Hilton Offering Biggest Bonus On Purchased Points

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This promotion is sort of funny, because just yesterday Hilton HHonors points were on sale through Daily Getaways, where you could purchase them for 0.5 cents each. All of the packages sold out… but now there’s another chance to purchase Hilton HHonors points at the same price, directly from Hilton.

Through June 3, 2016, Hilton HHonors is offering a 100% bonus on purchased points.


The cost to purchase points with HHonors is ordinarily one cent per point (including tax), so through this promotion you can purchase Hilton points for 0.5 cents each. This is actually the lowest rate at which I’ve ever seen Hilton sell points.

You can purchase a maximum of 80,000 HHonors points before any bonuses per account per calendar year, meaning the highest number of points you can pick up through this promotion is 160,000 at a cost of $800.


I value Hilton HHonors points at ~0.4 cents each, though there are certainly instances where you can get a lot more value out of Hilton points than that.

To put that price into context, here are Hilton’s award categories (as you can see there’s quite a bit of variance in each category — HHonors is the closest to being a revenue based hotel program):


For example, the DoubleTree Beijing is a Category 2 property, meaning a free night redemption costs 10,000 points per night. If you’re buying points that translates to $50 per night, while a paid rate would be $100+.


Even on the other end of the spectrum there’s value to be had. For example, the Conrad Maldives is $1,000+ per night in peak season, while a redemption costs 95,000 points per night. At a rate of 0.5 cents per point, that’s like paying $475 for a night there.


To take it a step further, if you have elite status and stay five nights on points then the fifth night is free, lowering the average nightly cost to 76,000 points. Furthermore, the above cash rates don’t include the 10% service charge and 12% tax, which don’t apply if you’re redeeming points.

To do a direct comparison, if you booked the cheapest advance purchase rate for five nights, here’s the cost:


Or you could pay a total of 380,000 points, which at half a cent each, would cost you $1,900 for the five night stay, or $380 per night.

Given that Hilton jacked up the rate of premium redemptions a few years back I never really considered the value of buying Hilton points for these types of redemptions. But there’s value to be had, in my opinion.

Conrad Maldives underwater restaurant

Hilton points purchases are processed by points.com, meaning they don’t count as a hotel purchase for the purposes of credit card spend. Therefore you’ll want to purchase these points with a credit card that maximizes your return on everyday spend, like the Amex EveryDay® Preferred Credit CardStarwood Preferred Guest® Business Card from American Express, or Citi® Double Cash Card.

Bottom line 

In general I’m not for speculatively buying points when they’re being sold at around the same cost as I value them. That being said, that’s the beauty of non-revenue based points currencies — the way in which people value them vary wildly. I know people that value Hilton points at 0.3 cents each, and I know people that value them at 1.0 cent each.

But I’ve never seen Hilton sell points at a lower rate than this, and the last time we saw a 100% bonus was around the same time last year, so this isn’t an offer which comes around very often. With a specific use in mind, this could represent an excellent value.

Do you plan on buying Hilton HHonors points for 0.5 cents each?

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  1. Do points purchased through the Daily Getaways count towards the annual point purchase limit? I purchased 100K yesterday and am wondering if I can buy more through this offer.

  2. Lucky: “You can purchase a maximum of 80,000 HHonors points before any bonuses per account per calendar year, meaning the highest number of points you can pick up through this promotion is 160,000 at a cost of $800.”

    Please take a closer look again. For the first time, the limit in this promo is 160k + 160k bonus = 320k for $1600.

    See the text on their site: “We’ve raised your points purchase limit to 160,000 Points through June 3rd.” and look at the dropdown – it gors all the way to 160k + 160k this time around.

  3. David —
    I don’t see that. I have the 80K + 80K at the bottom of my dropdown. Are you a higher-tiered Honors member? Maybe that’s why you have it.

  4. Hey guys, I am gold with Hilton and I can only see 80K + 80K points

    Here are the terms I see

    Points purchased do not count towards elite tier qualification. Points.com and Hilton HHonors reserve the right to terminate bonus promotions at any time. All purchases must be made through the Purchase page on HHonors.com. The 100% bonus Points purchase is available for purchases made between April 21, 2016, at 12:01am ET and June 3, 2016, at 11:59pm ET. Members may purchase a maximum of 80,000 points per calendar year. All purchases are non-refundable. Offer is subject to change. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Points will be posted to the recipients Hilton HHonors account within 24 hours of the completed transaction. All Hilton HHonors program Terms and Conditions apply.Hilton HHonorsTM membership, earning of Points and MilesTM and redemption of Points are subject to HHonors Terms and Conditions.

    * Email address is required and will only be used for transaction and marketing communications related to this purchase.

    Price includes all applicable fees. GST/HST will be charged to Canadian residents. Members may receive a maximum of 80,000 purchased points per calendar year. Purchased points are not refundable and are applicable towards all HHonors awards. Points purchased using this option will post within 24 hours. Email address is required and will only be used for transaction and marketing communications related to this purchase. Purchased points do not count towards HHonors status upgrades. All standard HHonors program rules and conditions apply.

  5. WOW, Chris — it seems Hilton is targeting certain members with greater incentives. I shouldn’t be surprised.

  6. HDishonors devalues quite frequently and they have a huge point range (95,000 will become 275,000 lot of time even outside the peak travel dates…). They don’t have any set range as how “much more” they will charge. That 95,000/room is just the “floor” not the “ceiling”!

  7. received 160+160 limit option as well. gold through credit card. purchased points directly from Hilton last year.

  8. I think they may be targetting those that bought points recently. I have access to 3 accounts:

    Diamond, bought points last year: targetted

    Blue, bought points last year: targetted

    Gold, never bought any points: not targetted

  9. I am still fairly new to all this…..where does Hilton post the category amounts like you posted above and is there a way to search their 10,000 points properties ?

  10. KJ —
    Not are how to set it up like Lucky’s screen grab, but try this: search a city and click on the “Use Honors Point” button under the “Honors Rewards” headline. It will display how many points you’ll need to use. Good luck!

  11. Hi. Has anyone been to the Maldives and/or Conrad end of November (Thanksgiving week)? I am thinking of going this year but am reading conflicting things about the monsoon rains. Any experiences/thoughts? Thanks very much

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