Lufthansa’s Hilarious New Ad Tackles German Stereotypes

Historically Lufthansa hasn’t exactly been known for their ad campaigns. Furthermore, the advertising they have done hasn’t been especially captivating, in my opinion. Most of it doesn’t highlight their actual product, route network, or build an emotional connection. Instead it mostly uses vague slogans like “Nonstop You,” without expanding too much on what that means to them. Here’s an example:

Earlier in the month Lufthansa released a hilarious new ad, which I just saw for the first time. In the ad two guys are rebooked on Lufthansa because their flight was canceled, and it compares their perception of a German airline with the reality of flying Lufthansa. Here’s the brilliant ad:

I love it! It seems others agree, because the ad already has over two million views on YouTube alone.

It reminds me a bit of an ad Lufthansa had a while back trying to capture the Indian market. In it, an older Indian man tells his young grandson about the Germans and what to expect on the plane, and then his grandson thinks they’re on the wrong plane, since the experience doesn’t match what he was told. The tagline is “Lufthansa — More Indian Than You Think.” Here’s that ad, which I really like as well:

What do you make of Lufthansa’s new ad?


  1. Very funny indeed & I just love the comment: “and we’re flying with the Germans?” Now the smiling kid at the end steals the show. When he subtlety reminds the guy that yeah, Germany is a 4 times Soccer World Champion, pretty funny, and yeah that tag line really seems superfluous.

  2. Its a great way to promote and not been the offical sponsor of the Euro (or worldcup – the A380 flight close over Berlin was perfect marketing) aswell..and def funny

  3. Didn’t find it particularly great. The underlying theme in all the ads: Please love us, please, please.

  4. @Gustavo hahaha, feel for you, man.

    It giggles me because recently England beat them in a friendly, but still, they have every right to brag about their football superiority. Football site of Guardian even took notice of this ad. Brilliant.

  5. What are they wearing over their shoulders? Is that something soccer players wear out in public? (Obviously, I’m from the US)

  6. The scarf is not worn by players, only by fans. Its the national colors and sign. Each country in Europe has that in order to show who they support. Clubs has them as well.

    Loved the new add.

  7. Actually thought the first ad made more sense for nonstop you. The second ad was way too close to the experience I had in FC from MUC to SFO. Next time I will be on Air France and I’ll wager their Biz is better than LH FC. Well at it will be for me whose opinion is the only one that matters when I go to book the tickets.

  8. @Gustavo:

    well that ^^^ attempt at humor got screwed up. serves me right. didn’t realize that certain symbols just don’t show up in this editor..

    anyhooo…i was trying to show you a “5-0” with my keyboard (yes i am Colombian with a far-too-long memory jeje)

  9. We flew from Frankfurt nonstop to Los Angeles yesterday in regular economy and had a great flight with two meals and snacks and beer and wine included for free and I was really impressed. Very comfortable flight and great service.

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