Today Only: Discounted Suites At The Palazzo & The Venetian

Daily Getaways is back this year, which is a five week promotion intended to support US tourism. It offers opportunities to purchase discounted hotel points and travel packages.


I’ve shared my initial thoughts on the packages for sale, including the offers for weeks one and two, and then separately the offers for weeks three, four, and five. Daily Getaways packages go on sale at 1PM ET every weekday, and the more popular packages sell out very quickly, so you’ll want to be fast, if interested.

Today at 1PM ET Daily Getaways will be selling discounted packages at The Palazzo and The Venetian in Las Vegas.



Details of the discounted Las Vegas suite packages

First let’s talk about the details of the packages.

The Venetian — $495 (25 packages available)

  • Two nights in a Piazza View Suite with double occupancy including tax and resort fee
  • Valid through March 31, 2017
  • “Blackout dates may apply”


The Palazzo  — $608 (21 packages available)

  • Two nights in a Siena Suite with double occupancy including tax and resort fee
  • Valid through March 31, 2017
  • “Blackout dates may apply”


Should you buy one of these packages?

I’ve been watching these Las Vegas packages pretty closely, because I enjoy visiting Las Vegas occasionally. Don’t get me wrong, on the surface I hate Las Vegas and everything it stands for, but in two day spurts I enjoy visiting. I love gambling, not in an addictive way or because I’m trying to make money, but rather because I find it to be a leisure activity which also requires a bit of thinking, which I like.

So when I go to Vegas I spend a couple of hours a day playing blackjack (at the lowest minimum table), with my goal simply being to come out even (and maybe get a few free drinks out of it).

As I’ve proven on this blog, I’m not very good at gaming suite upgrades in Las Vegas, so I’m always looking out for an opportunity to outright get a good deal on a suite.

With the above packages you’re paying ~$250 per night for a suite at The Venetian, or ~$300 per night for a suite at The Palazzo. It’s worth noting that those rates are inclusive of resort fees and taxes, which can otherwise add up.

Las Vegas hotel rates are highly variable, with the highest rates being on weekends. On top of that rates can vary greatly based on whether or not there’s a convention in town. So to look at the value I picked what seemed to be a “normal” weekend without any major conventions, and actually pricing which seems to be on the low side for a weekend.

With Daily Getaways you can purchase a two night package in a Piazza View Suite at The Venetian for $495, while the paid rate would be ~$1,028. That’s over half off!


Meanwhile you can purchase a two night package in a Siena Suite at The Palazzo for $608, while the paid rate would be ~$1,319. That’s also over half off.


Paying $250-300 per night including taxes and resort fees for a legitimate suite on a weekend in Las Vegas is a really good deal, in my opinion.

Of course everyone values things like suites differently, but these rates are roughly in line with a base room at any of the nicer hotels in Las Vegas would cost on a weekend.

These aren’t just entry level suites either. For example, the Siena Suite is the seven categories up from the base suite at The Palazzo, and is 1,280 square feet.

Bottom line

These deals both offer more than 50% off the average weekend rate for these suites, so I’d say this represents a great value, assuming you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas. The promotion does state that the packages are subject to blackout dates, though I suspect those are mostly if you’re looking to stay during major conferences or trade shows, like CES.

Personally I’m an MGM loyalist thanks to the partnership between Hyatt and M Life (stays in Las Vegas are even eligible for Hyatt’s current promotion), and am also considering trying out the SLS Las Vegas, since it’s fully integrated into Starwood Preferred Guest. If I weren’t, I’d definitely consider this deal, though.

How do you view the value of this promotion for discounted suites at The Palazzo and The Venetian?


  1. Ive never been feel the same as you Ben. But my son likes it there I intend to forward this to him. I have heard The Venetian is a superb hotel. If you go would like to read the report.

  2. Having stayed at these hotels over 30 times(don’t judge:), I’ve never paid more than $129/night. All the rooms are very big so I’m not sure the Sienna Suite is really worth much more than their usual room.
    Yes, on certain weekend nights it might be more expensive(NYE, fight etc..), but those might be blacked out anyway.
    FWIW, head over to Priceline for an “Express Deal”(see tips for finding 5 star, North strip) and the cost will likely be much lower than these “deals”.
    If you have the IHG credit card check-in at the Invited Desk and politely request they waive their ever-increasing resort fee. I’m batting over .500.
    As an aside, there is a small chance that the PLine search might yield the Wynn or Encore, but they are equally as nice.

  3. You know how you can get better at gaming suites in Vegas? Slip a $50 bill to the check in person, and suddenly your reserved room won’t be available yet and they’ll be upgrading you to a suite for the hassle. Hasn’t failed me in the 10 years…

    Those packages are WAY overpriced.

  4. I never pay for rooms in Vegas so not a good deal for me. If you gamble even a little bit you can usually get free/discounted rooms.

  5. Too many blackout dates to be super useful, but a good price for a weekend stay.

    As for upgrades in Vegas, it’s always best to know exactly what room you are looking to upgrade to before you ask (i.e. “are there any _____ rooms available during my stay”). Having an understanding of what room you want and the price difference between what you booked and the requested room will get you a long way. As for the SLS, it has a few good restaurants but it is not worth paying (or using points) for a stay. It was nice that they tried to keep the Sahara around but it just can’t compete with the newer properties on the strip, both in location and in quality.

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