Qantas Lounge London Heathrow To Open In 2017

Qantas has just announced that they plan to open their next flagship lounge at London Heathrow Airport. The new Qantas Lounge London Heathrow will be located in Terminal 3, and is scheduled to open in early 2017.

Qantas Lounge London rendering

Per the Qantas press release:

London is the location for Qantas’ next flagship global lounge, with construction on a new, dedicated facility at Heathrow Airport to begin in September 2016.

The premium lounge will occupy a split-level space in Terminal 3 that will have capacity for approximately 230 people and offer views over the Heathrow airfield when it opens in early 2017.

Its design will combine the signature features of Qantas’ award-winning facilities in other ports with local touches to make the design and experience distinctively London.

The press release explains that the following passengers will be eligible for lounge access:

  • Qantas Club members;
  • Qantas Business and First Class passengers
  • Platinum One, Platinum and Gold members of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program
  • Passengers travelling in tiered cabins on partner airlines with a QF code

Curiously oneworld flyers are excluded, which I would guess is an oversight, since it would be the first time that Qantas isn’t allowing oneworld flyers into their lounges.

Qantas has been doing a fantastic job with their new lounges, including in Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

The Qantas First Class Lounge Los Angeles is exclusively for oneworld first class passengers and oneworld Emerald members, and has a Neil Perry inspired restaurant, similar to the Qantas First Class Lounge Sydney.

Qantas-Lounge-LAX - 13Qantas Lounge Los Angeles

The Qantas Lounge Hong Kong is shared between first & business class passengers. While most of the food is served through the buffet, the food is still excellent, and the architecture lovely.

Qantas Lounge Hong Kong

The renderings of the new Qantas Lounge London look lovely, and it sounds like this will be a similar facility to what Qantas has in Hong Kong, in the sense that the lounge will be shared between first & business class passengers.

Qantas Lounge London rendering

Even though I don’t plan on flying Qantas out of London, I’m really excited about this new lounge. American also operates out of Terminal 3 at London Heathrow, and as of now you have three lounge options as a oneworld flyer at Terminal 3:

American Flagship Lounge London

I assume the Qantas Lounge London will also be available to those traveling with other oneworld airlines, as is policy at all other Qantas Lounges. We’ll have to wait for confirmation on that, and also will have to wait and see if the lounge is open when American flights operate.


Bottom line

While I don’t love Qantas’ onboard product, I find their lounges to be exceptional, so am very excited to see that they’ll be expanding their footprint. Hopefully oneworld passengers will also have access to the Qantas Lounge London.


  1. Wow I want to visit that… Think you have a typo. It would be the first time they are excluding OW elites.. Wouldn’t?

  2. In addition to first and business class travellers the lounge will also be open to Gold and Platinum Qantas Frequent Flyers and Qantas Club members as well as eligible flyers on Oneworld airlines departing from T3. should be nice and crowded as Qantas has 2 daily flights to Aus using the A380

  3. Who has access to the other OW lounges in T3, first and business class passengers, as well as OW Emerald and Sapphire? Or just First and Emerald?

  4. So when this opens and the Cathay lounge reopens, you’ll have 4 OW lounges in T3 (BA/AA/CX/QF). Plus I think you can visit the Emirates lounge if flying on a Qantas flight. A 5 lounge crawl (more if you do both business and first lounges), quite the choice!


    Sapphire has access to the business class lounges, currently open: BA Galleries and AA Admirals Club.

    Emerald additionally has access to the first class lounges, BA Galleries First and AA Flagship Lounge.

  5. The refreshed CX lounge will likely be styled similarly to the new BKK lounge, which is very nice, as Studio Ilse is directing the updates – they did that lounge, and the new Pier in HKG. (The linked review of the SFO lounge looks like an older style predating the current design language).

  6. The SFO CX lounge is the ‘old’ design. They are switching to the new design as in Pier F and I have read elsewhere that the LHR new lounge is mostly going to resemble the HND lounge, which is one of the best best best ones among CX outports!

  7. @Derek could be the old SQ lounge or the old AC/SK lounge.

    @lucky it makes sense to me that the new lounge is only for eligible passengers on QF flights – between their own flights and codeshares on EK there are a large number of passengers eligible to use a lounge (at certain times of the day). Given there are 3 other lounges in T3 there is no particular need for QF lounge to be available for passengers on other OW airlines, and reduces the risk of overcrowding.

  8. In regards to CX London Lounges…

    “It will have a first class section which will borrow some elements of The Pier First Class, although obviously on a smaller scale, while the business class lounge will follow the template you’re seeing throughout our other lounges.” said Cathay Pacific lounge exec Toby Smith.

    SFO CX lounge was the previous wave of CX lounge designed by Norman Foster, the up and coming ones (I suppose, including LHR) are designed by Ilse Crawford…

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