Great News: No Changes To Citi Prestige 4th Night Free Benefit

Update: This offer for the Citi Prestige® Card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

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Yesterday I wrote about some rumored changes to the Citi Prestige® Card, regarding the fourth night free hotel benefit.

The Citi Prestige Card is the all around hottest credit card as far as I’m concerned, between the awesome perks, and generous return on everyday spend.

Among other things, the card offers:

The post yesterday was about some verbiage on the Citi website, specifically regarding the fourth night free benefit. This is the single perk of the card I get the most value out of, given how generous the offer is. You get a fourth night free at thousands of hotels worldwide, and even advance purchase or AAA rates qualify. So it’s not like you have to book some inflated rate in order to take advantage of this offer.

Oddly the “Compare Cards” page on Citi’s website referenced “an annual worldwide 4thnight stay at any hotel property.”

That certainly made it sounds like the benefit could only be used once per year, which would be a negative change for sure, given that some people use this benefit multiple times per year.

The good news is that Citi isn’t planning on making changes to the Citi Prestige Card fourth night free benefit:

  • Reader DM was able to pull up the same page from last September, and the verbiage was exactly the same, so it seems it has been written this way for a long time (I also tried to look in the archives, but wasn’t able to pull it up)
  • I’ve also been informed by Citi representatives that this is a mistake, and Citi is in the process of getting the above reference fixed

So you can continue using the Citi Prestige Card fourth night free benefit as many times as you’d like. And it’s an awesome benefit, and you’re missing out if you don’t have the card and/or aren’t using the benefit.

The process of booking the fourth night free even got easier recently, so see my previous post for all the details on how the Citi Prestige Card fourth night free benefit works.

I‘ve used the Citi Prestige Card fourth night free benefit at the Westin Frankfurt

Bottom line

The fourth night free benefit on the Citi Prestige Card has the potential to be the single biggest perk of the card, so it’s nice to see that they’re not planning any changes to the benefit. The reference on Citi’s website above has been around since last year, and is an error which should be fixed shortly. In the meantime you can keep using this awesome perk to your heart’s content!

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  1. This is very good news, as I’ve used this benefit several times last year and will use it many times this year. To me, the fourth night free is *the* differentiator for this card, and if they limited it to once per year I would seriously consider retiring it. I already have domestic lounge access, and when I fly internationally it’s always in first or business, so I get lounge access anyway.

    And to those who will suggest that bloggers talking about this benefit leading to people “over-using” it leading to the benefit going away, all I can say is you’re not adding anything to the conversation and you really have no idea what you’re talking about.

  2. In all fairness the process hasn’t gotten easier at all. I was on hold with an agent for about 45 mins for a very straightforward booking before he told me that because of call volume they won’t be able to give me a price quote right away and I would have to wait for 24 hours. Then when I got the quote I had to call back and restart the whole thing with a different agent for another 50 minutes.
    So took over 2 hours in total.
    The amazing thing is that in the end they were able to find a quote that was about $25 cheaper per night.

  3. I still wouldn’t bet on this sticking around forever. It’s just too good to be true. If it was the only benefit the card offered, then maybe, but considering the lounge access and $250 fee/airfare credit, I get considerably more value from this card than I pay in annual fees.

    I have a really hard time explaining to friends and family why I’d pay $450 a year for a credit card. I feel like when I tell them the annual fee, they are so shocked that they don’t even listen to my reasons why it’s worth it.

  4. I know the benefit is pretty useful as it is booked like a regular room, but has anyone tried to combine the 4th night free benefit with a Ritz Carlton club level upgrade (from the Ritz CC)? I’d be very interested in some success stories if anyone has any.

  5. @Justin
    You need a 3 way conference call when booking your Ritz Carlton reservation
    The Citi Concierge booking agent and a Ritz Carlton rep
    If you book the reservation through Citi and then try and upgrade you wont get 4th night free as they change the confirmation once the club level is booked. Must get all parties on the phone
    Once booked you are good to go

  6. The Prestige marketing team needs a new editor. A few weeks ago, they had the 3x on travel benefit listed instead of 3x on hotels, which also caused some buzz. Now this. Is anyone proof-reading marketing copy over there before they slap it on the website?

  7. I just called- March 8, 2016 -the Citi Prestige credit card people and was told that you can no longer convert the card’s 50,000 points bonus into $800 of American Airlines travel. He told me that the rate is now $625 which is now the rate for all airlines.
    So no more American-specific conversion benefits? Was the voice on the phone just badly misinformed? Or has this just changed?
    If you don’t use the hotel benefit then the $450 fee looks steep.
    Does anyone have the current info?

  8. @ hank gehman — The rep was misinformed. You can still redeem them for 1.6 cents each towards travel on American.

  9. Se how I was right on the previous post? The first post was a stupid rumor post just to make sure people keep looking at the card. And then a day or two after, bang, the unveiling of what everyone already knows just to promote the card again.

    What a terrible, terrible way to blog.

  10. Thanks. Now please stop talking about it and giving them ideas before they end up taking it away which hurts all of us especially those who live in hotels (hint). 😉

  11. Whatever the motivation was to post a rumor or perception its simply not responsible reporting unless there is reasonable credible information to do so IMHO
    Bens entitled to guess at whatever he chooses to write about as its his blog and typically I can say I enjoy reading it as it can be highly informative and helpful.
    As much as I respect him posts of this nature (the sky’s is falling with benefits) slightly diminishes his otherwise respectable body of work which makes him look weak in his contacts and networking with credible sources within the industry
    With all due respect I believe the benefit is so appreciated by card holders that use it that there is a sense//paranoia among some that its going to disappear in the morning forever 🙂

  12. Ben-

    If i book a hotel for 4 night stay at a hotel that has a promotion whereby the third night is free- will I get the 4th free if I use my citi prestige (and book through them of course)

  13. RE: Citi Prestige Card benefits. My son has had the card for over a year and recently used their benefit allowing payment of up to $500 for a hotel stay when his flight was delayed more than 3 hours. I was considering the card to replace my Am Ex Platinum, but I don’t see this benefit currently on their website. I called their 888 number and talked to an operator and a supervisor and they knew nothing. Please advise if you know if this is still a benefit of the Citi Prestige card. Also, are their other hotel benefits in addition to the 4th night free? I use the Am Exp Platinum card often to book travel through their Fine Hotels & Resorts Program which allows for early & late check-in, breakfast and usually a $100 hotel credit of some type (spa/food, etc). These would be more valuable to me than a 4th night free since our stays are usually 3 nights. Does Citi Prestige offer any comparable program? Thanks.

  14. Help! Does anyone know how to get the price per night brake down of SPG hotels?

    Most properties will hide it somewhere on the booking screen but I’ve searched high and low and can’t find it! Its very useful planning tool since CITI concierge is much smoother experience if you already know what you want.

    Does everyone spend 40min-1hr on the phone every time you are booking 4th night free? I almost feel as if they take your call then go on break while you wait on hold 😉

    I’m writing this post 21 min into my call with CITI ……….

  15. Also the incompetence is very irritating…. Now somehow my SPG number and my AAA have disappeared from their system and she told me first there was no availability for my hotel choice on a fully available hotel…… Finally she got it…. Already going on 30 min!!!

  16. FRUSTRATED as Hell after dealing with the Citi concierge on trying to book a room in Asia!
    When I booked the SAME hotel last year under the SAME rate offer — a “Triple Up” promotion where I get free breakfast each day and a F&B credit — I had ZERO issues.
    Even though it is showing up as the SAME price in IHG’s “Best Rate” onscreen, he claims he has to call the hotel (in Thailand!) to see if the room is being “discounted” in order to determine if that booking rate is eligible under the Citi 4th Night Free program. He claims that if it is even 25 cents more, it is ineligible and cannot be booked using the 4th Night Free offer.
    Can anyone give me any guidance on this?
    It now has me SERIOUSLY reconsidering whether I will renew this card. I was going to keep it over my AMEX Platinum, but if I’m going to get this level of hassle every time I call them to book a room, it’s simply not worth the effort.

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