Here’s A Working Link For Hilton Status Matches

Just a quick update here. Since late last year Hilton has been offering status matches on and off, all the way up to their top tier Diamond status.

Yesterday I posted about how the status match page had been taken down, and the link now simply redirected to the Hilton HHonors homepage. Given how generous the offer has been, I wasn’t surprised that they pulled the offer a bit early.

Anyway, reader David pointed out that there is still a working link for Hilton HHonors status matches. Now, I’m not sure if Hilton intentionally changed the URL for the status match opportunity, or if this was simply another link which worked all along, and they haven’t had the chance to take it down yet.


Either way, it’s tough to beat the current status match opportunity, as you can get matched all the way through March 2018, which gives you almost two full years of status with a match. If you have status with any other major hotel chain and can prove at least one stay, you should be able to match to Hilton HHonors Gold or Diamond.


  1. Thanks for the heads up. Just submitted a request, and I’ll update with whether it’s successful.

  2. I just submitted one, but there was no confirmation page. The page simply reloaded with all of my info except the attachments. I did it twice, just to make sure, and I got the same result. Is my experience consistent with other people’s experience?

  3. I figured out what I was doing wrong — you must attach “images”, not PDFs of your documentation. What a PITA…

  4. I applied for status match on 15 April and must just have made the cut, because today I received an email from Hilton, congratulating me on being awarded Gold Elite status. I wonder what they were thinking, because I’m a Marriott Platinum member and Hilton Gold doesn’t really do anything for me. If they had given me top tier status, I might have chosen Hilton over Marriott for my next hotel stay, but with Marriott Platinum I get executive lounge access, and with Hilton Gold I do not. The choice is pretty clear.

  5. I submitted my request (to match Marriott status) they the website and I didn’t receive a confirmation. I emailed HHonors today to ask about my request, and 6 hours later I received this response:

    “Thank you for getting back to us. I apologize for the inconvenience. Due to the volume of status match applicants via, a heavy web traffic occurred that may cause delay for the review of your submitted information. Rest assured that once your Hilton HHonors elite status has been reviewed, you’ll receive an email confirmation with your new status.”

    So we shall see…

  6. So I applied to re-up the November match. Received no confirm. Waited 10 days. Tweeter @HHonors, was told “only one status match” and denied extension from the November promo. Who can I contact directly to get extended?

  7. Just wanted to update to say that mine came through today. Looks like it took a bit longer than it did for some others, but worked fine in the end.

  8. I used the new link in this article to apply on April 21. I did receive a confirmation page when I applied. Got my status match confirmation email today (April 25). Since it was over a weekend, it only took two business days. I was shocked! Matched IHG Platinum earned from credit card (plus one stay in January) to Hilton Diamond. Sorry so many are having problems — my experience was very smooth.

  9. No luck here. I applied a couple weeks ago. I never got a reply. Thinking the request got lost I tried again but get an error message “The Hilton HHonors number has already been used” preventing me from resubmitting.

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