Marriott Is Giving Away 1,000 Free Hotel Nights

Usually I don’t post about sweepstakes, since the chances of winning are minimal. However, there are exceptions when there are a lot of prizes to be had. In other words, I’d rather post about a sweepstakes giving away $500 to 1,000 people, than a sweepstakes giving $500,000 to one person.

I recently posted about the JetBlue sweepstakes which was intended to poach Virgin America flyers, and I had several readers email to let me know that they won.

So here’s another cool sweepstakes, which seems to have relatively good odds. Chase and Marriott Rewards are running a sweepstakes called 1,000 Nights Of Summer.” This promotion is intended to promote the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card, given that it has an increased sign-up bonus at the moment. You can win one of 1,000 free nights at a Marriott Category 1-9 property. That’s right, this includes all Marriott Rewards properties (Ritz-Carlton Rewards properties aren’t included).


You simply have to enter by June 30, 2016, and the drawing will happen on or around July 15. To enter you need to supply your name, address, email, phone number, and Marriott Rewards number. The sweepstakes is open to Marriott Rewards members located in the US.


If you do win, the prize will come in the form of an e-certificate, which has to be redeemed within six months of when it’s issued. It should be issued 6-8 weeks after the end of the sweepstakes, and if you win, the certificate will automatically be deposited in your account.

According to the sweepstakes rules, the ARV of the prizes are $375,000, meaning each of these certificates is valued at $375 (that seems a bit high to me, but…). Check out the official sweepstakes rules for more information.

Bottom line

It takes less than a minute to enter, and given that there are a thousand free nights up for grabs, I think it’s definitely worth entering. If anyone enters and ends up winning, please let me know. I’m rooting for you guys (well, and myself)!


(Tip of the hat to Chris)


  1. If I win the sweepstakes, how much taxes do I have to pay? Those are the questions that everybody should think of.

  2. I absolutely hate that Marriott certificates are only good for 6 months. In this case the drawing is in mid-June, and the certificate is issued around mid-September. So it expires around mid-March. Which will be fine for those wanting to use it for business travel.

    But for those of us who are Leisure Travelers, as well as business travelers who would rather use it for vacation travel with SO/Family members, it won’t be possible to use it for Summer vacation travel. IHG and HH certificates are good for a full year after issue.

    One more reason to not be a fan of Marriott. 🙁

  3. Thanks, Ben, for calling the promotion to my attention. I do appreciate the many interesting items and notes that you provide in the column. I’ll take the free night anytime I can get it. If I can just get the free day from work to get to the free night I’ll have won big!

  4. Seems I needed to pad a 0 at the beginning of my MR number. The form also could not handle the space in my last name (common poor programming error).

  5. @Nate – You’re supposed to pay taxes on all income including winnings like this. Of course, Marriott most likely won’t report to the IRS under $600.

  6. How do you know this is a legit link? I can’t find it linked anywhere from Marriott or Chase directly. I’m just curious where it came from.

  7. late to this entry
    can you enter via registering on the website multiple times?
    I’ve read the rules and it seems ambiguous
    not that I have hours every day to log in, but heck why not take a break and enter a few times a day?

    let me know if you know

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