Get $10 Off Your Next Uber Ride

Update: It’s being reported that this unfortunately may only work if you’re using Android Pay for your purchase.

While Uber often has promotions for new users, it’s rare to see promotions for existing users. Existing users can get $10 off their next Uber ride by using promotion code ANDROIDPAY. Just open the Uber app, click the menu button at the top left, and click on the “Promotions” section. That’s where you’ll enter the promotion code.


The promotion code will immediately be reflected in your account, and as you’ll see, it’s valid through May 31, 2016, so you have a bit over two weeks to use it.


For what it’s worth, despite the name of the promotion code, I had no issues using it for my iPhone.

(Tip of the hat to The Forward Cabin)


  1. this was my morning sloppybloggy…

    Girlfriend: “I’m heading out. You think I should take the bus?”
    Me: “No, take an Uber.”
    Girlfriend: “But I have a bus pass so it’s free…”
    Me: “Lucky says Uber is free today. Here’s the promo code.”
    Girlfriend: *skepticism about how travel bloggers are dumb* *grumbling* then: “Oh, huh, you’re right. That promo code does work.”
    Me: “Cya!”

    20 minutes later

    Girlfriend: “So Uber charged me $9.35 for my $9.35 ride. WTF were you talking about?”

  2. Lucky, the update does not show on the preview mobile page but the whole article does. Glad I clicked through. May be best to just take the post down. It’s not newsworthy.

  3. Unfortunately, after entering the promo code Apple Pay disappeared as payment option from my app. Not ideal!

  4. Didnt work. I had promo code added,i have iphone, promotion was not used during uber payment with amex. Actually , the promotion clearly states it is Android payment only.

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