Earn Up To 50,000 Bonus American Miles For Transatlantic Travel

American is back with a promotion they seem to run a couple of times a year, offering a significant number of bonus miles for transatlantic travel. They seem to offer this promotion in periods where business travel is historically slow, which includes summer and winter (the last such promotion ended on January 31, 2016).

The promotion is marketed as offering up to 50,000 bonus AAdvantage miles for transatlantic roundtrips on American, British Airways, Finnair, and Iberia.


Through this promotion you can earn bonus miles at the following rates per roundtrip, for a total of up to two trips:

  • 25,000 bonus miles for first or business class tickets
  • 15,000 bonus miles for premium economy or select full fare economy tickets
  • 2,000 bonus miles for other economy tickets


The basic terms of the promotion are as follows:

  • Valid for roundtrip flights between the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe
  • Travel must occur between May 9 and July 31, 2016
  • Registration is required prior to travel using promotion code NAS16
  • You can earn half the roundtrip bonus miles for a one-way ticket

American-Business-ClassAmerican Airlines 777 business class

Here are the eligible fare classes for the promotion, based on which airline markets the flight:

*Includes First Class and Business Class fares booked in F, A, P, J, R, D or I; Full-fare Economy Class fares booked in Y; other Economy Class fares booked in H, K, M, L, W, V, G, Q, N, O or S on American Airlines marketed flights; First Class or Club World (Business Class) fares booked in F, A, J, R, C, D or I; World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy) booked in W, E or T; Full-fare World Traveller (full-fare Economy) booked in Y or B; other Economy Class fares booked in H, K, L, M, V, G, Q, N, O or S on British Airways marketed flights; Business Class fares booked in C, D, I or J; Full-fare Economy Class fares booked in Y or B; other Economy Class fares booked in H, A, K, L, M, P, V, G, N, O, Q, R, S, T, W or Z on Finnair marketed flights; Business Class fares booked in J, R, C, D, or I; Full-fare Economy Class fares booked in Y or B; other Economy Class fares booked in H, K, L, M, V, W, Z, A, G, N, O, P, Q, S or E on Iberia marketed flights. Biz Bed (Business Class) fares booked in J, R, C, D, or I; Prem Plus fares booked in W, E, T; Full-fare Economy Class fares booked in Y or B; other Economy Class fares booked in H, K, L, M, V, G, Q, N, O or S on OpenSkies operated as British Airways flights.

British Airways 777 business class

Bottom line

I value American miles at ~1.5 cents each so to me the 25,000 bonus miles for a business class transatlantic roundtrip ticket are worth ~$375. Given that oneworld often publishes discounted transatlantic business class fares (yesterday Tiffany even wrote about discounted first class fares), this can represent a great value. At a minimum you can earn 2,000 bonus miles per discounted economy roundtrip, which is better than nothing.

Do you plan on taking advantage of American’s promotion offering bonus miles for transatlantic travel?


  1. Thanks for this, I likely would have missed these extra miles otherwise, that’s twice in two days you’ve really helped me out (got the 100K Amex Plat. Bonus yesterday). This is why I keep coming back, day after day.

  2. Could this promotion be combined with the cheap First/Business class fares on BA you posted about yesterday?

  3. Thanks Lucky!

    Do you know if previously booked flights qualified?! I’m at Heathrow right now waiting for my (delayed) flight home to SFO. Buisness class ticket booked from the sale last year.

  4. @ Ben — I was really hoping you would do a post of some of the best fares premium US-Europe w/ AARP discount under BA’s sale for travel before 7/1 (assuming AA changes kick in then, which is unlikely), including an analysis of how to maximize the base + EXP elite + premium short/long bonus + 25k transatlantic premium promo + transatlantic premium Biz Extra promo. I am specifically interested in how to minimize the fare and maximize the miles/points earning under Advantage/Biz Extra for AA- or BA-ticketed flights operated by AA or BA. I don’t want to screw up and get the ticketing/operating carrier part wrong, and I also figured you were already searching for the best fares/routings, etc.

  5. I’m flying AA J class on July 31st and returning August 22nd in BA First, do I get the full 25k miles or only 12.5k? Or any at all?

  6. This is great, booked the discounted Business fares last year to London – Memorial day for $300 and 12k BA miles.
    Getting back 50k ( Exp bonus + COS bonus + transatlantic bonus + BE bonus ) making my net out of pocket $300 – 38k@ 1.8 cents = Minus 384 USD 🙂

  7. I asked AA, and they said that only flights purchased on or after May 9 qualify. So the upcoming BA business flight I booked back in September doesn’t count. Look at the terms and conditions.

  8. Sweet. For the purposes of this promotion, does round trip have to be AAA-BBB-AAA? I have an open jaw in I in a month: LAX-MUC-BUD, booked almost a year ago.. would that earn me the bonus?

  9. I’m a lowly AS MVP and I’ll be flying BA J LAX-LHR-SJC (open jaw) later this month. I booked this trip late last year when BA has the cheap J sale.

    All this time, I’ve been thinking I’d credit to AS. But now I’m not sure. 25k AA miles is a lot. However, I kinda value AS miles more and I’d like to re-qualify for MVP again. SO I’m leaning towards crediting to AS.

    What would Lucky do? AS or AA?

  10. Hi,If i’m Buying a Business class ticket now from BA , do i have to Put my AA number to get the bonus , or can i put my BA member number ? I’m a SILVER on BA , and getting a 50% Bonus there too…


  11. Do two one-way tickets count? I am planning a trip to Europe but my destinations and departure cities will be different.

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