Fairmont Will Offer A 20% Bonus On Gift Card Purchases

The major hotel chains sell discounted gift cards with some frequency, which is a great way to lower the cost of hotel stays. Last November, Fairmont offered a 20% bonus on gift card purchases for a three hour period.

Per Fairmont’s Facebook page, they’re bringing back this promotion again, so mark your calendars. Fairmont will be offering a 20% bonus on e-gift card purchases on Wednesday, May 4 from 1PM till 4PM EDT.


Each person can only take advantage of the promotion once, though you can purchase up to $5,000 worth of gift cards under the offer, which would lead to a $1,000 bonus.

Each gift card can be worth at most $2,000, so you’d want to load your shopping cart with a few gift cards if you wanted to maximize the offer.

You can choose whether you want to buy gift cards in USD or CAD. While you can use the gift cards in currencies other than the ones they’re issued in, the conversion rates used for those purposes may be unfavorable.


The gift cards don’t expire, and you don’t have to stay at a Fairmont hotel to use a gift card — they’re also valid for restaurant and spa purchases.

Fairmont has some fantastic properties. For example, the Fairmont Pacific Rim is spectacular, and I’d love to stay there again when I return to Vancouver this summer. This offer is quite tempting, as it’s essentially a 17% discount on Fairmont purchases.

View from the Fairmont Pacific Rim Vancouver

Bottom line

I’ll post again shortly before this offer goes live, though it always helps to plan in advance for offers like this. If you have some Fairmont stays coming up, then I’d seriously consider this. Since Fairmont gift cards don’t expire, it’s tough to go wrong if you stay with Fairmont at least semi-frequently.

(Tip of the hat to LoyaltyLobby)


  1. Any way this could be used to pay for part of booking with Citi Concierge with Prestige to capitalize on 4th night free AND discounted GCs?

  2. @ John Mac — Should be usable with any rate you settle at check-out, best I can tell (so as long as it’s not pre-paid).

  3. @ Chris — You have to pay with the Citi Prestige Card to get the refund, so unfortunately not, as far as I know.

  4. Do you think you earn the 5x rate using the Chase Fairmont Credit Card on Fairmont Purchases? Would make a big difference…

  5. Are the e-gift cards being purchased directly from Fairmont and therefore classified as a hotel/travel purchase? Or will the transaction(s) be processed by a 3rd party?

  6. FYI – Although you can’t use a gift card to pay for a reservation with Fairmont, you can have gift cards applied at checkout to your balance due and even to balances already prepaid. They will credit the excess balance back to the original payment method. Just be prepared for a little wait as the manually process the gift card payment and refund the CC.

  7. Thanks for the info Dan. I think I’ve read (over at FlyerTalk) that some properties are not familiar with this payment format, and checkout could be a challenge if you want to pay this way.

  8. @ Andrew

    What if the wedding contract is under raffles? Will they still honor the fairmont gift card? We don’t have any choice in the Philippines since all banquets of fairmont is under the contract of raffles.


  9. When I purchased Fairmont GCs online (from http://www.fairmontgiftcard.com) last year with an Amex PRG, the transaction on my statement was listed as ‘Fairmont, doing business as ONLINE E-GIFT BUYATAB, Category: Business Services – Conferences & Training’. A little strange that the merchant category comes through as ‘Conferences and Training’ as it is clear when glancing at the Buyatab.com site that they neither provide conference or training services. The strange taxonomy of merchant codes is beyond me, but so be it.

  10. Ii can’t wait for this deal to go live. Just looked at my AEMX and in the past 18 months I’ve spent $29,393.38 at Farimont properties. It should be a no-brainer to max out this promotion.

  11. Hi Lucky – could these cards be used to settle resort charges? Thanks for sharing this!

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