The Most Popular Daily Getaways Packages Are For Sale Today… Good Luck!

Daily Getaways is back this year, which is a five week promotion intended to support US tourism. It offers opportunities to purchase discounted hotel points and travel packages.


I’ve shared my initial thoughts on the packages for sale, including the offers for weeks one and two, and then separately the offers for weeks three, four, and five. Daily Getaways packages go on sale at 1PM ET every weekday, and the more popular packages sell out very quickly, so you’ll want to be fast, if interested.

Today is the Daily Getaways package people tend to be most excited about — at 1PM ET they’ll be selling discounted Hyatt points.


Should you buy Hyatt points?

Let me first emphasize just how popular these packages are. They tend to sell out in no time, so this is more of a lottery than anything, even if you’re there at 1PM ET sharp.

There are four types of packages available, as follows:

  • 24,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points for $260 — 1.08 cents per point (120 packages available)
  • 30,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points for $330 — 1.1 cents per point (54 packages available)
  • 40,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points for $415 — 1.04 cents per point (30 packages available)
  • 72,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points for $775 — 1.08 cents per point (25 packages available)

Each member can in theory purchase at most one set of each package, and at most four packages across all the Hyatt offerings (meaning one of each package). While there are the most 24,000 point packages, I suspect they’ll also be by far in the highest demand since people think they have the best shot of snagging one, so maybe it makes sense to go after another package. Or maybe enough people will believe that, and it will lead to the opposite effect. Who knows. 😉

I value Hyatt Gold Passport points at ~1.5 cents each, though they can definitely be redeemed for a lot more than that. I just think that’s a “fair” number.

At the rate of ~1.1 cents per point, you can purchase enough points for a free night at a Category 7 property for~$330, or a Category 6 property for ~$275, while paid rates at those hotels are often $1,000+ per night.

For example, the Park Hyatt Maldives is a Category 6 property, and rates are often $1,200+ per night:



You can potentially get even more value out of your points by using Hyatt Points + Cash redemptions.


As a Gold Passport Diamond member, Points + Cash redemptions are especially awesome because:

  • Confirmed Diamond suite upgrades can be applied on Points + Cash reservations
  • Points + Cash reservations are eligible for elite stay & night accrual, as well as points accrual
  • Points + Cash reservations count as qualifying nights for the purposes of promotions

On the other end of the spectrum, it can also make sense to purchase points for some lower category hotels. For example, I’ve stayed at the Grand Hyatt Santiago, which is a Category 2 property retailing for just 8,000 points per night.


At 1.1 cents per point, that’s like paying $88 per free night. Sometimes paid rates at this hotel are triple that.


Bottom line

This tends to be the single most popular Daily Getaways package, and it typically sells out in no time. So pull up the official time and keep refreshing the Daily Getaways page when the clock strikes 1PM ET. But definitely come into it viewing it more as a lottery than a guaranteed opportunity to purchase something.

Lastly, I should note that while I personally love this promotion because I love Hyatt points, this isn’t a deal which I think everyone should take advantage of. If you don’t have any loyalty to Hyatt and/or the numbers don’t work out for you in terms of the overall value, then there’s nothing wrong with giving this a miss.

Hopefully I get luckier with this than in the casino last night (losing eight consecutive rounds of blackjack and then six consecutive rounds of craps… crap)!

Do you plan on trying to purchase Hyatt points through Daily Getaways?


  1. I knew you would post about this, but I wish you hadn’t 😉 Well, will you try to buy as well.

  2. Terms and Conditions say points can be used only at Cat. 4 Hotels. Is this true? Or can the be used at any category hotel?

  3. “you can purchase enough points for a free night at a Category 7 property for~$330…”

    I’ve never spent $330 a night in my life. Yes, I’ve stayed at places that cost that much and more on points, but I’ve never spent that much in cash. Nor have I spent that much to get the points for a one night stay.

    And I’m guessing anyone (bloggers excepted) 🙂 who does that frequently is going to be too busy in the middle of a weekday to participate in this lottery. And based on my experience from past years, it is indeed a lottery. So I’ll be skipping this, but I may pick up a Lotto ticket when I’m at the grocery store. 😉

  4. @ David — That’s just an example of a redemption opportunity. The package comes in the form of points deposited into your account, which you can use however you’d like.

  5. @ iggy — Codes as travel agent, so doesn’t count as hotel spend, but does count as travel spend.

  6. Was actually able to get the 30k package. I clicked within seconds of it becoming available but it said all the inventory was on hold. Figured it was gone but kept trying. After several tries it finally went through. Now I can do P+C at a Hyatt in Dubai (probably Regency Creek Heights) without transferring URs. Saving 50% compared to booking with Prestige’s 4th night free.

  7. Forget it, sold out in seconds. Current terms allow people to purchase up 4 packages per Hyatt number, 1 of each type. I’m betting some of the super-fast people are doing exactly that.

  8. I got a 40K package – and I have the perfect trip to put those points to good use. Feeling lucky.

  9. Got the 24k package at 1:08 PM. Persistence pays off. Of course at 1:00:01 PM it was all reserved, so I kept trying, refresh, buy now.. try again.. buy now. try again…

    Then it happened!.. I had multiple windows open with different packages, refreshing but only able to snag one.

  10. The packages are not sold out until the website says so. And “on hold” does not mean that they are sold out – only the wording “sold out” does.

    Right now (at 35 minutes past), the 24k packages are not sold out yet. The other three are.

    I managed to get 1x 24k at around 7 minutes past.

  11. Darn talk about frustrating I needed some points for an upcoming trip, had my self and the wifey both on our laptops, we started refreshing like 15 seconds before the official time clock and basically kept refreshing and trying until all of the deals showed sold out. We got nothing after I guess 1000 tries a great 25 minutes wasted. 🙁

    Oh well worth a short I guess. Just disappointing to walk with nothing. Did anyone get a package? The whole site seemed to slow down big time around 13:00 EST. I even got a couple server unavailable messages, seems like they can’t handle the load.

  12. I got 1 $415 package at 10:02…:D Clicked the $260 first, no luck and tried a few times..then hit back and click the $415 package and got it on the second trial.. 😀 Now I wish I used my citi premier (Ben mentioned it’s in Travel category?).. 🙁

  13. Love the daily getaways each year I am able add to my Hyatt account and have put it to some great use over the years..

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