with little or no hassle

  4. Isn’t the version with $100 statement credit only available to those who have never had the card before? That’s a pretty big disqualifier for readers of this blog

  5. On the credit limit issue there is a trick discussed on Flyertalk to resolve that but not straightforward.
    On churning, from what I have seen there is no limit on how many cards you can get but you have to deal with the credit limit issue.

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