Earn Bonus Points For Joining Virgin America Elevate

It’s rare nowadays to see a referral bonus just for joining an airline loyalty program, though Virgin America is offering just that at the moment. And they’re even doing so in a humorous way.


Virgin America’s promotion is called “Flights With Benefits,” and through it you can earn 500 bonus points for joining Elevate. Furthermore, you can earn 500 bonus points for referring new members to Elevate, up to a maximum of 2,500 bonus points (meaning up to five referrals).


The promotion is valid for new member sign-ups through March 31, 2016, and bonus points should post within 4-6 weeks. You can find the full terms of the promotion here.

Virgin America Elevate points are worth ~2.2 cents each towards the cost of a revenue ticket on Virgin America, so 500 Elevate points are worth ~$11. Of course this assumes you rack up enough points for a redemption, as you need to have enough points for the entire cost of a redemption (you can’t just discount the cost of a more expensive ticket by ~$11 with 500 Elevate points).

Virgin America Elevate points expire after 18 months of inactivity, and there are plenty of ways to rack up additional points, including through American Express Membership Rewards transfers (there’s even a transfer bonus of 50% at the moment).


Bottom line

While not life-changing, this is a nice sign-up bonus for new Elevate members. The 500 Elevate points are worth $11 by my math, and through this promotion both the person referring and person being referred can pick up 500 bonus Elevate points.

If you’d like to sign-up using my referral code, I’d of course be grateful, but also feel free to post your referral code below, so you can refer someone and earn 500 bonus points (you can figure out your code by clicking the “Join The Club” link in your email and copying that URL).

Anyone not yet a member of Virgin America Elevate, and planning on joining through this promotion?


  1. Ben, I think you didn’t link to your referral properly. I clicked through your link, but it only took me to the general promo landing page.

    For anyone looking to hop on the train, I’d be eternally grateful for anyone who signs up through my link:


    Thanks everyone!

  2. @ Ever — thanks for that, I saw an email that someone signed up.

    You should have received an email from Virgin with the subject line “Thanks for being more than a friend. Don’t stop now.” (in Gmail, this was in “Promotions”). Click the “do it with more friends” link in that email and you should be able to click “Do it with a friend”. That’ll give you a form to post to FB or Twitter or email. I imagine if you share the link via one of those methods, you can copy and paste.

    In my case, when I was done signing up, there was a button to “Do it with friends”. I clicked that and it was the same type of thing, but it also said, “Or share your link” and had the link I shared in the first comment here.

    Hopefully some of that helps. I’ve got one referral down with you — still crossing my fingers for four more. Thanks for signing up!

  3. It seems that they have disabled the “Do it with a friend” button that would allow you to get points for referring friends.

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