Get 15% Off Silvercar Rentals All Summer Long

I’ve written extensively about Silvercar, including about the rental experience at LAX. Silvercar is an innovative rental car company available in a dozen markets, with only one type of car in their fleet, the Audi A4.


Each A4 is equipped with free GPS, wifi, and satellite radio, and Silvercar has a fair fuel plan, where they’ll fill up your tank for the “market price” plus a $5 refueling fee.


I feel like they charge a reasonable premium for what they offer, though admittedly everyone values things like this differently.

As of now, Silvercar is available in the following markets:

  • Austin – AUS
  • Chicago – ORD
  • Dallas – Love
  • Dallas – DFW
  • Denver – DEN
  • Ft. Lauderdale – FLL
  • Las Vegas — LAS
  • Los Angeles – LAX
  • Miami – MIA
  • Newark — EWR
  • New York City — Brooklyn
  • New York City – Manhattan
  • Phoenix – PHX
  • San Francisco – SFO

Silvercar has a great referral program, where they offer $25 in cash after your first rental if you’re referred by an existing member (my referral code is BSCHLAPPIG).

While Silvercar frequently has promotions for first time renters, promotions for returning renters are rarer. As I’ve written about in the past, Silvercar is offering 20% off rentals through May 15, 2016, using promotion code SPRING20.

However, if you’re looking to rent beyond May 15, here’s a new promo code. Silvercar is offering 15% off rentals through September 30, 2016, using promotion code FTUNI15. This is even valid for existing customers, so as far as I know it’s the best discount out there for exiting customers right now. This is a code which was given out at Frequent Traveler University in Las Vegas this past weekend, but can be used by anyone.

Silvercar-3 Silvercar-4

If you’re a new member, you’ll want to use promotion code LOUNGEBUDDY to get a free day on a rental of two or more days. That can be stacked with being referred by an existing member (when you sign-up just enter the referral code), which will get you $25 in cash after your first rental.

Silvercar-1 Silvercar-2

Bottom line

Silvercar isn’t for everyone, as I know plenty of people who say “a rental car is a rental car,” and are perfectly happy with renting from one of the big guys. And that’s fine. But there are also people who are happy to pay a reasonable premium for a rental experience which is actually enjoyable, like with Silvercar.

Silvercar facility at LAX

As usual there are still several promotions for first time renters, but I feel like promotions for returning customers are worth pointing out, since they’re rarer. With code FTUNI15 you can get 15% off a rental through September 30, 2016, which covers the entire summer travel period.

Hopefully some people can take advantage of these promotions.


  1. Does regular credit cards covers the insurance for the Silvercar rent? Or do you need to purchase an mandatory insurance with them?

  2. Nice!! I have a rental starting on the 19th. You just saved me some cash. Thanks Ben 🙂

  3. Question. I’m renting Silvercar in Los Angeles this weekend. Code loungebuddy works for the free day. Thank you! I can’t figure out where to put the referral name on the reservation, however. Anyone have this experience? How did you resolve up, if so. Thank you.

  4. Called Silvercar and resolved the referral code issue. For anyone else making a res, you can use the loungebuddy code thru the app for the free day. You’ll need to log onto the website to input your referral code, however. They haven’t added that feature to the app, yet. I’ll let you know how my experience is with this rental including drive to the location, pick up and return.

  5. Got a SilverCar at LAX for $37 a day. And entered your code for the $25 each. Thanks Ben!

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