Register For IHG’s Summer 2016 Accelerate Offer

Nowadays most of IHG’s promotions are targeted, meaning each member is offered a different version of a promotion based on their stay patterns. Targeted promotions are typically bad for loyal members, while they can be great for members who don’t frequent a hotel chain. That’s because the promotions are typically structured in such a way that they’re trying to get you to increase your patronage, rather than reward you for stays you’d make anyway.

For example, earlier in the year IHG ran the Accelerate promotion, and I was targeted for a great version of it. A single paid stay on a bonus points package rate paid with my IHG Rewards Club Credit Card earned me 45,000 IHG Rewards Club bonus points, more than enough for a free night at a vast majority of IHG properties around the world. That’s incredible.


In April I wrote about IHG’s Share Forever promotion, which is targeted at those with accounts registered in the Americas. For that promotion I can earn up to 72,400 IHG Rewards Club bonus points, though it isn’t structured nearly as generously as the Accelerate offer earlier in the year, so I’ll pass on this promotion.


Anyway, IHG Rewards Club has just opened registration for their latest version of the Accelerate offer, valid for stays between June 1 and August 31, 2016.


The promotion is also targeted, so each member will be eligible for a different version of the offer. However, unlike the Accelerate offer earlier in the year, not everyone will be eligible for this promotion. Anecdotally it actually seems like those eligible for the Share Forever promotion aren’t eligible for the Accelerate promotion.

I don’t understand why IHG is basically running two very similar promotions at the same time, and are targeting different members for them. I guess it’s because the Share Forever promotion is in conjunction with Coca Cola, so they split the cost for the promotion somewhat.

Anyway, be sure you check out whether or not you’re eligible for the summer 2016 Accelerate offer.

I’m not eligible, unfortunately.


Are you eligible for the Accelerate promotion, and if so, what does your offer look like?


  1. Surprised you didn’t do your research, as this offer is only valid for Europeans

  2. @ShayPeleg:

    I didn’t see anything in the T&C indicating that it was only valid for European registration.

    I’m not eligible. No biggie for me – I just got Hyatt Diamond (through a mattress run), and Hilton Diamond (through status match); I don’t travel enough to justify status in three programs.

  3. Share forever is only opened to Americans. So this is for everybody else (or anybody who didn’t register for share forever)

  4. Eligible here , Asia/Pac, 55000 for 8 nights covering 5 tasks ( app booking, 2 weekends, total nights, June stay, spend $60 on FB), 4 of the 5 tasks must be completed for the final bonus of 24000. Nothing very special.
    Possible to spend 8 cheap HIE nights to get the points if so inclined ( I ‘m not as my HIE nights are always 1 night at airports, rarely at weekends).

  5. I am !

    Stay in June : 5’000 pts
    Stay Once : 1’000 pts
    Stay 3 nights : 3’000 pts
    3 more : 3’000 pts
    3 more : 3’000 pts
    3 more : 3’000 pts
    3 more : 15’000 pts

  6. My accelerate offer (based Hong Kong)

    Stay in June : 5000 pts
    Stay Once : 5000 pts
    Stay 3 nights : 3000 pts
    3 more : 3000 pts
    3 more : 3000 pts
    3 more : 3000 pts
    3 more : 15000 its

    total offer 39000

    So for me it would seem that the most lucrative option would be to pull a one nighter in June which would grab the first two 5000 rewards. Likely no way I’d be staying another 15 nights anytime soon for the remainder, but a quick jaunt over to Macau for the weekend might be on the books. 😀

  7. Does anyone know (ideally from experience) whether stays booked using this Mastercard partner rate are “Qualifying” or “Non-Qualifying” stays for the purposes of the Accelerate 2016 promotion?

  8. I’m not eligible for Accelerate, but I registered for Share, as I will be staying 4 nights at Holiday Inn MDW in conjunction with … Bring on my 4000 bonus points !!! \m/

  9. I have booked 2 x nights with YOUR RATE – does anybody know if they are qualifying rates for this accelerate?

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