Last Chance To Buy Starpoints For 25% Off

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As I first wrote about in early March, Starwood is offering up to a 25% discount on the purchase of Starpoints through April 15, 2016. Tomorrow is April 15, so this post is a reminder that you have one day left to take advantage of this promotion. This is a promotion Starwood typically only offers a couple of times per year, so it could be several months until we see it again.


Through this promotion the discounts are tiered, as follows:

  • Buy 5,000-9,500 Starpoints, Save 10%
  • Buy 10,000-14,500 Starpoints, Save 15%
  • Buy 15,000-19,500 Starpoints, Save 20%
  • Buy 20,000-30,000 Starpoints, Save 25%

That means you need to buy 20,000-30,000 Starpoints in order to get the 25% savings. With the 25% savings, the cost per purchased point is 2.625 cents.


That might sound high on the surface, though keep in mind that Starpoints are the single most valuable points currency out there.

Starpoints can be converted into airline miles at a 1:1 ratio (they have over two dozen transfer partners), and you even get 5,000 point bonus for every 20,000 points transferred. That means that each Starpoint can potentially be worth 1.25 airline miles.

Given that you’re paying 2.625 cents per Starpoint, that’s like potentially paying 2.1 cents per airline mile in some unique currencies, which could represent a pretty good value. It’s an especially good deal if you’re trying to top off an account for a redemption you’ve been trying to make.

As of yesterday Starpoints can even be converted into Virgin America Elevate points at a 1:1 ratio. Elevate points are considerably more valuable than the average mile, so it’s incredible that’s the transfer ratio they use.

For example, 80,000 Elevate points is enough for a roundtrip Virgin Australia business class ticket between Los Angeles and Sydney. At a cost of 2.1 cents per mile, that’s like paying ~$1,680 for a roundtrip business class ticket to Australia on Virgin Australia (I’d note their business class award availability isn’t as good as it used to be, unfortunately).


As I outlined in the last post, you can easily get around the limit of purchasing 30,000 Starpoints per account, given that Starwood allows household transfers. This means you can buy points for multiple accounts and then consolidate them into one account, assuming the accounts are all registered at the same address.

Bottom line

If you want to purchase Starpoints for 25% off, you have one day left to do so. While this isn’t a promotion everyone should take advantage of, there’s certainly value to be had, given Starwood’s extensive airline transfer partners. If you’re looking to top off an account for an award, buying Starpoints is one of the best ways to accomplish that.


  1. With all the devaluations these days, I’m afraid to buy points or miles for fear I’ll only end up getting as little as half the redemption when I cash them in. For now I’m just collecting free points and miles when I travel.

  2. Double checked this a.m. And 4/30 is the last day.

    I count on you for accurate info, but this time . . .?

  3. It’s not Lucky’s fault, last month Starwood noted the deal was until the 15th. However, this morning they extended it as I’m sure many of you have seen in your emails.

  4. @derek This morning?? Now you are just making things up. I’ve circled April 30th on my calendar to buy these points for two weeks now as I try and save up money. You are wrong, I am not sure why you would lie about this.

  5. Does Virgin accept paid upgrades on award tickets equal to C-Y on the official fare for the routing ?

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