Details Of Hyatt’s Awesome Upcoming Promotion

Hyatt Gold Passport has been pretty quiet when it comes to promotions this year, as they haven’t had a single global promotion.

As a matter of fact, the last major promotion Hyatt had was last summer, entitled “Sweet Dreams… Sweet Rewards.” That promotion ran from June 1 through September 30, 2015.


In other words, we’re coming up on six months without a major promotion from Hyatt Gold Passport. If I’m being honest, I can’t really blame Hyatt. Back in the day we saw some really generous promotions from various hotel chains with actually drove business to them, though lately they all seem sort of lackluster.

The way I’ve summed up most of the promotions we’ve seen lately is that “if you’re going to stay with [hotel chain] anyway, then by all means take advantage of the promotion, but it’s not a reason to switch your business to them.” At that point promotions simply become an expense without generating much marginal business.

I’m not going to switch which hotel I stay at over a small sum of points which are worth $5-10. Give me something more substantial, though, and I’ll radically change my behavior.

With that in mind, reader Sanjay passed on what looks like Hyatt’s next global promotion, entitled “Stay More Play More.” This promotion will be valid for stays between April 1 and June 30, 2016, and offers up to 75,000 bonus points. Registration for the promotion is expected to open on April 1.


Best I can tell, this promotion will be publicly available, unlike Hyatt’s other promotions the past couple of years, which have mostly been targeted, with different members receiving different versions of the offer.

The cumulative rewards structure for Hyatt’s “Stay More Play More” promotion is as follows:

  • Earn 5,000 bonus points after 5 nights
  • Earn 15,000 bonus points after 10 nights
  • Earn 30,000 bonus points after 15 nights
  • Earn 50,000 bonus points after 20 nights
  • Earn 75,000 bonus points after 25 nights


If you max out the promotion you earn 75,000 bonus points after 25 nights, which is 3,000 bonus points per night. I value Hyatt points at ~1.5 cents each, so to me that’s like a return of ~$45 per night. That’s a really compelling return, especially since all Hyatt hotels participate in all global promotions. So this kind of promotion would most definitely cause me to shift a lot of second quarter stays to Hyatt.

Bottom line

The above comes from an unofficial source, though does seem to be Hyatt’s second quarter 2016 promotion. If that’s in fact the case, I’m sure it will be announced shortly. I’d welcome this promotion, as earning an average of up to 3,000 Hyatt points per night is a fantastic reward.

What do you think of Hyatt’s potential Stay More Play More promotion?


  1. I think you have a tendency to forget how few people travel like you do. 25 nights between April and June? All paid? I think there’s a zero chance of almost any of us “maxing out” this promotion

  2. I was about to say the same thing as James K!

    I’ve been looking at ways to increase my points so that I can switch my upcoming paid nights at the Park Hyatt to points nights, but in order to earn the extra 60k points I need, I’d have to stay 25 nights at a hotel. At $100+ per night, that’s no bargain 🙂

    It’s fine for the business traveler, but not the leisure traveler such as myself, who is banking all their vacation time for an upcoming trip outside of this promotion period.

  3. @Ben do you think it will be open for M life properties? They have some kind of partnership with Hyatt and can be booked via Hyatt website. Thanks

  4. I do agree with the two above posts. However, I did the Diamond challenge last June because of my upcoming leisure trip to Asia. We are staying for 12 nights (2 different cities) using cash and points with suite upgrades. Then in June we are adding some hyatt points and cash stays to my husbands business conference. In total I have 19 C&P nights booked. I just went and booked my 20th at the local hyatt place to get the increased bonus. I was hoping for the same credit card promo as last year (25% points rebate) but I will take this over nothing. Just hoping p&c nights count.

  5. Glad to hear about this. It is a good enough promotion that I will switch my scheduled 30 hotel nights in June from SPG to Hyatt. Will make Diamond re-qual much easier.

  6. I’m a business traveler and sometimes I have no choice of where to stay because when I go to a conference or trade event our marketing department books a block of rooms for us at any given chain and that’s where I stay. Some of the chains in those cases are even getting snippy about giving points at all if we book through the trade show company. Otherwise, when I travel solo for business I usually stay at Hilton because they seem to have more properties in the places I go, so that’s why my program preference is hhonors. I usually transfer all other hotel points to Aeroplan miles, only accumulating hhonors points for personal hotel stays. So my advice is to pick a chain and stick with it as much as you can.

  7. Finally! I’ve been wondering Bout the lack of promotions the last two quarters so it’s good to see them doing something.

    @ Christine — while C&P stays count towards requalification, I believe they have been excluded from counting towards promotions like this one.

  8. I hope all Hyatt properties will be included like Hyatt House and Hyatt Place brands as well.

  9. Is there any way to get award stays to count for this. I know for some chains (Hilton?) if you book a small charge to your account, like a minibar purchase, this will push the award books to make the nights count. Thanks.

  10. @ Daniel — In practice sometimes award stays will accidentally post as revenue stays if there are charges on the folio, though it’s not supposed to happen, and nowadays is quite rare. Points + Cash always counts, though.

  11. The more I try to be loyal to Hyatt the more I learn it is impossible. Their small footprint kills any chance I can get to a Diamond level with them. Too bad they missed the opportunity to buy Starwood.

  12. Already had mostly Hilton booked for all of April for 2x point plus ability to book the 2x rate sometimes, but I’ve been dying for a Hyatt promo and this is easily one I will do. Being diamond already with those bonus points plus the 25 qualifying nights will make this an easy year to retain both Hyatt and Hilton (business travel).

  13. This is a definite maybe for me. I wish it would cover a bit more of the summer, but going to the end of June helps. Might have to do a staycation or two.

  14. Not only are there 5-night threshold increments that must be weighted, but the points ramp up from 5-25 is discouraging.
    Boo Hyatt. Throw us a bone and give us something to do with your limp credit card.

  15. Sounds good to me! I really appreciate that this is on nights, not stays. I think road warriors (consultants, sales, etc) will hit this easy.

    Assumes 2.5 nights per stay, all at full properties (not Place/House), thats 75k bonus, 10k welcome amenity, plus $200/night x 25 = $5k in spend (at least 10k points without status)… Basically, you’re getting 4 nights at an all-inclusive Zilara for free!

  16. Glad to hear about this Promotion! I will probably stay on track for 25 nights with Hyatt. I almost did that in the first three month alone. I wish they gave us some kind of bonus so far for these past three months. That is true loyalty to Hyatt.

  17. Goodie! Just completed my 25 stays for requalification, so much for that! Have five qualifying nights planned in that timeframe though, so at least there’s that.

  18. Does a single hotel reservation that begins before June 30th and ends after June 30th count toward this promo? For example, a stay that is multiple nights with check-in on June 27 and checkout on July 1st.

    I have a suite upgrade that is attached to a reservation for those dates, so would prefer not to have to rebook this stay as 2 reservations to count towards the promo.

  19. In Hyatt World Sunsets Last Longer and So Do Promo Droughts! 😉

    Drought, noun, “a prolonged absence of something specified.”

    This post is just more excuses for an under-performing program…

    If the last promo HGP offered was indeed last September, it’s inexcusable and it challenges the claim about how HGP under-promises but over-delivers.Moreover, although we hear all the time that this or that promo “is not a reason to switch one’s business”, there has never been a single promo by any major hotel or airline loyalty program that has made me consider switching my business or allegiance. One would think that loyalty actually means more than temporary gratification!

    In the mean time, while HGP’s promo department was sleeping and bloggers were making yet more excuses for them, other programs have been busy offering lucrative promos, like this one on my 3-night stay [1 nite on points, 2 on revenue with an up grade to a harbor side suite] at Conrad Hong Kong in January 2016:

    Points from promos:
    — LRM 2K POINTS OFFER: 6000
    — LRM 5K POINTS OFFER: 5000
    Total promo points: 25,143

    Standard Stay Points as a HH Diamond
    — Base Points: 14143 [this was Conrad HKG being generous to a VERY frequent guest because my folio was about $700 so that my base should have been around 7K points; they awarded me double base points, good toward my Diamond requalification! 😉 ]
    — 50% BONUS ON BASE POINTS: 7071
    — DIAMOND VIP BONUS – 50% 2016: 7071
    Total Standard points as HH Diamond: 30,283

    Total for stay: 55,428 + AMEX SURPASS BONUS = ~75K HH points for just 3 nights (one free)!

    I’d say…


  20. The promotion is not good. Five nights and you get 5,000 points.
    Right now you can get 6,000 points after ONE STAY at any IHG hotel !
    What gives ?

  21. All, last time the MLife stays did NOT count toward the promo, and neither did C&P from my experience and numerous discussions with Diamond line. I can confirm that this will be the promo as I just got it from the GM at my most frequent HR property.

  22. Changed all upcoming stays from Hilton, Marriott to Hyatt, 5K bonus posted very next day of checkout from Hyatt House. Awesome promotion equates to 1 night free per 2,5 nights stay with 30% bonus+ card points.
    On my way to get 75K and requalify for diamond by May. Wish they had some incentive beyond 75K points

    Was targeting SPG challenge for April/May, but it sucks with just 300+ points posted for a 1 night stay, which equated to about 20+ nights for 1 free night and they refuse to sign up for any member exclusive promotions.

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