Can You Get Both The Starwood Personal & Business Amex?

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Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express

I’ve had several readers ask if they can be approved for both the personal and business SPG cards, and if so, how long they should wait between applications.

To start, there are a couple of things to note about American Express applications in general:

  • Sign-up bonuses from American Express are “once in a lifetime” nowadays, so if you’ve gotten a sign-up bonus on a particular card before, you generally won’t be eligible for another bonus on that card
  • With American Express, you generally can’t have more than four charge cards and four credit cards at a given time, including both business and personal cards; it doesn’t matter what the split is between personal and business cards, but rather what matters is the split between credit and charge cards (that being said, some have reported luck getting more cards, but that’s the policy)

So, assuming you meet the above criteria, can you be approved for both the SPG Personal Amex and SPG Business Amex?

You sure can be, and you can even apply on the same day (with some other issuers, that would generate an automatic denial on one card, which shouldn’t happen here). If you apply for both cards the same day, there are two scenarios that are most likely to happen:

  • You could get approved for both cards same day, given that one is a business card and one is a personal card
  • You could have one application delayed a bit, in which case one card could be approved almost instantly, while the other one would automatically be processed a few days later

The point is, generally speaking there’s no issue with applying for both the SPG Personal Amex and SPG Business Amex in one day. They’re great offers, and there’s a chance you could get approved for both cards in a day. But if you don’t, the other application will just automatically be delayed a bit, and will then go through the standard approval process.

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Bottom line

You can indeed apply for both a business and personal American Express card in a day, and stand a good chance at getting approved. If they don’t want to approve you for both in one day, one application will just be delayed by a few days. I still generally think applying for both same day is the best bet.

Just keep in mind the restriction about only being able to have four credit cards and four charge cards from American Express.

70,000 Starpoints for reaching the minimum spend on two credit cards is awesome, so I’d seriously be considering the SPG Personal Amex and SPG Business Amex if you don’t have them yet.

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  1. Lucky- Looking at the SPG 2 stay credit for each card, you would get a total of 4 stays if you were approved for both. If a husband and wife both applied for both cards, is it possible to get 8 stays per year on one SPG account? It doesn’t make alot of sense to open a SPG account for the wife just to apply for this, but it would be sweet if I could apply both the stays and points to my account.

  2. Are there any sign up bonuses that aren’t once in a lifetime? And how long do we have to wait before we can reapply to get it again?

  3. Request a bonus match if you got the card in the past few months although this is a YMMV scenario. I requested and got 10k points credited to my account – 5k on each of my cards as I had got both the cards when it was 30k sign up bonus back in Aug 2015.

    Also for same day applications, the friends I reffered say that the business card was approved but the personal card was automatically put on a 5 day hold for approval.

  4. I applied for both on the same day – instant approval for the personal and the business is on a 5 day hold for approval. Hopefully in another 3 days I will get the second approval.

  5. if you’ve had a AMEXSPG business card in the past, will I get the sign-up bonus for a personal card?

  6. I applied for both, instant approval for personal card. But the business card got pending approval, then a letter that a maximum number of cards reached, since i have 4 amex credit cards. I had one cancelled and asked the rep to re-process it again, he said he cannot and he needs to sent it to underwriting. After 2 weeks i think i got the approval.

    My question now is will i get both bonuses if i meet the spending on both?
    or does the one welcome bonus applies here per lifetime since its both spg cards? personal and business?


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