Earn 50 American Miles Per Dollar Spent On Magazines

I’ve written in the past about shopping portals, which are a great opportunity to earn bonus points for purchases you’d make anyway.

Well, sometimes the bonuses through shopping portals are so good that it can make sense to buy something you don’t need just for the bonus miles.

That’s the case right now with the American AAdvantage eShopping Portal, which is offering 50 miles per dollar spent at magazines.com. This is basically an opportunity to purchase American miles for two cents each.


The bonus is supposed to be valid for purchases through tomorrow (Friday the 27th), and the terms on this offer are as follows:

Not eligible on automatically renewed subscriptions. Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site. Orders cancelled within 90 days are not eligible. Not eligible on gift card, certificates or any other similar cash equivalents.

To take advantage of this you just have to be redirected to magazines.com through the American AAdvantage eShopping Portal, and then it should track your purchase.

I value American AAdvantage miles at ~1.5 cents each, though it goes without saying that everyone values miles differently, and I know plenty of people who value American miles at more than that. While American sometimes sells miles for less than two cents each, there are typically big minimums required, so this can be a great way to pick up just a few thousand miles at a reasonable cost.

I also know plenty of people who order magazines, either personally or for their businesses, so this is a great opportunity to do that, given that you’re getting them for 75% off based on my valuation.

Anyone planning on taking advantage of this opportunity to purchase AAdvantage miles for two cents each and pick up some magazines in the process?

(Tip of the hat to Mommy Points)


  1. There was 75 miles per $ on the UR mall two months ago but I guess you missed that opportunity. I bought me a few hundred thousand Ks. All points posted to my account

  2. I’m 527 miles short of two business class trans-atlantic flight. If I were to buy the miles, I’d have to buy 1,000 at $30. Instead I could pay $12 for a magazine subscription. Seems like a decent deal. I’m going for it.

  3. @ Nasakota –.Damn, that is a sweet deal. I would have been sending everyone I know magazines!

  4. can you bank these points and then cancel the magazines and still keep the points? it says 90 days? then they will pro rate your refund?

  5. Be warned. If you subscribe to a magazine with these guys it defaults to auto-renew so you are going to hit with a big charge when the subscription runs out. Make sure the log into your account and set auto renew to OFF and then logout, back in, confirm it is off and take a screenshot. You might need it.

  6. @Gary

    That is what I call fraud. Will you likely get to keep the points – yes!

    Do whatever your conscious allows – good luck.

  7. This AA purchasing site is awesome. @ AA miles per $1 at Office Depot. If you pay with Ink Business, get 5 points or a total of about 11% back at your values

  8. @ DAVID: who are you to judge me son?

    I call charging poor and desperate people 25% interest Fraud and unconscionable……..

    Its not fraud you phony…..Im playing by their rules…… didn’t make the rules…….Im playing by them son.

    Your name is biblical……in biblical times Christians were not allowed to even loan $……..so whats up now son?

    You can judge me and even debate me….I’ll virtually smack your face so hard your fanny pack will fall off….so take your man bun and hipster beard to Red lobster and let the adults talk….ok pumpkin!

  9. Super thanks to the dude who reminded to cancel auto-renewal. Gotta a 2 year subscription deal to the economist for a nephew (something I was going to do anyway), and lots of points.

  10. @Gary… who pissed in your corn flakes??? I guess David touched a sore spot for you.

    @Lucky… This deal is 2cpm. you value miles at 1.5cpm. Unless it is a top off, why would you recommend this???

  11. @deltahater,
    He didn’t say he was buying them, but perhaps people that value them higher may… “I value American AAdvantage miles at ~1.5 cents each, though it goes without saying that everyone values miles differently, and I know plenty of people who value American miles at more than that.”

  12. Even if you turn off automatic renewal for magazines and online memberships they may put the renewal charge anyway.
    Most Citibank credit cards offer “Virtual Card Number” feature which allows you to create a use it once credit card number and offers option of limiting dollar amount and for you to set the expiration date of 1- 12 months.

    Charge appears like any other on your statement but it falls upon them at renewal to come to you for payment rather then you trying to get a refund or worse the hassle of filing a dispute with your credit card issuer

    Yes, you still earn your credit card reward- charges appear on your statement just like any other.

    Hack: a great use for virtual card numbers is booking hotel rooms where a credit card number is required but no charge will be put through until check in. Simply generate a virtual card for $1 with an expiration date later then check in date. I have had hotels run through first night’s “no show” charge even after I canceled per their policy and had cancelation number. This avoids that hassle and unpleasant surprise when the credit card statement comes in the mail.

    I never have a leave a real credit card number stored permanently on any hotel or airline website. If one is required to be left “on file” I use a virtual card with $1 limit.

    The only time I ever use a real credit number when booking a hotel is a prepaid room or when there is a discount associated with using a particular credit card and that card also must be used when booking the reservation. Good example is Citi Prestige Card’s fourth night free program.
    Once booked a confirmation cannot be converted to Citi Prestige Concierge.

  13. AA shopping portal now has some 3x deals. One I just used is Rosetta Stone language programs. They give 7 miles per dollar, but now have 21 AA miles per dollar. The programs are on sale for $199 instead of $499 and you get 4179 AA miles + whatever credit card you use.

    How sweet it is.

  14. For those of you that took advantage of the magazines.com 50 times the miles, have your points posted yet? I did it on May 21st, and I don’t even have pending points yet.

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