Get 25% Off Tumi Luggage By Donating $15 To Charity

My primary carry-on is a Tumi bag, and I’m quite happy with it. Tumi doesn’t have the most stylish products in the world, though their bags are durable and understated. I will say that I think that Briggs & Riley has better customer service (though I don’t love the design of their bags) than Tumi, and also that I think Tumi is overpriced.


That’s why I think it’s worth pointing out when Tumi has a discount. For example, I bought my Tumi carry-on a couple of years ago when I was able to stack two promotions, which meant I could purchase my $600 Tumi bag for under $400. That seemed like a much “fairer” price to me.

Tumi luggage doesn’t go on sale often (at least not their popular lines), which is why I think this promotion is worth pointing out. You can do good by donating to charity while also getting a discount on a Tumi bag.

Tumi is offering 25% off any regularly priced purchase if you make a donation of at least $15 to Waves For Water, a charity which aims to provide clean water to communities around the world.


To be eligible for the discount, simply go to Tumi’s website and add the $15 donation to your cart.


Anything else you add to your cart will automatically be discounted by 25%.


The 25% discount only applies in the same transaction in which you donate $15 to charity. So you can’t donate $15 and then apply the discount towards a future purchase.

Do keep in mind that it was announced last week that Samsonite is purchasing Tumi, which does make them part of a larger brand. I shared my thoughts on this the other day, and don’t expect it’ll have a big impact on the quality or price of Tumi luggage, though it may increase the number of places it’s sold.

Bottom line

If you’re in the market for a Tumi product, this is a very nice offer. It’s a way to do good while also getting discounts on some great products. We don’t see Tumi discounts often, so this promotion is worthy of consideration.

I wouldn’t read too much into the timing of this in relation to the Samsonite takeover of Tumi.

Do you plan on buying something from Tumi for 25% off?

(Tip of the hat to Slickdeals via Heels First Travel)


  1. You spent $400 on a carry on?!?! Samsonite is just as reliable if not more reliable and for a fraction of the price. You really do live on your own cloud

  2. Does Tumi make any bags that are smaller than 21 inches? I prefer to use an 18″ bag, but cannot find one in that size made by Tumi.

  3. Samsonite bought Tumi last week. What brand is your other bag that shows in that picture?

  4. @ Santastico — It’s a weekender bag from Killspencer, a local company here in Los Angeles.

  5. @Kyle,

    A Kia is just as reliable, if not more so, than a BMW. People who choose to own more expensive cars don’t live in a cloud, nor do people who choose more expensive luggage.


    I’ve seen that Killspencer bag before on your blog. Very nice. Everyone who is into luggage has favorites; can I put in a plug for Ernest Alexander – made in NYC?

  6. Tumi outlet at Las Vegas Premium Outlets North. Probably the largest Tumi store in the US, newly renovated and increased store size, fantastic selection of excellent bags and accessories. Last month, I got the Alpha 2 laptop backpack for $199, retails $495. Definitely worth a stop, not far from the Wynn area.

  7. The biggest Tumi drawback for me is the weight of the bag alone. Most Asian budget air weigh carryons and some Asian carriers like CX and Eva weighs them as well if you’re out of luck. At 9lbs, you dont have much left to carry on board

  8. I have used both Samsonite and Tumi pieces in my travels and the advantage that Tumi had over Samsonite was when it came to after sales service. I could walk into a Tumi shop send my bag in to get it serviced and at the same time get a loaner that I could use in the meantime. Try doing that with Samsonite. The same could be said for why people pay a premium for an Apple product over a non-Apple product.

  9. While not as stylish or chic, I will take the Luggage Works Stealth 22″ Suiter at $300 any day.
    The solid bar stainless steel handle can take another 75lbs+ load alone, my children tested this factoid and I have to give credit, and is THE most durable suitcase around.
    Probably not great for International travel if weight is going to be a concern but domestically, this bag has no peer for strength, durability and wear.

  10. I would be careful about the Tumi outlets and online stores like RueLaLa. I know from personal experience that a lot of the products they carry are made specifically for the outlet market. Superficially, they may look the same but there are differences in hardware and quality. Personally, I think it cheapens the brand but I guess that’s where the money is.

  11. My wife’s 26″ bag got scuffed immediately, and then had the whole corner come off. They promised her bag back within 6 weeks and understood that it was needed for another trip. They said it wasn’t covered by warranty, charged us a bundle and didn’t get it back in time for the trip. Each time we called in the interim (3 times) they denied receiving the bag. Incredibly bag customer service and crappy performance from a $695.

    Not to mention that they’ve increased prices dramatically over the last 18 months. 25% discount is like the 5% off the price of 2014.

  12. Hey Lucky, the two stories I would most like you to write are:
    1. What you usually pack for your trips (ie a photo of this hand luggage unpacked); and
    2. The world’s best J lounges (in the same way you wrote about the world’s best F lounges).

  13. Hi Ben, is this offer still available? I’ve been looking on the Tumi website but can’t see the option to donate?

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