Earn Up To 50,000 Bonus Points With Club Carlson’s Summer Promotion

Over the past week we’ve learned about the summer promotions being offered by many of the major hotel chains, including Hyatt, StarwoodIHG, and Wyndham. Club Carlson has now revealed the details of their summer promotion.

Club Carlson members can earn up to 50,000 bonus Gold Points on eligible stays completed through July 31, 2016.


You earn bonus points at the following thresholds, maxing out at 15 eligible nights:

  • Earn 5,000 bonus points after two eligible nights
  • Earn an additional 10,000 bonus points after five eligible nights (total of 15,000 bonus points)
  • Earn an additional 10,000 bonus points after 10 eligible nights (total of 25,000 bonus points)
  • Earn an additional 25,000 bonus points after 15 or more eligible nights (total of 50,000 bonus points)

Registration for the promotion is required, and only stays eligible for points accrual qualify (meaning award stays as well as Points + Cash stays aren’t eligible).

If you max out this promotion you’d earn a total of 50,000 bonus points after 15 nights, which is a bonus of ~3,300 bonus points per night. I value Club Carlson points at ~0.4 cents each, so to me that’s like a bonus of ~$13 per night, assuming you stay exactly 15 nights.

This promotion is fine, though certainly not a reason I’d switch any stays to Club Carlson. Perhaps part of the lack of excitement is due to how generous Club Carlson has been for the past several years. They’ve been trying to gain market share in the US, so have been offering extremely lucrative promotions, where 20,000-30,000 bonus points for a stay of one or two nights wasn’t unusual.

Clearly they’re scaling back, though I’m not sure if it’s because they’ve reached their goals with those generous promotions, or if they simply realized that those generous promotions weren’t necessarily generating the type of business they were hoping for (my guess is the latter is true). Between that and them eliminating the second night free for award stays when you have their co-branded credit card, the program isn’t as lucrative as it used to be.

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Bottom line

Club Carlson’s promotion is better than nothing, though a return of up to ~$13 per night isn’t really a reason to switch business to Club Carlson. I maintain that Hyatt’s current promotion is the most generous. Hyatt is offering up to 3,000 bonus points per night, and those are points I value at ~1.5 cents each, for a return of up to ~$45 per night through the promotion alone.

What do you make of Club Carlson’s promotion for up to 50,000 bonus points?


  1. I still maintain you’re absurdly high on the current Hyatt promotion, which can probably be maximized by .1% of people who read this blog.

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