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Registration has just opened for IHG’s 2016 Share Forever promotion, which is valid for stays between May 1 and September 5, 2016. The promotion is available exclusively to IHG Rewards Club members with accounts registered in North America or South America.

The promotion is being offered in conjunction with Coca Cola, and each member is given a customized offer, as is the norm with IHG promotions nowadays. The reason the promotion is called “Share Forever” is because you’re given rewards for yourself, but can also share certain rewards with others, as I’ll explain below.

I’m really starting to like IHG’s targeted promotions, which are consistently quite generous for those who don’t really frequent IHG properties. For example, with the Accelerate promotion earlier in the year, I could earn 45,000 bonus points after just a single stay. That promotion was enough for me to switch a stay to an IHG property — specifically the not-so-glamorous Holiday Inn Helsinki Airport.

While the Share Forever promotion isn’t quite as generous, my version of the offer is still very good. Through this promotion I can earn:

  • 7,000 bonus points after 1 night by May 31, 2016 (only 1,000 points if it’s completed between June 1 and September 5, 2016)
  • 1,400 bonus points after 2 nights
  • 3,000 bonus points after 4 nights
  • 20,000 bonus points after 9 nights
  • 40,000 bonus points after 20 nights

Then on top of that there are rewards I can share (or I can keep them for myself), as follows:

  • 1,000 bonus points to share after 1 night
  • 1 free night to share after 15 nights (valid for redemptions in the Americas region by February 28, 2017)


If I were to stay a total of 24 nights during the promotion period I’d earn a total of 72,400 IHG Rewards Club bonus points, plus one free night at any IHG property in the Americas. It’s nearly certain I won’t be making that many stays with IHG during the promotion period, though promotionally there’s more value with fewer stays anyway.

For example, just for making one IHG stay by May 31 I’d earn a total of 8,000 bonus points (7,000 for myself, and 1,000 which I can share). I value 8,000 IHG points at ~$40, so while that’s not a reason in and of itself to mattress run, it nicely lowers the cost of an IHG stay during the promotion period.

So for my purposes the promotion works out quite well.

You can find the full IHG Share Forever promotion terms & conditions here.

IHG Share Forever bottom line

Assuming you have an IHG account with an address in the Americas, be sure to register for the Share Forever promotion so you can see what version of the offer you’re eligible for. Even though I make virtually no revenue IHG stays nowadays (I usually make one stay per year using the annual free night certificate offered with the IHG® Rewards Club Select Credit Card), this is a nice bonus for any additional stays I may end up making.

What kind of Share Forever offer are you eligible for, and will it cause you to switch any stays to IHG?

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  1. Thanks Lucky. I have not received an email with this offer, nor did it show under my offers. Successfully signed my wife and I up. We both got the same offer, nearly identical to yours except 5k vice 7k on the first stay.

    This works well as I just complete booking several stays for this time period yesterday. With an IHG card, and making minimum spend. It will be a nice little points stack up. 🙂

  2. It is a bit narrow-minded of IHG to only offer these to residents of the Americas. This is probably due to the Coca Cola tie-up. What Coke gets out of this is anyone’s guess.

    What it has done is alienate their loyal global members. Unless they come up with a non-Americas promotion, there is no point being loyal, especially due to the limited and non-competitive benefits of their Rewards Club program.

    Then again, IHG probably assumed that as they don’t promote it outside of targeted emails and restricted viewership on their web-site, the masses won’t find out. You can imagine IHG marketing geniuses discussing that in their meetings, ignorant on how frequent travelers use the internet!

  3. Since this overlaps with the accelerate promo, I assume stays would count for both? That would net me ~ 16k points for first stay since I haven’t stayed since accelerate started.

  4. Interestingly my offer was exactly like yours except I earned 1,000 points just for registering. The offer itself won’t move the needle for me unless I end up at an unplanned property somewhere but I’ll take the 1,000 points!

  5. After 7,000 for a May stay, my offer requires an additional 11 nights for another 13,200 points…meh. If I knew what cities were going to be on PointBreaks later this year, maybe I’d be more excited.

  6. I have a 3 night stay already booked. Is it necessary to cancel and rebook that room? Will the 3 nights count as one stay? If so it might be best to make separate reservations for my husband’s, my son’s and then my account.

  7. Weird. I get the following: “Your account is not eligible for this promotion”. I wonder why. I definitely reside in North America.

  8. Mine is 18 nights for an additional 13500 points and 38 nights for 40000 more points. I have spire status and it seems like being at the spire level does not benefit me at all! It seems like IHG wants me to spend more money at their hotels but does not give more to their loyal customer!

  9. @Crys: It’s not necessary to cancel and rebook in order to earn the points. The T&C states that it’s only based on when the stay occurs (and from my experience all of their other promotions are like this).

    It’s also worth noting that the T&C explain some of the variability in the amount of points for the first stay:

    “5,000 – 8,000 bonus points will be awarded after Promotion Participant’s first Qualifying Night Stay at any IHG hotel which must be completed between 1 May 2016 and 31 May 2016 (both dates inclusive). Variable amount is determined by member’s IHG Rewards Club status level – Club: 5,000 bonus points, Gold: 6,000 bonus points, Platinum: 7,000 bonus points, Spire: 8,000 bonus points.”

  10. Perfect and many thanks!

    Will 3 nights count as one stay? If so it might be best to make separate reservations for my husband’s, my son’s and then my account.

  11. Dumb attempt at a promotion by IHG : the bar set so high that most US residents won’t bother trying and the rest of the world is alienated by their exclusion. Who comes up with these crazy ideas? Whoever it is they need to be shown the door, pronto.

  12. I joined the IHG rewards Club last evening and printed off my membership card. Saw this article this morning and tried to signup for the Share Travel Sooner promo but it says “Your account is not eligible for this promotion”. How does one signup and become eligible for this. Thanks for any info.


  13. I was offered 7000 points for 1st night, 1400 for 2 nights , 3000 for 4 nights and 20,000 for 9 nights. I stayed 12 nights between May 21 and June 2 so I received 31,400 points. This was a trip that was already reserved way before the promotion was rolled out so it was just a free bonus for me.

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