Earn 2 Bonus American Miles Per Dollar Spent With Hilton

I’ve written in the past about shopping portals, which are a great way to earn bonus points for purchases you’d make anyway. There are several types of shopping portals, which offer everything from airline miles to hotel points to cashback.

Sites like evreward.com let you compare the rewards you’d get for purchases across multiple shopping portals. For example, here are the bonuses you can earn for purchases at Sears, per evreward.com:


As you can see, for many retailers there are a variety of options, so everyone will have a different preference as to which reward they value most.

Sometimes you can also earn shopping portal rewards for booking hotels, though it’s far from consistent. However, when that’s offered, it’s almost always cashback and not airline miles.

Well, reader Mike just made me aware that the American AAdvantage eShopping Portal is offering two bonus AAdvantage miles per dollar spent with Hilton.


Here are the terms, which are worth taking a look at:

Please note these terms & conditions: Corporate, group, and other negotiated rates are not eligible. Not eligible on bookings where HHonors points are redeemed or booking made in conjunction with another offer. Not eligible at the following hotels, Hilton Curacao, British Colonial Hilton Nassau, DoubleTree by Hilton Panama City, Hilton Garden Inn Panama, Waldorf Astoria Panama City, Hilton Cartagena, Columbia, Hampton Inn Berlin and Hilton Garden Inn – Lecce. Not eligible until reservations have been fulfilled. Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents. Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site.

Keep in mind these are miles you can earn in addition to the HHonors points you’d usually earn. So you’d still earn Hilton points as you usually would, and you’d still be eligible for Hilton’s summer promotion, which offers double base points. I value American miles at ~1.5 cents each, so to me the two miles are worth an additional return of ~3%.

This shopping portal simply redirects you to Hilton’s website, so you’re not forgoing anything by using it. As you can see, you don’t earn bonus miles if you use a corporate, group, or negotiated rate, and you’ll receive the miles after your eligible stay.


This seems like a great way to pick up an extra two American miles per dollar spent with Hilton! These shopping portal bonuses change all the time, so there’s no knowing how long this will stick around.


  1. @lucky – thanks for the ht! does anyone out there know how long this has been around, and if it has been at higher or lower rates of return historically? i’m also curious if anyone didn’t receive expected miles after booking under a special rate like AAA or Hilton MVP.

  2. “Not eligible on bookings where HHonors points are redeemed or booking made in conjunction with another offer.”
    What does it mean ? The part about “in conjunction with another offer” ?
    What about the HHonors Discount rate, or the HHonors Sale rate ?

  3. Is this is applicable to all rates and not just to advance purchase?

    Knowing something about how shopping portals work I can not imagine how Hilton can track this.

    Has anyone gotten the miles to post since with incidental charges the amount that eventually gets charged will vary from what is shown on reservation

  4. No AAA rate allowed. Why spend money to make miles. I know you’re the points guy but sheesh

  5. I have used this for a while, it has given me points on AAA stays. Takes a few weeks to post after the stay. 10/10 would book again through portal. Actually I just did a few days ago.

  6. I booked BeverlyHilton a month ago for the end of August stay through AA portal. I wonder how long do they track the order. Is 4 month is too long?

    Hope to get some nice chunk of points.

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