Starwood Is Offering Me Double Elite Qualifying Nights & Stays

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Starwood sometimes has member only “Exclusive Offers,” which are generally targeted. While Starwood has a global promotion through April 30, and has already shared the details of their next global promotion, they sometimes have promotions on top of that.

I just received an email from Starwood with the subject line “Elevating Your Status Just Got Easier.”


Based on the picture they used in the email I received, I figured this was some promotion between Starwood and Uber, since it’s the same picture they use for that partnership.

When I opened the promotion page, it indicated that I can earn double elite qualifying nights and stays for all Starwood stays between April 1 and June 30, 2016. Registration is required, though the catch is that only stays after registering qualify (which makes me wonder why they’re emailing me about the promotion more than two weeks after it started).


Here’s the text of the promotion page:

We want to ensure that you keep enjoying elite benefits, including Free Night Awards, Award Flights, late checkouts, welcome gifts, and more. So we’re bringing you a special offer to help you renew your SPG® elite status twice as fast.

It’s simple: Register by June 1, 2016, and you’ll earn double elite-qualifying credit on all your stays between April 1, 2016, and June 30, 2016 — with no earning limits. For example, if you have five eligible stays and 10 eligible nights during the promotion, SPG will credit you 10 stays and 20 nights toward elite status.

Get on the fast track toward retaining your elite status by booking stays at any of our more than 1,300 hotels and resorts across 11 distinctive brands worldwide — including St. Regis®, W® and Westin®.

That’s insanely generous. Starwood Platinum status ordinarily requires 25 stays or 50 nights. The Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express and Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express each get you two elite qualifying stays and five elite qualifying nights towards status annually. If you have both cards (as I do), that means you only need 21 stays or 40 nights to reach Platinum status.


With this double elite qualifying night and stay promotion, I’d only need to make 11 stays or 20 nights to requalify for Platinum status. Now, I’ll easily requalify for Platinum status even without this promotion, though this will make it even easier for me to requalify for Starwood Ambassador service, which requires 100 nights per year.

If you want to see if you’re eligible for a Member Exclusive promotion, see this link. It’s worth noting that they seem to roll these promotions out in stages, so even if you’re not targeted now, you may be targeted for a promotion soon. For example, they had some a couple of weeks ago which I wasn’t eligible for.

Le-Meridien-Suvarnabhumi - 16
Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi

Bottom line

It’s great to see Starwood still being proactive, despite the upcoming takeover by Marriott. They’re still developing new partnerships, coming up with good global promotions, and even offering some good targeted promotions.

This one almost seems too generous. While I would have personally requalified for Platinum status either way, I’m sure others will benefit from this a lot. Perhaps this is a small bone they’re trying to throw people in anticipation of the takeover by Marriott, in hopes of members not switching to other programs due to the uncertainty in the future.

Have you been targeted for an SPG Member Exclusive promotion, and if so, what are the terms of your offer?

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  1. Lucky, it is targeted and different for other people. Mine is have two qualifying states earn a free night for cat 1-5. Have two more stays earn another free night. So I get a total of 2 nights after two qualifying stays. Category 5 goes up to 16,000 so that’s like 32,000 free points. I will say quite generous. I do have to redeem them before end of September.

  2. Not targeted. In fact, I’ve been a Platinum the past 4-5 years and gave yet to get an offer this year. I

  3. finish your trip report that you started 3 days ago but that you haven’t posted anything to yet!!!

  4. 3000 points after 3rd stay
    3000 points after 6th stay
    9000 points after 9th stay

    9000 points total bonus for 9 stays… pretty lame!

  5. As a loyal SPG® member, you make it a habit to visit us regularly — and we’re happy to have you. But we want to see you even more. That’s why we’re bringing you a special offer worth up to 6,000 bonus Starpoints®. All you have to do is register by June 1, 2016, and stay with us between April 1, 2016, and June 30, 2016.

    =+ MAXIMUM

    I’m mad. i’ve got 4 stays already since the beginning of april and only have two more planned before the end of june. any chance i can argue my way to this retroactively?

  6. Same offer as Steve…

    I’m always curious how they come up with the criteria for these targeted promos. I had been 100+ night platinum for 4 years straight and this past year have switched to Hyatt and have only 12 nights(10 of which are from the SPG Amex) which 0 stays booked through the rest of the year. Maybe they need some big data analytics consulting 🙂

  7. I received a different offer: 2 free nights with just 4 stays.

    “Come back
    for more

    We want you to enjoy a special night — or two — on us. We’ve created an offer worth up to two Free Night Awards. All you have to do is register by June 1, 2016, and stay with us between April 1, 2016, and June 30, 2016.

    Redeem your two Free Night Awards at our luxurious Category 1–5 hotels and resorts through September 30, 2016.

    Register and book today at any of our more than 1,300 hotels and resorts across 11 distinctive brands worldwide.”

  8. Such BS. I’m lifetime platinum and got same offer as Ben. Completely worthless — I can stay 0 times and make Platinum already.

  9. Nothing. I completed 17 stay/22 night already this year! I would have hit Plat50 if I was given the same thing.

  10. Starwood used to be known for its innovative, inclusive promotions. This one is a mega fail and alienates those who did not get it, or the last one or the one before that. Who knows how they manage these things but from my perspective it has driven me ever more firmly to Hyatt: with Hyatt and HH there is clarity and some transparency; SPG there is no rhyme or reason to these promotions. Hopeless and clueless marketing from a loyalty perspective.

  11. I would think I’d be a prime target, but the offer wasn’t in my inbox. Platinum last year and at least Gold for many years, but zero stays this year as I try out Hyatt. You’d think they would want to entice me to book some stays.

  12. Lifetime Platinum and got double elite qualifying credit on all stays between April 1 – June 30 🙂

  13. Didn’t get the same promo, maybe because I’m 3 nights away from re qualifying Platinum. I did get this promo though:

    Fourth, eighth, and twelfth stay earns 4k points with a maximum of 12k points. Pretty darn lousy since it’s for stays and not nights. Terms and details below:

    Eligible member must register by June 1, 20166, 11:59 p.m. EST. Member can earn 4,000 bonus Starpoints® after fourth (4th) eligible paid stay, 4,000 bonus Starpoints after the eighth (8th) eligible paid stay, and 4,000 bonus Starpoints after the twelfth (12th) eligible paid stay. As part of this promotion, member may earn a maximum of 12,000 total bonus Starpoints for 12 eligible stays from April 1, 2016, through June 30, 2016 (the “promotion period”). This promotion is not transferable. Bookings made prior to the promotion period are eligible, but only eligible stays consumed during the promotion period will earn a bonus.

  14. Wow
    Just got 12000000000 points after first at a trailor park in flint.
    Im so excited.

    Great another hotel offer write up.
    Im so excited im gonna neck myself

  15. 2 Free Night Awards for staying four times! Interestingly enough, I got zilch when I clicked the link a few days ago.

  16. I got the same as Steve mentioned above. But I read it differently

    3000 points after 3rd stay
    3000 points after 6th stay
    9000 points after 9th stay

    => 15000 bonus after 9 stays.

    However, Starwood is funny. In my case the email I received actually showed a Delta 747-400.
    So they just seem to be sending out random emails to random people for random promotions 😉

  17. I’m play this year, after having been Pl as t 100 last year, and been with the program since the beginning when it was a Sheraton Club. I spoke to Customer Service and he says he knows NOTHING about such a promotion. Additionally, I told him that I had not received ANY correspondence from SPG, about the agreed on merger with Marriott, as has been publicized here, in the press,and virtually everywhere, except my email box it seems. He denies any knowledge of such correspondence from SPG. A question, don’t they know Anythung about their company and it’s business and promotions. Seruouslt, and these are the people who interface with their clients. I’m shocked

  18. Has any one had any of these “double nights” post to their account? The Platinum reps are having a hard time locating the promotion on my account and no bonus nights have posted.

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