Air France’s New Business Class In 10 Pictures

Here’s my last “10 Pictures” post before I publish the actual trip report. For those of you not up to date, here are the previous “10 pictures” installments from this trip:

For the last segment of the trip I flew Air France’s new business class from Paris to Toronto, which I was especially excited about. I’d say Air France’s new business class is probably the most useful and accessible transatlantic product I’ve yet to review.

Air France’s new business class product consists of reverse herringbone seats, which is more or less my favorite business class hard product (though I have a new favorite specific business class seat). Since I always say business class is about the seat, Air France is off to a good start, in my book.

For that matter I found the other aspects of Air France’s product to be great as well. The crew was friendly and charming (I don’t know what it is, but French hospitality has grown on me so much over the years), and the food was good, though not amazing. Hell, after the meal I had in the Air France first class lounge, everything else tastes like McDonald’s by comparison.

My only wish is that Air France had wifi on their planes, which is something I value immensely.

With that out of the way, below are 10 pictures from my Air France business class flight between Paris and Toronto. Over the weekend I’ll begin publishing the trip report from this journey.

Air-France-New-Business-Class - 1

Air-France-New-Business-Class - 2

Air-France-New-Business-Class - 3

Air-France-New-Business-Class - 4

Air-France-New-Business-Class - 5

Air-France-New-Business-Class - 6

Air-France-New-Business-Class - 7

Air-France-New-Business-Class - 8

Air-France-New-Business-Class - 9

Air-France-New-Business-Class - 10


  1. @LUIS

    I’m flying this on Saturday from LAX – CDG , its the 6.45pm service that departs later in the day after the A380 service. Its operated by the 777-200ER.

  2. @James – oh wow that’s great to hear. So the 777-200 has the new biz class? How do you search award availability?

  3. @LUIS

    Just jumped on, search using the tool and pull up the 5 week view, and looks for the non-stop flights only that show for 62,500 miles.

    The A380 service does come up, but its not this new cabin.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this one, from the pictures looks like quite an improvement over the Old Business Class product (which was pretty bad)!

  5. I love Air France…when it’s not being crippled by strikes.

    I’m so eager to read about whatever was in that bowl. It looks like something one would order from a Klingon diner.

  6. I am especially excited for this review as I will be flying them LAX-CDG in Dec (thanks to the awesome fares you posted about).

  7. Like the red trim accents on the seat and the side storage (or are those just gaps that appear red due to the lack of proper lighting?). Otherwise, what is with the lackluster grayness of these cabins??

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