Should You Buy 15,000 Wyndham Points For $150?

Daily Getaways is back this year, which is a five week promotion intended to support US tourism. It offers opportunities to purchase discounted hotel points and travel packages.


I’ve shared my initial thoughts on the packages for sale, including the offers for weeks one and two, and then separately the offers for weeks three, four, and five. Daily Getaways packages go on sale at 1PM ET every weekday, and the more popular packages sell out very quickly, so you’ll want to be fast, if interested.

Today at 1PM Wyndham Rewards points are going on sale. Wyndham Rewards points are a unique hotel currency, so below are my thoughts on who should consider taking advantage of this offer.


Should you buy discounted Wyndham Rewards points?

Today we’re seeing 1,333 Wyndham Rewards packages go on sale. Each person is limited to purchasing two sets of packages.

Each package is for 15,000 Wyndham Rewards points, which is enough for a free night at any Wyndham Rewards hotel in the world. The points are deposited directly into your Wyndham Rewards account, and those points are valid for up to four years from the date of deposit. However, 18 months of account inactivity can cause those points to expire prematurely.

About a year ago Wyndham Rewards made a revolutionary change to their loyalty program, where a free night at any of their hotels costs 15,000 points. That means you’re paying the same for a stay at one of their interstate-adjacent Days Inn as you are for staying at one of their nicer Wyndham Grand properties.


Before this change there were nine tiers of hotels, with the cost per free night ranging from 5,500 points to 50,000 points per night. For the aspirational traveler, this new program is a dream come true. Imagine if Hyatt Gold Passport charged the same number of points for a stay at the Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport as they did for a stay at the Park Hyatt Sydney, for example.

So for those of you not intimately familiar with Wyndham, a follow up question might be “does Wyndham actually have any nice hotels, for which I’d want to spend $150 per night?” I’m far from an expert on Wyndham, and the last time I’ve stayed at one of their properties was over a decade ago (it was a Days Inn, I think).

Wyndham definitely has some decent properties, or at least ones which retail for significantly more than $150 per night. For example, take the Shelbourne Wyndham Grand South Beach, which costs just 15,000 points per night.


In the high season, rates at this hotel can be $400+ per night.


Or take the Wyndham Grand Chicago Waterfront, which has rates of $250+ per night, and can also be booked for 15,000 points per night.



If you’re looking for a nice hotel, I’d focus on the Wyndham Grand properties, some of which seem to be quite nice. They have hotels both in the US, as well as in Europe and Asia.


Lastly I should note that Wyndham Rewards points can be converted into airline miles at a 5:1 ratio. That means each airline mile would basically cost you five cents. So I wouldn’t recommend buying Wyndham points for the purposes of airline mileage transfers.

Which credit card should you buy Daily Getaways packages with?

Daily Getaways purchases are processed directly by Daily Getaways, and not by the travel brand you’re making a purchase from.


Daily Getaways’ merchant category is “travel” (specifically “travel agency”), so you’ll want to use a credit card which offers bonus points on travel.

Wyndham Daily Getaways bottom line

There’s value to be had through this promotion. Wyndham has some decent properties, and many of them retail for well over $150 per night in peak season. In my case, I won’t personally be speculatively buying Wyndham points at the rate of $150 per “free” night reward, given that I don’t have any specific plans to stay at a Wyndham property.

But there’s value to be had for the right person, if staying at one of their better properties during peak season.

Do you plan on buying 15,000 Wyndham points for $150?


  1. I stayed at the Wyndham Grand Kalamis Marina in Istanbul last year, and found it to be better than expected, so they do have some nice hotels around the globe!

  2. NY hotels are always at $300 or more, and they have an AI in cancun I think. so, worth it for me.

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