Air Canada Business Class In 10 Pictures

As I explained earlier, I ended up flying Air Canada’s business class yesterday between Toronto and Frankfurt, a flight which was operated by aĀ Boeing 787-9.

I’ll have a full trip report once I get back to the US, but in the meantime I’ll continue my “10 pictures” series, to tide some of you over till the trip report is published. šŸ˜‰ I realize I’ve done a “10 pictures” post before about Air Canada’s 787-9, though this was my first transatlanticĀ flight on Air Canada.

Stay tuned for the next post in this series, which will be about South African Airways’ A340-600.

In the meantime, here are 10 pictures:












  1. That looks like the same omelette and sausage they’ve served for breakfast for years and years. Was the red sauce some sort of red pepper compote? If so, lol.

  2. Strange…when I flew them a few months ago between DEL-YYZ, each course was brought to me separately and not all at once on a tray….and where is ur most loved dessert with port?????

  3. Cap, yes it is!!! The cottage cheese concoction is hiding below!! So tired of that breakfast! I know, first world problems.

  4. @Kent Standard service would be multiple course. However, you can choose to take it all at once to maximize sleeping time, which is quite popular on East Coast-Europe flights.

  5. @Ryan

    I understand that but never was that mentioned at all. Most airlines have an abbreviated meal to maximize sleep time, but this is a complete meal either way aside from the beverages and dessert. The AC biz cabin is small with three cabin crew when I travelled and the plates were cleared efficiently so I am betting the time expended to dine in both cases were the same.

    Is that the sable fish?

  6. I flew on their business cabin, a 787-8 from ZRH to YYZ last year. Their hard product is very nice, and their soft-product …. wait … drum rolls …. blasphemy I know …. I thought is on par or better compared to CX business class. Their purse personally introduced himself, the crews are all very attentive. They found a pair of slippers, extra desserts, great wine recommendations too. Among North American airlines, I would put them as my #1 choice for trans-Atlantic or trans-Pacific route.

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