Today Only: Discounted Hertz Car Rentals

Daily Getaways is back this year, which is a five week promotion intended to support US tourism. It offers opportunities to purchase discounted hotel points and travel packages.


I’ve shared my initial thoughts on the packages for sale, including the offers for weeks one and two, and then separately the offers for weeks three, four, and five. Daily Getaways packages go on sale at 1PM ET every weekday, and the more popular packages sell out very quickly, so you’ll want to be fast, if interested.

Today at 1PM ET Daily Getaways will be selling discounted Hertz points packages.


Should you buy Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points?

Today Daily Getaways is offering discounted Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points, in the following increments:

  • 5,500 Hertz points / $250 / 45 available
  • 13,200 Hertz points / $560 / 35 available
  • 16,500 Hertz points / $695 / 50 available

I’ll be the first to admit that I suck at car rental loyalty programs. The only company from which I’ve rented in the past year has been Silvercar, and they don’t have a loyalty program. Otherwise I’ve been almost entirely reliant on public transportation and Uber.

To decide if this deal makes sense for you, check out the award chart for Hertz Gold Plus redemptions. A standard redemption for a free one-day rental will cost you 675 points. So at ~4 cents per point, that’s like paying ~$27 for a free day, which is a great value in some expensive markets. Note that this doesn’t include the taxes/fees, which you still have to pay if redeeming points.


There are tons of other redemption options, like premium cars, one-way rentals, etc. Whether or not those makes sense depends on the type of markets you usually rent in, and what kind of rentals you make (entry level car, premium car, one-way rentals, etc.).

People rave most about the one-way rentals and the specialty cars, given that these can otherwise go for a couple of hundred dollars per day (or more).

Bottom line

If you frequently rent cars, then you should probably consider taking advantage of this deal. I’m not an expert on rental cars, though those that rent from Hertz more than I do always rave about what a good deal this is. I’d note that there are only a total of 130 packages available, so I suspect these will sell out very quickly.

Personally I’ll be passing on the deal, since I don’t rent cars often or consistently enough for a speculative purchase like this to make sense.

To those of you more familiar with the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program, what do you value their points at? Will you be taking advantage of the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Daily Getaways?


  1. Hertz gold plus is GARBAGE. No upgrades even for top tier (well only to full size,whatever full means ) and they do not let you use points within 24 hours of rental. Customer service is non-existent , especially if there is a problem and their refueling charge is 250% of what National is. I guess it’s no secret I hate hertz and would never deal with them again, let alone buy their points!

  2. I will pass. Usually if I have to rent from Hertz I prefer to use Uber. The best rental car company by far is National.

  3. I bought one of the Hertz points packages last year and it’s been fantastic. I wish I’d checked your web site earlier today, the packages are sold out. Well at least Daily Getaways is on my radar again, I’ll see what else is coming up.

  4. I bought a Hertz package on Daily Getaways a few years back and it was an OK value back then. Since then Hertz has devalued the program, and made it a lot harder to use your points. For example, I am in the CA Bay Area and the _whole_ summer is blacked out for the lower-priced Standard awards. Their rewards program is crap. I go with National whenever possible.

  5. These are a great deal, contrary to some of the complainers. I have never seen standard (low) awards blacked out in the US, although obviously some locations/dates will be blacked out.

    FCQ and I snagged 2 of the 50 16,5000 point packages. That is enough points for 12 one-week rentals at $116.33/rental (excluding fees). Note that although the Hertz website shows that you will owe taxes when you make your award booking, I have found that in practice those that are a percentage of the base rate are generally not collected.

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