This Is Inconsiderate: Video Of Man Screaming His Prayer On Plane

The Daily Mail ran a story today about an Etihad flight from Abu Dhabi to Manila, where a man prayed at the top of his lungs right by the emergency exit. He yells “Allahu Akbar,” and the story claims that some passengers were terrified.

I wouldn’t be terrified, I’d just be pissed off at how inconsiderate he’s being. I’ve seen a countless number of people partaking in a call to prayer on planes, though I’ve never seen anything at this volume. Usually it’s silent, sometimes I see people basically whispering, but this is on a different level.


Here’s the video:

As someone who’s not terribly familiar with the inner workings of most religions, can anyone clarify if there’s any particular reason he’d be yelling so loudly, or was he just being inconsiderate?


  1. It’s common in most Muslim areas : fix a loudspeaker to the top of the local mosque’s minaret and blast the “call to prayers” five times a day. It’s to remind the people that it’s time to pray.

  2. I too have seen people pray on planes, like at the rear but always silently. This particular video, however is not of someone actually praying, rather screaming the call to prayer – which may have heard around mosques. Praying while flying is his personal choice, even though he may have done it to welcome others to join (point of the call), I don’t think that it is a requirement and deficiently an inconsiderate act.

  3. I don’t think a plane is the place to perform the adhan (call to prayer) at that volume. The devout among the passengers will know when it’s time to pray and they will all pray quietly at their own seats. It’s not like on the ground, where people hear it and then gather to pray in a communal space. The man is being inconsiderate.

  4. Traditionally, the adhaan (call to prayer) serves a very down to earth, practical purpose – to alert people in the community that the time for prayers has come in, so that people can drop what they are doing and come to the mosque to pray. In a time without wristwatches and smartphones and printed prayer timetables and clocks in the public square, it was an effective way to call people in. In a time of wristwatches, smartphones, prayer tables, and prayer apps that give an alert or alarm when the time comes in, there is no real need to shout like that especially on a plane of all places. Maybe he’s accustomed to the adhaan being called that way so he shouted it like that… or maybe he’s being inconsiderate afterall.

  5. ^^^^

    But not necessary to do this on a Plane at the top of your voice inconveniencing other pax. Call for prayer is required to be done before a congregational prayer. It is not practically possible on a plane to pray in congregation unless it is on a Saudia aircraft where at the back of the plane they have a small area for congregrational prayers.

    If this person wanted to pray he could have done the call for prayer in low volume and then completed his prayer in Silence.

    Totally out of place to do this.

  6. +1 ariana. I normally pray quietly in my seat. This is inconsiderate especially when other passengers are trying to sleep. I don’t see the wisdom in this.

  7. Everyone wants to be special and exceptional. I guess if the person next to him was to dump a soda on his head he would be wrong, right?

  8. As a muslim who takes Emirates and prays on the plane. I have to say he was being inconsiderate, there is no justification for his actions.

  9. I am a Muslim. And I can tell you
    This is inconsiderate. While praying is a requirement doing it in the way he did is absolutely not required or recommended. There is a lot of emphasis in Islam in being a good neighbor – this guy obviously missed that class

  10. There is a minuscule chance that he has hearing problems. Such persons often develop the habit of talking loudly as they are not aware of just loud it is.

    More likely, he is just an inconsiderate person to whom any excess is fair as long as it lies in the religious sphere.

  11. Prayers should be personal. It should be made criminal to pray in a public setting. And summary punishment should be meted out.

    Also sharia law should be applied to conservative Muslims instead of more liberal western law. They do something wrong cut off their body parts like they do in Saudi Arabia.

  12. Oh and I mean for all religions. None of the religions should be allowed a public display.

  13. there are very few times that i would actually say this but…

    these would be one of the very few moments i wish i was an american on of those redneck flights heading south. that guy wouldn’t last long. lol

  14. Regardless of the fact whether he was calling to prayer or singing the latest Britney Spears song, shouting so loudly while people are asleep is inconsiderate.

    It’s actually weird, because you’re not required to pray while travelling. You can sort of pray everything together at once when you arrive.

  15. Can’t blame anyone getting terrified when seeing/hearing this during a flight.
    I maybe would be like “omg, this is the end” ^^

  16. I found this video somewhat laughable almost like a spoof video. I half expect Borat to appear at any time! However if I was on that flight I would be calling the flight attendant immediately not to mention telling him to shut up. Totally inconsiderate and cannot believe the staff didn’t ask him to be repeat full of other passengers!

  17. He should have been arrested on landing.
    Absolutely disgraceful and yet we have to put up with this shit.
    Which air space was it??

  18. I thought you’d covered this story 2 years ago when the event actually happened? Funnily enough, my comment on the DM website pointing out the precise age of this ‘story’ didn’t make it past their moderator.

  19. As a Muslim I want to say that this is disgraceful behavior. Manners is one of the key aspects of the religion despite the experiences of some when dealing with Muslims.

  20. No matter what anyone else says, as a Muslim I will tell you that this is completely inconsiderate and is not necessary. He should have done this quietly. Please note that it is not even done this loudly in places where a speaker/microphone is not available. Completely ridiculous. We are told in lslam to make sure everyone around us is not at discomfort!

  21. Having read some of of Lucky’s other articles about US airlines kicking Muslims off planes for no reason…could you imagine if he had done this on a American carrier? Pretty sure someone would have tackled the guy. But to the original question…just inconsiderate in my opinion. But it does make me think. Pretend this was not on Ethiad. If this was on an AA flight out of JFK right after takeoff and someone did this…well I hate to say it but I could see how people would be scared and why someone might tackle him.

  22. Lucky,

    You end your post with:

    “As someone who’s not terribly familiar with the inner workings of most religions, can anyone clarify if there’s any particular reason he’d be yelling so loudly, or was he just being inconsiderate?”

    Yet your title is: “This Is Inconsiderate: Video Of Man Screaming His Prayer On Plane”

    What gives? You declare something inconsiderate and then, acknowledging your ignorance, inquire about whether the same thing is inconsiderate?

  23. @credit

    So, I’m assuming you have never visited a Church, temple, mosque, etc.

    Everyone has the right to pray where they wish as long as it does not inconvenience others. I have observed many perform rituals in flight. However, never have they disturbed anyone as much as the individual portrayed here. He may just be uneducated.

  24. This is totally unacceptable. Even if his religion called for this behavior (which it doesn’t) I still would find it unacceptable. Since this was a call to prayer maybe he has some sort of mental health problem, maybe he is travelling with other muslims on the plane who are spread out and different seats and he is calling out to let everyone in his party know its time for prayer, or maybe he is just completely inconsiderate.

  25. @jfhscott

    I think lucky being open minded wanted to figure if the man was inconsiderate or if the religion is inconsiderate

    Personally the day I am allowed to blast disco music 5 times day on loud speakers in mecca for people to hear is the day I will change my view that the religion is inconsiderate.

    Oh I get it, churches have their bells and other religions have their stupidity. All religions are full of self righteous jerks that think they have a right to throw their religions in your faces.

  26. I wouldn’t blame people for being alarmed if they woke up to some guy doing this. In the US if some guy did this he probably be tackled and restrained as a potential terrorist. Most muslims just pray quietly at the appointed times.

  27. Religion is not the culprit. Ppl are stupid. For example, the person who posted the last idiotic comment or when my colleagues become irritated that I don’t join them in prayer before dining since I’m not Christian.

  28. Maybe he just rarely took a long haul flight and struggle with his religious habit. I doubt he’s being inconsiderate. He might just not aware of it. In Hajj/Umrah chartered, I guess this is pretty normal. In normal flight, I think he should directly approach his mates one by one if he intends to gather a communal prayer.

  29. This is a call for prayer, that is done in mosques. Im not a religious scholar, but I confidently believe that all of the well known scholars would consider this to be in appropriate, and wrong to call for prayer in this very loud way on a plane. Plus from what I noticed in the video, that the man left the area, and didn’t actually start praying thereafter which should be the case!

    The inconsiderate action done by this person by no means represents Islam or a Muslim persons behavior.

  30. Respect for others is not part of any religion but rather a human quality. There are many people from various religions who are not respectful of others space or privacy. In no way does one religion state that it wants to offend others; all religions are supposed to be peaceful and tolerant. What this man did was neither peaceful nor tolerant

  31. This sounds inconsiderate as well, unless everyone in the area is Muslim:

    “fix a loudspeaker to the top of the local mosque’s minaret and blast the “call to prayers” five times a day.”

    There was a newspaper article I saw recently about mosques in mixed communities (St. Louis, I think it was), where this practice was definitely not appreciated by the non-Muslims in the community.

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