Today Only: Buy The World’s Best Car Rental Status

We’re just starting the last week of Daily Getaways, which is a five week promotion intended to support US tourism. It offers opportunities to purchase discounted hotel points and travel packages.


I’ve shared my initial thoughts on the packages for sale, including the offers for weeks one and two, and then separately the offers for weeks three, four, and five. Daily Getaways packages go on sale at 1PM ET every weekday, and the more popular packages sell out very quickly, so you’ll want to be fast, if interested.

Today at 1PM ET Daily Getaways is selling Avis Chairman’s Club status, valid through May 31, 2017. There are a total of 15 packages available, and each costs $1,115.


What is Avis Chairman’s Club status?

I’ve never had Avis Chairman’s Club status, or any status with Avis for that matter. I hate using the major car rental companies with a passion; just about the only company I enjoy renting from is Silvercar.

That being said, based on everything I’ve heard, Avis Chairman’s Club is the single most valuable car rental status out there. It’s invitation only, without any published criteria for qualifying.

Here’s how Daily Getaways advertises the package:

  • Through May 31, 2017, enjoy streamlined travel and personalized service from the airport to your car and back with Complimentary car delivery, Meet-and-Greet service, Upgrades, and Personal Return Valet service. An Avis representative will meet you and escort you directly to your waiting car and, on your return, he or she will take you right to your departure terminal.
  • Making an unexpected trip? Don’t worry, Avis will always have a car for you, even if you don’t have a reservation. Avis provides exclusive service to Chairman’s Club members, including guaranteed car availability and complimentary upgrades (subject to availability) to the best car available when you reserve an intermediate-level car or higher.
  • We’ll even deliver a car anywhere within 25 miles of participating Avis locations. It’s one of the most seamless and exclusive car rental experience available – and it’s only for Avis Chairman’s Club members. Thanks to a dedicated Avis Chairman’s Club desk and first-rate vehicles, you can always enjoy the ride with Chairman’s Club.
  • Membership benefits available at participating locations in the U.S. and Canada.

This FlyerTalk thread extensively discusses the benefits of Chairman’s Club, for anyone who is interested. The most valuable benefits seem to include being dropped off at the airport in your rented car rather than having to take the bus, complimentary car delivery within 25 miles of an Avis station, refueling at the market cost, and as long as you book at least an intermediate car you get the best car on the lot, excluding signature cars.

On one hand $1,115 seems like a lot to spend on car rental status. At the same time, if you rent cars frequently, I could see this paying off relatively quickly. In the rare cases where I rent from an agency other than Silvercar, I sometimes pay $30-50 per day to upgrade to a non-piece of crap car, so when you factor in all the other benefits, the value of this status can quickly add up.

Part of the reason I hate renting cars so much is because of the overall experience, and it sure seems like that’s significantly better if you have Chairman’s Club status.

Bottom line

This is the only Daily Getaways package which offers car rental status, and there are only 15 packages available. Based on past years, I suspect this deal will sell out very quickly. While it’s not for everyone, I know people who have bought this package in the past and were very happy with their purchase. If you rent from Avis often enough, I could definitely see it being worthwhile.

Is anyone planning on buying Chairman’s Club status through Daily Getaways? 


  1. The big problem I have with Avis that the signature cars are outrageously priced and even Chairman doesn’t give you a free upgrade to these cars. That’s why I typically use Sixt, especially in the US as they have a huge selection of German cars at very reasonable rates. With Sixt Diamond status upgrades are usually no problem either. I always book the cheapest car available and have never gotten anything less than a 3 series. And the best part, Sixt Diamond is complimentary with a BMW Amex in Germany 😉

  2. You pay $30-50 extra per day for a car? I think you’re doing it wrong.

    Personally when I rent a car it’s only for a week or so. Who cares whether it’s a “piece of crap” as long as it gets you from A to B? It’s transportation. And frankly I’ve only ever had a piece of crap car once or twice. Typically it’s a perfectly acceptable vehicle. It’s not always the class of vehicle I reserved…like Thrifty giving me a minivan instead of a compact car or Enterprise giving me a Camry instead of a small car.

    You may be too status-conscious. And I bet the rental car people love you for it. I usually just use the UR travel portable which seems to have the best rates and is hassle free. I hear Costco is good too if you’re a member.

  3. @ Lucky — how come you didn’t utilize Amex Plat site to get automatic status at car rental agencies? I forget the full list but it includes Abis, National, Hertz and someone else.

  4. Sounds like you really need to love status-for-statuses-sake to pay that kind of money for those paltry benefits.

    Ever since I stopped renting from Rent-A-Wreck (decades ago) I’ve never gotten a “piece of crap” car from a rental agency, at least as long as I don’t book the very lowest economy rental. Frequently the difference between car classes is closer to $3-$5 per day, not $30-$50 ($50 extra per day is what you might expect to pay for SilverCar, however). Sure, they’re not the European luxury classes I get when, traveling with friends, I’m forced to book an automatic transmission in Europe but they’ve always been fine, newish, comfortable, mechanically sound vehicles. Higher-class cars at American locations are often just bigger, rather than nicer, cars. Half the time I get “upgraded” a couple of classes for free (after the agent first tries to sell me the same upgrade, of course) because they’ve run out of smaller cars.

    To get the upgrade, you’re required to book an intermediate car. When there is a big difference in cost between car levels it usually occurs between compact and intermediate — so you’re already paying most of the cost of upgrading to a higher class anyway.

    Plus, the upgrades aren’t even guaranteed. The FlyerTalk link cited in the article has plenty of stories about either getting denied an upgrade outright or having to escalate the issue at the rental site.

    Drop-off at the terminal would be valuable only if I could completely skip the visit to the rental drop-off location but it doesn’t sound like that’s the case. In fact, I’d probably have to wait around until they can free someone up to run me to the terminal (at least, that’s my experience with Enterprise which offers a similar service for free). So what does this benefit really save me? One change of luggage from the car to the shuttle. And, of course, a private shuttle experience which means I don’t have to expose myself to the indignity of riding a bus with the common people.

    The one benefit I could see, living in New York (if I didn’t own my own car) would be car delivery. Somehow, however, I can’t see them sending someone to fight their way through traffic to my upper Manhattan house and then — what? Go back on the subway? Is this even “delivery”, or just picking you up and taking you to the rental location?

    Finally, the cost. $1200 can buy you a lot of upgrades and, for that matter, Uber rides to and from the rental location.

    I would encourage anyone who’s considering purchasing this status to contact me directly to purchase “Larry’s Preferred New York Status”. For only $950 it gives access to the special “look at me, I’m special” lane on the Brooklyn Bridge and preferred treatment during your visit to New York City (which means you are not hit on the head and left, penniless and naked, in the street). Subject to availability, of course.

  5. You’ve got to be kidding me, right? Pay that much money for what? To be charged more than other rental car companies? That is usually what Avis and Hertz do. They change way more. For me the best rental car status one can have is with National and it comes free with Amex Platinum. National is by far the best rental car company in the US.

  6. Hi Lucky
    Few things. I’ve Hertz Platinum which I think is similar to Avis Chairmans. I rent at Heathrow frequently which is a nightmare normally. With Platinum, they meet you outside of customs, walk you to your car and your off. No shuttle bus. Second, when you return, they jump in the car at the car renturn and drive you to the terminal. Third – same type of upgrade as an earlier person described. Last and not least, minor dings, they overlook.

    I’ve run into a few rate problems over the years and the trick I’ve been using is to use different locales for getting rates. Recently in Orlando and the rates were $80 a day. I entered and got half the rates. Always worth looking as if in another country.

  7. I really don’t get your obsession with Silvercar or bashing of regular rental car companies. I live in NYC and rent frequently to get out of town for the weekend or drive home (to DC) and find that Avis, Budget, etc. almost always give me a perfectly find, relatively new rental car. Usually something that’s 2 years old at most and drives perfectly fine. Unless you need the status of an Audi to feel satisfied I don’t really understand the justification for paying many times more for Silvercar. This is coming from someone who used to drive a BMW 3-series before I gave up my car when I moved to NYC, but I would never pay that premium for a rental car. Maybe you’ve just gotten incredibly unlucky with car rentals?

  8. I am the opposite, I would never rent a car from anyone but the major companies – Avis-Budget, Hertz, National. Most of the smaller and discount rental companies do not include any insurance and sometimes have hidden fees. The majors give you the normal insurance, minus LDW. And with many corporate contracts LDW is included. The many credit cards cover the LDW (but not the base insurance). Yes you can use your own insurance, but I prefer not to.

    If you work for a company with a corporate contract – it only makes sense to rent from that company. They include specials for weekends like 3rd day free.

    I use Avis Pres Club (from UA Pres Plus Card – no longer available). Avis was to go away in favor of Hertz – but Avis is still giving me Pres Club – with 2 car upgrade.

    I reserve a full-size ($1 more than a small car) and usually get upgraded to Premium or Luxury. I tend to always get a BMW (3 or 5 series) in MIA. Just returned a car in FLL and was upgraded to a new Cad XTS.

  9. LOLZ. I refreshed the screen continuously, starting at 12:59EST.

    Clicked the orange “buy now” button at 1300, and was immediately told that the offer was on hold for others who were completing their purchases. What a joke.

  10. This seems really underwhelming. Consider that you can get National Executive Elite for free with the Citi Prestige, which allows you to bypass both the pick-up and drop-off counters and select almost any car on the lot as long as you reserve a Midsize. I think most of the super fancy cards offer something similar with various companies. Like someone else mentioned, you can buy a ton of Uber rides to the rental car facility for $1,115, if taking the shuttle bus is that much of a pain.

  11. I totally agree with other commenters about the “piece of crap” car comment. Is the intermediate Toyota Carolla/Ford Focus or full size Toyota Camera/Hyundai Sonata you’ll rent from Avis anything remotely aspirational luxury? Certainly not. Are they “pieces of crap”? Not by a long shot. They are some of the safest cars and overall good quality. Arguably safer and of better reliability than luxury or near luxury cars.

    Even if you get something as basic as Avis preferred (free and basically all you need to do is sign up) you can rent an intermediate car and get basically a free upgrade to a full size car or small SUV at nearly any airport rental facility in the exchange section (not to mention skipping the line hassle by going to the preferred desk). Even as a preferred plus member I get a free upgrade to the next class up even though it’s noted as “as available”

    Finally it doesn’t cost $30-50 a day additional for a car in a better class. Checking LAX next week M-F (as in business prices), the total price difference in the pay later rate between an “economy” (Ford Fiesta) and “premium” (Toyota Avalon) is $20, or $5/day. For a “luxury” MKZ you’re paying $27/day more…and people usually aren’t deciding between a sub compact or luxury car to rent. More realistically at most you’re talking about a $20/day difference in renting a luxury car vs. a full size car.

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