Oddities With Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrades Expiring Today

As I wrote about on Saturday, Hyatt’s Diamond Suite Upgrades are expiring today, Monday, February 29, 2016. The good news is that they can be redeemed for stays on subsequent dates, as their expiration has historically been based on when you redeem them and not when you actually stay.

Suite at the Andaz West Hollywood

This is the last time where this will be possible, because Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrades issued starting tomorrow will only be valid for stays through their expiration date. Apparently Hyatt has been wanting to make this change for a while, but their computers wouldn’t support such a change.

It finally became possible when Gold Passport had some downtime in December for system maintenance. During this downtime, Hyatt made some back-end IT changes they’ve been hoping to make for a long time.


Among these was Hyatt changing the expiration policy for suite upgrades, which they apparently wanted to do previously, but couldn’t due to IT limitations. With these changes, newly issued suite upgrades will only be valid for stays through the expiration date.

However, if you’re in the process of trying to redeem your Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrades, you may notice something strange, which several people have contacted me about the past couple of days.

When you log into your Hyatt Diamond account you’ll see your Suite Upgrade Awards listed under the “My Awards” section, with the February 2016 expiration date:


However, if you go to apply your Suite Upgrade Awards to reservations and then check your account again, you’ll notice that these are applied differently than in the past. Your balance of upgrades expiring today shouldn’t change, but rather you’ll see a new section which shows upgrades expiring in 2017, and any upgrades for future stays should be deducted from that balance.


In other words, what’s basically happening is that when you apply one of your upgrades expiring today, agents are issuing new ones expiring in February 2017, and then applying them to the reservation.

This is likely due to the system changes which occurred in December, where the system doesn’t allow upgrades to be applied past their expiration date anymore, so their workaround is to credit your account with new ones which expire next year.

What we don’t know is what happens in practice if you cancel reservations with these Suite Night Awards. Historically if you apply upgrades for a stay after their expiration and then cancel the reservation, the upgrade expires. However, since upgrades are being applied by issuing ones expiring next year, there’s a chance they might be reusable. Only time will tell.

Park-Hyatt-Vienna - 14
Park Suite at the Park Hyatt Vienna

Bottom line

The IT updates Hyatt made in December are making the process of applying Diamond Suite Night Awards a bit different than in the past. The changes are preventing agents from applying these upgrades past their expiration date, so instead agents seem to be issuing new upgrades expiring next year, and then applying them to reservations.

It’s anyone’s guess if these upgrades can be reapplied in the event of canceling a reservation. Regardless, expect your Gold Passport account to look a bit strange if applying upgrades for future reservations.

If you have expiring Diamond Suite Upgrades which you weren’t planning on using, I’d recommend making a speculative booking which is refundable, and then seeing if those upgrades go back into your February 2017 balance if you cancel at a later date. Worst case scenario, you’re no worse off than you would have been otherwise.

What has been your experience with applying Hyatt Diamond Suite Upgrades past their expiration?


  1. If you were going to try to take advantage of this, presumably you’d want to use some of your new DSUs first … if at any point your total available balance was greater than 4 it would be pretty easy for Hyatt to notice that something was amiss, since there’s no way for anyone to ever have more than 4 at one time, and presumably correct it.

  2. Just applied an expiring DSU to a C&P reservation at the Grand Hyatt Cannes. What you’ve described would certainly help explain the unusually long time it took the GP agent to get it booked.

  3. If you read the T and C’s of these specific DSU, you’ll see this:

    “Suite award is valid for reservations booked from 3/1/2015 to 2/29/2016 at participating Hyatt hotels and resorts where suite accommodations are available, and may be applied to future reservations.”

    Seems like your question is pretty clearly answered – they won’t be valid if canceled post 2/29/2016 as you won’t be able to book a reservation prior to 2/29/2016 and confirm the suite.

  4. I actually booked a stay for March 2017 and applied one of the expiring DSU’s and I still had those new DSU’s added to my account.. not sure how they applied it to my March 2017 reservation (after their Feb 28, 2017 expiration date) if the new system supposedly limits/prohibits it, but I do see the correct suite type already reflected in my reservation..

  5. It gets worse. I currently have 7 DSUs applied all from this year.
    Me and my wife had 4 each and while I contacted the hotels, she contacted central reservations. Some miscommunication must have happened at their end but instead of taking 4 from her and 4 from me, they’ve taken 1 from her and 7 from me.

    The agents themselves are flummoxed. I literally have 7 DIAX showing up as all confirmed and everything in the system checks out at both central reservations and the hotel’s side. I’ve been confirming and reconfirming with Hotel Reservations managers. The reservations managers are very unwilling to cancel and rebook with wives remaining 3 since it is past 12 in most of the world right now (Omaha ticks over in 1 hour as of writing). They’re saying as far as they’re concerned they can see a unique DIAX code along with the correct suite type, rate and dates and that’s all they need and care about. Central reservations is a little more concerned but they’re cognizant of the fact that the system has been glitching all over the place.

    BTW, the agents verbally confirmed to me to not look at the “My Awards” page because they are manually issuing them. They said that’s just wrong and won’t make sense.

    I have no idea what’s going to happen.
    Between me+wife, we are only using what we are entitled to. But I can easily see these 7 DSUs becoming an issue later. But who is to blame? I’ve been on the phone literally all day trying to sort it out. Reservations on both hotel and central side seem to be fine with the bookings they’ve made and see no conflict. They clearly told me right now everything is in order, if I cancel and try to rebook under wives, they can make no guarantee if it will go through or credited back in time

  6. Over at InsideFlyer, one member had noticed that HGP was not pulling his DSUs after he’d used them and they’d cleared. He wanted know why his number of available DSUs was not decreasing proportionately .

    A HGP representative then came in and volunteered this explanation, which might be related:

    “Normally, as soon as you use a Diamond Suite Upgrade award it is decreased in you award details but at this time we are having a glitch in our online system connecting to our Gold Passport application. This will be corrected by March 1st, when you receive your 4 new Diamond Suite Upgrades. Let us know if you need any other assistance at this time.

    Warm regards,
    Drew D.-Guest Relations Associate”

    So, maybe after March 1, i.e. today, HGP’s chronically broken IT will finally get fixed!

  7. This has the potential to get much worse.

    The two panes as shown in Lucky’s image have now gone back to being the single usual pane and it shows Earned:4, Redeemed: 4, Expiry: Feb 2017

    As of now, it *looks* like all the ones expiring on Feb 29 2016 went unused and the agents issued the ones expiring in 2017 a day earlier instead.

    With Hyatt having had the system revamp to expire them at end of Feb for the first time and with that coinciding with a leap year, I wouldn’t put it past Hyatt’s IT to have accidentally allowed issuing of DSUs a day earlier (29th of Feb instead of 1st of march because both are technically a day after Feb 28th) and maybe a combination of the old and new DSUs got applied from some accounts, that would explain how the number issued exceeded 4

  8. My 2016 DSUs on the My Award page just changed to this:

    Expiration: 23 Jun 2016

    Oh Hyatt when will you get your IT department running smoothly?

  9. Applied my last DSU yesterday. As of today, my account shows 2 sections for DSU. One has 1 earned and 1 used (the one I applied yesterday) and the 2nd section shows 4 earned, 0 used, 4 available. Both sections show an expiration date of Feb 28th 2017.

  10. Used remaining 2016 suite upgrades yesterday. The expiration dates are now February 2017. It’s possible I’ll keep all the reservations, but interesting in finding out what happens to the certs if I cancel. Any thread on Flyertalk thread that covers this?

  11. I know you can’t adjust the existing the reservation without using a new cert. Haven’t cancelled anything yet

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