Wyndham Rewards’ Restrictive Summer Promotion

We’ve now learned the details of the summer promotions being offered by Hyatt, Starwood, and IHG, and I suspect we’ll soon be learning about promotions from the other major brands as well.

The latest hotel chain to announce a promotion is Wyndham.

Wyndham Rewards members can earn a $100 Wyndham gift card after making two stays now through September 6, 2016.


The promotion is valid for Wyndham Rewards members with accounts registered in the US and Canada. Registration is required by September 6, 2016, and the gift card should be delivered to the member’s email within one to two weeks of the second qualifying stay. Each member is limited to earning a single set of $100 in gift cards.

In theory this seems like it could be a great deal, since Wyndham Rewards has some lower end hotels, like Days Inn and Travelodge, where the rates are often less than $50 per night.


So could you in theory come out ahead after two stays, given that you’d be paying less than $100 for them?

Unfortunately probably not, because there’s a major catch with the gift cards. The $100 in gift cards comes in the form of four $25 gift cards, and you can only apply one gift card to each stay at a Wyndham property in the US or Canada. Furthermore, the gift cards have to be used for stays by October 31, 2016. In other words, you’d have to make six stays at Wyndham properties by October 31, 2016, in order to fully take advantage of this promotion.

When Wyndham emailed me the press release for the promotion, the subject line was “Breaking News: Wyndham Announces Richest Promo Of The Year.” If that’s the richest promo of the year, it says more about how bad promos in the Wyndham Rewards program are, rather than how good this promotion is.

They even have a couple of commercials about the promo, which emphasize the $100 gift card, though only in very small print explain that you can only use them in $25 increments with each stay:

Bottom line

If you’re going to stay at Wyndham Rewards properties during the promotion period then you might as well register and take advantage of the promotion. However, this seems like one of those promotions which will only lead to member disappointment, given that you can only use one $25 code per stay.

For that matter I think it’s a really poorly thought out promotion. If they’re trying to incentivize business travelers with this promotion, then points as a reward would be much better, since they can be used for a vacation at a later point, rather than needing to be used across four stays in the coming months.

Still better than nothing, I suppose…


  1. Do you think that you could make seperate back-to-back reservations at the same hotel and use a seperate $25 code for each reservation?

  2. So in reality what we have here is $100 off if one stays 6 times. YUK. I do not think I will be participating in this promotion.

  3. I stayed in the hotel for 3 weeks now. Still here. Still never received the $25 four gift cards.

  4. Well. I registered for this promotion and I am pleased so far. I had planned to use them for planned one night stays. And, as long as I could find a Microtel or Wingate in the area I was going, the gift card discount would be worth it. I have two more stays left and will use at least on of them in the Richmond, VA area and the other as us just a getaway from home to relax from the day to day.

    There have been a couple of hangups that a call to customer service resolved. After more than several stays I didn’t receive my gift cards. So, I put in a call to customer service and had the gift card codes within 24 hours. The only other issue I have had is when I needed to modify a reservation. Again, following the terms set forth in the promotion, I called customer service and they modified my reservation and applied the gift card code. So, If you hold them to the terms of the deal, and you plan to travel at least 4 time during the promotion period, it would be worth it.

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