Hilton Appears To Have Discontinued Status Matches

Late last year Hilton began offering outright status matches, which is something they didn’t historically otherwise offer. There’s a good chance this was a competitive move in response to the merger between Marriott and Starwood, and them wanting to welcome any road warriors who were maybe looking to switch around their loyalty.


Or maybe it was just part of Hilton HHonors seemingly trying harder in the past year, as they did a great job with their promotions last year, despite them announcing at the beginning of last year that they wouldn’t offer as many global promotions.

While the status match promotion seemed to be paused for a while, Hilton brought back the status match webpage a few weeks ago, and even made the matches valid through March 2018, meaning you get almost two years of status out of a status match.


The terms of the status match promotion said that they’d match through March 2018, though like all of these promotions, it’s subject to change and at their discretion.

While Hilton had a dedicated status match webpage, it has now been taken down. When you follow the link to the status match webpage you’ll simply be redirected to the Hilton HHonors homepage.

Bottom line

I suspect for now Hilton has probably reached their quota on status matches, which is why they took down the site. Or perhaps they think offering matched status for two years is just too generous. Regardless, it seems they had a change of heart for now, which I can’t blame them for, since they were by far the most generous with status matching over the past several months.

If you’re interested in a status match it can’t hurt to email Hilton HHonors and ask, but I’m guessing that’s it for now. I suspect status matches will return again at some point.

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  1. What do we think about those of us (like myself) that submitted the request early/mid last week when the page was still up and have yet to hear back from Hilton? I’m IHG Plat due to the Chase card and was hoping to use that to match to Diamond. I haven’t received an email or any correspondence from Hilton as of yet.

    Do we think these matches will still go through assuming I’m not the only one waiting for the confirmation?

  2. Has anyone who was matched last year got approved for a match again (which would extend your status through date)?

    I requested both times (already had diamond but wasn’t going to requalify). I submitted a few weeks ago but haven’t heard anything.

  3. @Matt D

    I’m in the same exact boat with the status match from IHG. I applied earlier last week (16 April, or so) and it took about three days to hear back, but I received my confirmation email this last weekend. It may just take some time.

  4. @Matt D: I’m also Hyatt Platinum due to the card. I submitted a request but got turned down based on the “proof” of status which I provided. Their loss; I’m now on the way to Hyatt Diamond status, and will focus future stays exclusively at Hyatt (I don’t do enough travel to justify maintaining elite status with multiple chains).

  5. Just another data point for people.

    Applied for Hilton Status Match when it was talked about 1-2 weeks ago. Sent in all requested information and wanted status match based on Hyatt Diamond status with recent stays there.

    Received reply saying that Hilton wouldn’t match since they couldn’t “verify” my status with Hyatt about a week ago. Wrote back asking them to clarify what other verification they were looking for, given that I supplied all the “proof” they requested. Heard nothing back since.

    Not going to worry about it since I much prefer Hyatt Diamond to Hilton Diamond, but just annoying that they wouldn’t follow their own status match offer protocol.

  6. I sent in all the info requested originally to get a second match (currently matched to 2017), and also got a reply that they could not verify though I clearly sent in all of the info needed. I resent it and asked them to specify which info they still needed and then they said that they were not able to match me. They just indicated the number of stays/nights required to continue my status.

  7. Sorry people had trouble with latest round of status matching. I requested it first time around and it wasn’t a big hassle.

    Now I just wish Starwood would do status match so I can get my Platinum status back. Didn’t do too many SPG stays last year as I was hoping Hyatt would buy them.

  8. For those of you that were denied based on ‘proof’, I got the same message a few weeks back. Was trying to match to my Hyatt Platinum (from Chase card). I responded back asking what they needed as further proof after I had already sent them a screenshot. They sent back a similar message saying that the proof wasn’t good enough (it was very vague and seemed like an automated message). I offered to take a picture of my Platinum card and send to them. Without even doing that, they approved me for Diamond a few days later.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised they won’t match status based on card membership alone (or some other promotion). I am sure they are looking at earned status so they can evaluate the potential benefit for Hilton.

  10. I’m Hilton Diamond for 2016 but also Hyatt Diamond and knowing I won’t re-qualify for Hilton, I tried to match my Hyatt to Hilton…. that was over a week ago… but nothing yet.. not even an email saying yay or nay… fingers crossed.

  11. So basically Hilton status is achieved via 1) credit card or 2) status matches.

    With neither upgrades nor late check-out written into their T&Cs, along with runaway point inflation and variable pricing by category, I can “guarantee” you only fools do Diamond the hard way!

  12. All these people getting Diamond by matching from mid-tier statuses (IHG/Hyatt Plat) either means A) Hilton has no idea what they’re doing and/or has lost their collective minds, or B) Hilton fully recognizes that their own Diamond isn’t worth as much as other programs’ top-tier status and doesn’t really care how many Diamonds there are. As a Hilton Diamond, I tend to believe the latter. While I’ve had a pretty good experience with Hilton, too often they just seem apathetic towards their frequent guests. Were it not for Hilton’s footprint, I would stick with HGP.

  13. I submitted my Marriott Gold info and was granted Hilton Gold until 3/31/17 it took them less than a week to match me.

  14. I submitted SPG gold last week and was given Hilton Gold – the E-mail subject says “3/31/18” but the body of the E-Mail says “3/31/17,” so I’m not sure which one I have.

    Giving away all this status can’t really make much sense for Hilton. I primarily stay in MAR and HOT, and I am attempting to make MAR gold the hard way this year. I will enjoy this status for the few HLT properties I do like staying in, but I won’t necessarily seek them out because I have status. With status available in each hotel program via credit card, status matching isn’t really a good idea for these companies

  15. UA-NYC says:

    “I can “guarantee” you only fools do Diamond the hard way!”

    Not the first time, and certainly not the last time, I have been called a “fool”. 100+ nights in HHonors properties 7/9 years. Actually I am twice a fool as I have 75+ nights in Hyatt properties in 5/7 years.

    Some of us “game” the system — get a shiny piece of plastic and leverage it into a status match somewhere else to use on the rare occasions a hotel stay is involved.

    Some of us actually earn things the old-fashioned way.

    At least I’m not from NYC…

  16. If this is true, then my timing was impeccable: I requested status on Friday and was granted it on Monday. Wouldn’t have made the request without reading your Blog, Lucky. So thanks!

  17. Requested a status match from my newly minted SPG Platinum to Hilton Diamond – took them a solid 1.5 weeks to approve.

    I successfully completed the SPG Platinum status challenge barely only a few days prior to applying so had an awful lot of recent stays sent in my ‘proof of stays’, so perhaps that helped!

  18. @ Natahan Jordan — do you mind sharing details on how you requested the challenge and what were the requirements? Thank you!

  19. Essentially, stay 18 paid (not redemption) nights within any 90-day window of your own choosing. Complete it prior to April 1 and status is valid until February of the next year. Complete it from April 1 onwards and your status will be valid until February the year after next. You can also do a Gold challenge instead, or combine it consecutively with a Platinum challenge; that can be had for 9 nights stayed in the same 90-days. No fees (unlike AA’s challenges). Email Starwood to request.

    Lucky has already published a comprehensive article detailing how -:


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