Earn $29 For Referring Someone To TopCashBack

In the interest of full disclosure, One Mile At A Time earns a referral bonus for purchases made through some of the below links. These are products and services we use ourselves, and are the best offers we know of. Check out our Advertising Policy for further details. Thanks for your support!

There are very few decisions I make on a day-to-day basis which don’t involve maximizing value. That typically comes in the form of trying to get as many points as possible out of purchases, though I don’t mind cashback either (after all, cash can be used to travel as well, as foreign of a concept as it might be to some of us). 😉

When I make a purchase online I always try to maximize bonuses by using an online shopping portal, which often offer bonus points for purchases you’d make with retailers anyway.

But there are also cashback portals, which offer you cash rather than points. One of the best is TopCashBack, which I use fairly often for my own purchases. Ordinarily they have a $10 referral bonus, where you get $10 when a friend signs up and earns their first $10 of cashback rewards.

However, since it’s a leap year (today is February 29), TopCashBack is offering the best referral bonus I’ve ever seen — you can earn $29 for inviting a friend to join CashBack, after they earn $10 in cashback.


If you’re a TopCashBack member, be sure to refer your friends who may not be members. If you’re not a member yet, I’d of course be very grateful if you used my link to sign-up (though feel free to post your links in the comments section), and then you can refer friends with this bonus as well. The promotion is valid for referrals through March 3, 2016.

For those of you not familiar with TopCashBack, you can earn cash for all kinds of travel purchases, among other things.

For example, you get 4-6% cashback on Hilton bookings:


You can also earn $2 cashback per American Airlines booking:


Those are just a couple of examples, though you can save money with hundreds of online retailers by going through TopCashBack. Keep in mind that is a portal and simply redirects you to the retailer’s website, so you’d earn all the rewards you’d otherwise earn (this isn’t like booking a hotel through a third party website, where you don’t earn points).

Bottom line

The current $29 referral bonus for TopCashBack is the best I’ve ever seen, so be sure to refer your friends in the next few days. If you’re not yet a member, it could make sense to join TopCashBack, and then you can refer your friends as well. For that matter, if you’re not using TopCashBack you should be, as you’re leaving money on the table.

Do you use a portal to earn rewards for your online purchase?


  1. Hilton cashback doesn’t work anymore as they added a condition that if you are crediting the points to HHonors then you will not get cashback..

  2. I’ve been using TCB from the UK. My ref link – http://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/joeclay16

    What I find most lucrative about TCB is the gambling offers! I’m not a gambler but you regularly get offers like ‘open an account with *betting company*, deposit and bet £10 and get £30 cashback’! So you can take your cashback as cash or convert to Avios (£30 cashback equals 3000 Avios). Also if you win your bet you obviously get more than your original tenner back. I’m currently waiting for £55 cashback (which I will take as 5500 Avios) for a £20 spend on online slots which I won back. I’ve probably signed up with 3 or 4 betting companies / casinos recently with lucrative TCB offers like these. I have no intention of using these accounts in future.

    This won’t work for me for long because its all based around signing up for new betting/casino accounts but there are a lot of different betting companies affiliated with TCB so for the moment it’s great.

    One word of advice. Well, two words of advice. 1. Don’t get hooked. 2. If an online casino offers to double your deposit (or similar), be wary. If you only spend your own cash in an online casino then you can withdraw your winnings as cash. If you combine your own cash with a ‘casino bonus’ then you usually have spend 30 or 40 times that bonus before any winnings can be withdrawn. Serious catch.

  3. I’m all for the cash back portals (although I prefer points portals!), but the only negative experience I had was with TopCashBack. Booked a few Marriott stays through their portal. Used plain old Internet Explorer, no add-ons. Did the hotel stays, TopCashBack showed nada. Waited a month, still nothing. Contacted them and they said they showed no record. $200+ of cash back I got screwed out of. Yes, they pay higher % than the others, but if they’re not willing to pay it does it even matter what % they advertise?

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