1. You gonna hit up the centurion lounge at Mexico City? One in T1 before security. One in T2 near gate 18

  2. I’m guessing from the line through the “Good” that the “wow” does not mean ” amazing”….

  3. Wow!!!! That seat looks very narrow, food looks terrible and serve a Haggen-Daz ice cream straight from the container is plain cheap. I would not expect anything better from AeroMexico.

  4. Will be an interesting read! Thanks as always. Your sorting out my weekend reading.

  5. @CRISTIANO ANDRADE Air China and United (p.s. and ex-Continental) also have the same seats i believe

  6. You said “I quite like the B/E Aerospace Diamond Seat” So, I’ll be interested to hear what you didn’t like. It does look like the timing of that flight is odd for a westbound trans atlantic.

  7. That looks like a bad “wow” from the pictures. Food looks terrible and I imagine there may’ve been some interesting seatmate moments with not all seats having direct aisle access…

  8. Mexicana used to have edible food even in Y on every flight. Of course they went bankrupt and now AeroMexico is the national carrier.

    The seats look alright.

    There was rain a day ago so the air quality should be okay; views into and out of MEX are spectacular. Morning weather is nice and cool. But the lounges in MEX are terrible, and T2 is SkyTeam only so they might be even worse.

    NH is going to be competing on AM’s very profitable Asian routes starting in summer. I wonder if Lucky prefers NH Y over AM Y on a 13 hour 787 flight to Asia.

  9. From Lucky’s Twitter:
    “Wow, shocked this Aeromexico plane has wifi (last one didn’t)! Now I can live Tweet about how crappy the experience is! :p”

  10. Give me a Haagen Dazs ice cream served direct from the container over those disgusting ice cream sundaes that American carriers dole out under the disguise of being a desert, that are fawned all over by bloggers along with the pathetic warm cookies.

  11. These seats look like UA’s Business First used in their 787-9 as well… or they bought a second hand from UA…

  12. @Vicky:

    Absolutely agree. Every time I hear a well-known blogger gush over that pathetic excuse for a dessert in a premium cabin, I question the blogger’s “credentials”. You can’t fly on EK, CX, etc. with amazing service and food then cream your jeans over an ice cream sundae doled out on AA. Credibility goes right out the window. Especially with the champagne snobs so many of them have become through just traveling on airlines. That’s like being all hoity-toity about caviar but then exclaiming that Taco Bell is the best Mexican food available on the planet.

  13. Business class is amazing specially when it is with affordable rate. I tried many times to compare flight rates and find the lowest travel website rate. And it works with me.

  14. I can’t stand Aeromexico, but sometime I have to fly them. I flew the 787 from TIJ to MEX a few weeks ago, and while the plane is nice, the service just sucks… On the ground, they aren’t too bad, but a ham and cheese sandwich in every domestic flight in business class? Not even a choice? Its pretty bad! Your service and food look a lot better than what I had…

  15. Aero Mexico has cleaned up it’s act. Last time I flew with them was Tijuana to Cabo. Walked out on the tarmak, got into the plane, served us all as many glass bottle Coronas as we wanted. No safety checks, never asked anyone to fasten seat belts. Landed, thrust reversers back firing sounding like bombs.

    On the way back, the cockpit doors were open, more Coronas, girls wearing swimsuits sitting in the cockpit watching the Pilots land the plane.

    A year later in 1986 was the mid-air crash over Cerritos. Never flown them since.

  16. Pls elaborate on the difference between their seats vs J seats on AA A321T, if any 😉

  17. Personally if i was a “third world airline” and Mrs lucky was onboard, i would have her and her snotty entourage escorted off the plane.
    With a daming review coming why would any airline allow such behavior.

  18. It could just be the horrible transit experience at MEX. Queuing in what seams an endless line of people waiting to be stamped in just so I can leave again is what I envision purgatory being except you never get to the damn desk

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